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Pardon the expression, but this is a steal

The complete recording of Der Ring des Nibelungen conducted by Christian Thielemann at the Bayreuth Festival is now on sale for only $5.99.

And, no, I am not making this up.

  • Often admonished

    Exactly the right price for this Product.

    Who says The Market gets it wrong in the end?

  • Often admonished

    …no, I’m wrong. The Market should be paying me for listening to Linda Watson.

    • peter

      Is Watson really that bad on this recording? I heard her live in the Götterdämmerung Brunnhilde a few years ago. The top is squally but the rest of the voice was very rich. It was hard to judge her acting since it was the LA Ring and she was wearing what looked to me like a clown costume and mask. She sounds like a mezzo singing dramatic soprano repertoire but that’s hardly unusual these days.

      • Often admonished

        On the recording she gets a sympathy vote, since she’s obviously trying SO hard. But as soon as you’ve heard her sing two phrases you want to listen to another (usually earlier) Brünnhilde.

    • Salome Where She Danced

      I would want at least minimum wage for the hour I would spend enduring Wottrich’s bleatings as Siegmund in Act I of Walkyrie. And that’s more than $5.99, if only slightly more.

    • Feldmarschallin

      Exactly my thoughts. They would have to pay me to listen to Watson.

  • thanks for the heads up. what a great deal. Yes Watson may not be perfect and Hohnen well, he tries.

    i heard the broadcasts and this is an incredible price. downloaded and playing now

    thanks la cieca!

  • perfidia

    At that price, I’ll put up with Bartoli singing Brunhilde just to hear Thielemann’s thoughts on The Ring.

  • DonCarloFanatic

    Okay, I bought it, because…$5.99. That’s about 1/500 of what I am spending to see the Seattle Ring next month.

    The problem is, I do not know how to detach this mp3 purchase from the iron grip of Amazon, so I can put it (not Cloud Player), on my other computers and devices.


    • armerjacquino

      Amazon mp3s open easily enough in iTunes.

    • laddie

      VLC will play just about anything but it is an application, free, and you have to install it. Personally, can’t live without it.

  • tiger1dk

    Would it be fair to assume that this recording has not exactly turned out to be a bestseller, hence the offer? Or would that be unduly harsh?

  • phoenix

    This is relevant news -- for once the buyer gets exactly what he’s paying for.
    -- Try the link below and for only around $24 plus shipping & you will find Watson at the best she ever was (IMO, of course) + you only have to put up with the last act of Siegfried -> even more of a bargain, huh?

  • Not available in my geographical region.. ah well…

  • bassoprofundo

    or you could just download it for free.

  • Chanterelle

    Ok, maybe I’m biased, as I remember Watson from NEC days, but she rescued the recent Paris Ring from its revolving door Brunhilde problem. As a Stimmdiva pal says, she’s a “valeur sûre”. I wouldn’t call it a meltingly lovely sound, but she delivered, with stamina and spirit. Her biggest problem was not drowning out her Siegmund, the unfortunately underpowered Torsten Kerl--not a bad singer but last week at least the volume was simply lacking.

    There were problems with the Paris Ring (which IMO was NOT a complete disaster, mind you) but Watson really wan’t among them.

  • Buster

    I still have a soft spot for Linda Watson, who was wonderful before she started to sing too much Wagner. Her Marschallin was just fine -- dignified, properly sung with a big voice that was wonderfully warm and even. Then heard her as a blazing Ortrud, with Charlotte Margiono. She was also the first (and only, until Naglestad steps in, I hope) Brünnhilde in the Audi Ring who could sing the part, and do justice to the production. A great relief after the ones before her. Last thing I heard her do was an Isolde, and the voice was shot buy then -- quite shocking. Her prime was 15-20 years ago.

  • Regina delle fate

    Her best roles now are probably, Elektra, Ortrud and the Färberin. I’ve seen her Färberin twice now and she sings the role more than acceptably, although she is not as good-looking and as exciting an actress as Herlitzius. Given a choice between her and Pankratova, who certainly sings the notes more beautifully, I think I’d choose Watson. In the theatre anyway. On disc, it’s another matter. It’s a pty that the “new” Thielemann Ring on DG is a year older and has the same Brünnhilde and Wotan. You can’t help wondering what drives the commercial thinking behind the new release.

  • Will

    An incredible price but it is only for the MP3 version. if you want CDs, it is selling for the regular price. Customer reviews stress how good the tenors and Sieglinde are and warn of lots of vocal problems elsewhere. And I’ve got so many Rings already . . . . . one I really love is San Francisco with Marton — she really sounds like a young goddess most of the time.

    • scifisci

      Is that the same SF ring that has been posted in rather blurry video on youtube? Marton sounds so much better there than in the studio recording, such a shame.