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The rise of the clowns

What better way to spend a lazy Friday afternoon in midsummer than watching a webcast of Rigoletto, live from the Festival d’Aix-en-Provence in a new production by Robert Carsen? It starts at 3:30 PM on Arte, and you can watch it right here, after the jump.

For discussion of the webcast, where else but La Casa della Cieca?

  • bassoprofundo

    paging vociaccia, here’s another “guess who” for you, since you seemed to like the last one I posted with Tamara Wilson. This one is a tenor, in keeping with the Rigoletto theme:

  • spiderman

    Robert Carsen is doing so many production that the result is a more or less inspired addition of other productions of him, topped with funny artists, kitsch-pictures and some -- oh my god -- nudity!

    But the reason he is booked so much is obvious -- this is a very classy, handsome looking production with a sliiiight touch of modernity.

    • Baltsamic Vinaigrette

      First paragraph: not exactly my experience of his Nederlandse Opera Dialogues (in its visit to Opéra de Nicein 2010), but I was contented enough with what I saw and heard.

      Second paragraph: yes.

    • oedipe

      What’s your definition of modernity? Is it technology?

      • MontyNostry

        I think he means just enough Konzept to make it interesting, oedipe.

        • oedipe

          Well, whether a Konzept is interesting or not is a matter of taste, not of modernity. So how does one define a modern -versus a non-modern- Konzept, in that case?

  • bluecabochon

    Most enjoyable -- thanks, LaCieca!

    • Milady DeWinter

      I agree -- a great way to spend a rainy summer afternoon indeed -- thank you! The idea worked well enough (ok, too many rubber masks strewn about, Gilda dear, put the coat ON if you’re supposed to be in male drag -- or maybe it was a directorial insight, I missed the first half, helas!) but vocally it was a pretty good evening under the starry skies at Aix. Now where is my pastis?

  • Quanto Painy Fakor

    Everybody’s making HD these days:

    • Quanto Painy Fakor

      Getting ready for prime time

      • SilvestriWoman

        Don’t miss this one -- there’s a fast cleavage shot right after the 0:30 mark!

  • Quanto Painy Fakor

    What makes an intelligent director like Carsen opt for such a circus? It must be from the get go in collaboration with the designer and the dramaturg. How many other ideas were hashed around until they opted for the circus motif and why do impresarios approve such concepts in the first place? The first scene is so ugly. I have no desire to watch the rest of it.