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  • Bill: Kennedet – from more recent videos of Nebrebko doing various arias, it seems her voice is not quite as steady as it used to... 11:47 PM
  • Magpie: Is it the aspect of my monitor, or am I the only one who sees the elephant in the room…. Her. Is she getting huge or what?... 11:34 PM
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Blind as… an item

Which Tony winner plans to max out his acting resume by appearing at the Met next season, though, oddly enough, not in Traviata?


  • Quanto Painy Fakor says:

    Message to Monastyrska:
    Leave the score home honey, and don’t rehearse in public anymore.

    After making such a wonderful impressions in NY, will she go the way of Souliotis, Sass, Evtatieva? What a brutal profession.

  • Quanto Painy Fakor says:

    INSANITY! 4 hours and 50 minutes of the Vendetta Duet!!!!

    1/ Cornell Macneil — Gianna D’angelo
    2/ Georg Tichy — Edita Gruberova
    3/ Brent Ellis — Faith Esham
    4/ Jean-Phillipe Lafont — Kathleen Casselo
    5/ Boris Statsenko -- Irina Janzeva
    6/ Leonard Warren — Patrice Munsel
    7/ Cornell Macneil — Roberta Peters
    8/ Monachesi — Rocchi
    9/ Jan Derksen — Maria Pellegrini
    10/ Ingvar Wixell — Constanza Cuccaro
    11/ Felice Schiavi — Andrée Esposito
    12/ John Rawnsley — Cecilia Gasdia
    13/ Leo Nucci — Sumi Jo (1989)
    14/ Juan Pons — Ruth Ann Swenson (1996)
    15/ Justino Diaz (Bass-Baritone)
    16/ Piero Marin — Monica Colonna
    17/ Jean Noté — Aline Valandry
    18/ Leonard Warren -- Bidú Sayao
    19/ Judith Beckmann -- Connell Byrne
    20/ Sherrill Milnes — Joan Sutherland
    21/ Kostas Paskalis — Edda Moser
    22/ Matteo Manuguerra — Mariella Devia
    23/ Leo Nucci — Alida Ferrarini
    24/ Antonio Salvadori -- Fiorella Pediconi (Bis)
    25/ Juan Pons — Michal Shamir
    26/ Fokanov — Ingrid
    27/ Leo Nucci — Elena Mosuc
    28/ Juan Pons — Ekaterina Siurina
    29/ Leo Nucci — Nino Machaidze (Bis)
    30/ Georg Gagnidze — Sarah Coburn
    31/ Leo Nucci — Sumi Jo
    32/ Renato Bruson — Edita Gruberova
    33/ Cox — Leon
    34/ Alberto Gazale — Désirée Rancatore (Bis)
    35/ Tito Gobbi — Lina Pagliughi
    36/ Georg Gagnidze — Allessandra Kurzak
    37/ Cornell Macneil — Reri Grist
    38/ Peter Glossop — Louise Russell
    39/ Placido Domingo — Julia Novikova
    40/ Dimitri Platanias — Ekaterina Siurina
    41/ Simon Keenlyside — Sarah Coburn
    42/ Matteo Manuguerra — Joan Sutherland
    43/ Leo Nucci — June Anderson
    44/ Franz Grundheber — Andrea Rost
    45/ Joseph Shore — Sullivan
    46/ Cornell Macneil — Roberta Peters
    47/ Roberto Frontali — Alessandra Marinelli
    48/ Carlo Guelfi — Anna Netrebko
    49/ Ingvar Wixell — Reri Grist
    50/ Juan Pons — June Anderson
    51/ Inverardi — Dubrovskaya
    52/ Leo Nucci — Giusy Devinu (Bis)
    53/ Luigi Piazza — Lina Pagliughi
    54/ Aldo Protti — Zeani
    55/ Paolo Gavanelli — Christine Schafer
    56/ Renato Bruson — Giusy Devinu
    57/ Paolo Gavanelli — Giusy Devinu
    58/ Kamas — Sterba
    59/ Janos — Lajos
    60/ Devid Cecconi — Anna Skibinsky
    61/ Norman Treigle — Beverly Sills
    62/ Renato Bruson — Barbare Hendricks
    63/ Roberto Frontali — Diana Damrau
    64/ Zeljko Lucic — Diana Damrau (Dresde)
    65/ Zeljko Lucic — Diana Damrau (MET)
    66/ Alan Opie — Emma Matthews
    67/ Ettore Bastianini — Renata Scotto
    68/ Tito Gobbi — Maria Callas
    69/ Tito Gobbi — Renata Scotto
    70/ Kostas Paskalis — Reri Grist
    71/ Mark Delavan — Lyubov Petrova
    72/ Piero Cappuccilli — Margherita Rinaldi
    73/ Titta Ruffo — Maria Galvany
    74/ Cornell Macneil — Leyla Gencer
    75/ Piero Cappuccilli -- Martha Szucs
    76/ Luigi Piazza — Lina Pagliughi
    77/ Peter Danailov — Liana Aleksanyan
    78/ Sherrill Milnes — Isabelle Nave
    79/ Leo Nucci — Patrizia Ciofi (Tris)
    80/ Leo Nucci — Christine Weidinger (Bis)
    81/ Leo Nucci — Fiorella di Luca (Bis)
    82/ Leo Nucci — Inva Mula (Bis)
    83/ Leo Nucci — Olga Peretyatko
    84/ Leo Nucci — Jessica Pratt (Bis)
    85/ Leo Nucci — Barbara Bargnesi
    86/ Leo Nucci — Linda Kazani
    87/ Leo Nucci — Mariella Devia
    88/ Leo Nucci — Désirée Rancatore (Bis)
    89/ Leo Nucci — Monica Delli Cari
    90/ Alberto Gazale — Elena Mosuc
    91/ « TheUejun » — Lys
    92/ Guido Lebron -- ?
    93/ Giuseppe di Luca — Lily Pons
    94/ Dmitri Hvorostovsky — Ekaterina Siurina
    95/ Leo Nucci — Ileana Cotrubas
    96/ Lawrence Tibbett — Lily Pons
    97/ Robert Merrill — Roberta Peters
    98/ Ambrogio Maestri — Patrizia Ciofi
    99/ Seng-Hyoun Ko — Nathalie Manfrino

    • Baltsamic Vinaigrette says:

      Wow. The Philip Glass edit.

    • Cocky Kurwenal says:

      You should have put this as a vocal ID quiz and made everybody guess the 99 pairings.

      • Quanto Painy Fakor says:

        But if you’re downloading it, be sure to save the index or you will go nuts. It is really fascinating.

    • Quanto Painy Fakor says:

      One hour into it and the memory of Faith Esham lingers.

    • armerjacquino says:

      Janos- Lajos sounds interesting… aren’t they both men’s names?

    • zinka says:

      BUT screen does not show names so you have to go through th list and maybe see who is who.

      Where is Callas/Campolomghi???????Mexico.

      a shame now at the met they do not let the Rigoletto sing “avraaaaaaaai” ..just avrai..and no drama……

      i love this…..

      some day I must prepare 569 Suicidios….

  • Krunoslav says:

    Is that Lajos Miller/Márta Sz?cs? Miller did and, um, “non-kickass” Di Luna at the Met and some stuff at OONY, but recorded a lot for Hungaraton.

    *Walter* Monachesi (an eternal Paolo Albani…) and Amelia Benvenuti?

  • zinka says:

    Better choice for Frosch is John Boehner if the Republicans can give him some time off.

    Rush Limbaugh as the jail…..

  • tornado12 says:

    I just saw that Stemme will sing Elektra in New York in the Chereau-production. I don’t know if this information already leaked…

    • Hippolyte says:

      Yes the NYTimes profile on Stemme last year said she would return to the MET in Decker’s Tristan and Elektra. Although Chereau wasn’t mentioned, it’s long been known that this production will come eventually to the MET. Her first Elektra will be in Vienna I think.

    • Uninvolved Bystander says:

      My hunch was that Goerke was singing Elektra. I think she had a visit with Chereau in Chicago. Of course, it could be a fall/spring split programming.

  • Nerva Nelli says:

    “Which Tony winner (etc)”

    Maybe we’ve been parsing this wrong.

    The NY TIMES’ lead critic as the FRAU Falcon? (Or Cio-Cio-San’s mother? Or Ida in FLEDERMAUS?)

  • zinka says:

    IRA SIFF FOR FROSCH…and he can add “In qvesta reggia”