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La Cieca, appearing live on tape, extends her thanks to parterre’s advertisers for the month of July: Bard SummerScape 2013, the Martina Arroyo Foundation Prelude to Performance, Sonostream, and the American Bach Soloists.

  • La Valkyrietta

    Very fifties, but a color TV? Wasn’t that Janis Joplin song from the sixties? Maybe this could be the sixties, before hippies.

    • Camille

      La Valkyrie,
      As it happens, lately I had been wondering when I first started watching TV in colour and I sort of drew a blank up until 1968 or thereabouts.
      Now, according to our friends at Wikepedia it happened a bit earlier:

      Now, this lady’s smart little casualware pants ensemble looks a little more like it could be early sixties to me—I think it seems a little too unstructured to still be the fifties, plus her confident, assured manner would seem to indicate a slightly later date. I remember the fifties as a time when women were exceedingly and precisely proper and repressed. It is no wonder at all that 1968 would come along to dump it all, eventually.

      I am not really sure when to place it but I must say that La Cieca looks best in coloured turban, no doubt about it!

      • La Valkyrietta


        I remember the early sixties and all those Ed Sullivan programs, and the Judy Garland show, with Ethel and Barbra, and all that, all in black and white. I certainly remember Selma Diamond in black and white. The Wiki article is right. There was color TV in the fifties, but broadcasting in color, and sets in color came out mainly after the middle sixties, more towards late sixties. I know all that mess in Dallas was in black and white.

        Maybe I just got a color TV late as I remember Birgit and Renata and Leontyne on Bell Telephone, or was it Hallmark, in black and white, and now I see them on youtube in the same arias in color.

        The mobile could be fifties or sixties. Turban is silent movies, Carmen Miranda in the forties, but Gloria was wearing them in the Beverly Hillbillies. I agree it is a good photo, full of nostalgia.

        Anyway, Janis went on 1970, so sometime in the 60s is a good guess.

        • Camille

          Gad, I still remember her being interviewed on Dick Cavett’s show as if it were yesterday! That is just awful! Mia nonna loved to watch poor, poor Judy everyweek and made me watch along, as she loved her “mannerisms”.

          You know, having spent my youth in black and white probably explains why I have taken to the noir genre so, in about the last five or so years now. I guess I find it restful and a return to old times. The amount of noise and sound and colour and eye-poppin’ in-your-face activity I witness now at movie theatres makes me loathe to get there in a timely fashion and now almost always miss the opening credits or scene. The other night I tried to watch “Inglorious Basterds” on TV, at least to watch our budding régisseur’s, Herr Waltz’s, performance, but it was kind of challenging, even on a small screen.

          And yes, it would have Bell Telephone Hour, Voice of Firestone, and/or The Ed Sullivan Show. Can you imagine a network show these days on Sunday night with an opera singer featured as if it were a totally normal thing, and for free, less!

          Avec mes regards—
          La Vieille Sorcière

          • La Valkyrietta

            I’m with tua nonna, I never missed the Judy Garland Show, no matter what, and I was devastated when it was cancelled.

            It was sad Jean Stapleton passed away recently. She was as enjoyable as Barbra in ‘Funny Girl’.

  • Ilka Saro

    My grandparents got a color tv in 65 or 66. The first time I saw it, I thought it was a trick.

    Well into the 70s, my grandmother wore clothes exactly like the pant suit picture above. Very often, she made her own clothes, to boot. Traditional self-reliance met sophisticated modern living in my Grandma.

    • Camille

      You and I seemingly had the same Grandma, then!

      Colour TV seemed so sort of decadent when I first saw it -- like extra whipped creme on top a mountain of ice cream.

      Speaking of Grandmas, mine kept her black and white TV to the day she died and still preferred it, come to think of it!

  • I came across a Yahoo story on blind opera singer Laurie Rubin. Besides the fact that it is made to pull at your heart strings, I really liked her voice.

    here is some more of her.

    • Krunoslav

      Ms. Rubin is an excellent singer! I heard her at Oberlin as Angelina ( with tenor Peter Tantsits, who has since been at Scala and the NY Phil) and as a wonderful Penelope opposite Andrew Schroeder in a really fine RITORNO D’ULISSE at the Greenwich Music Festival. Do not miss a chance to hear her.

  • rossifigaro

    was curious to see “sonostream” advertising on your web site. am hoping this is a sign that they are improving the quality of their transmissions as all their broadcasts i’ve attempted to view in the past have been plagued with difficulties. believe they are scheduled to stream a concert performance of “lucia” from vienna soon. its interesting to hear that the weiner staatsoper is planning to stream selected performances. i caught their current “capriccio” on austrian tv with fleming which (in contrast to the critics) i very much enjoyed.

  • Milady DeWinter

    The “tell” in the chic Cieca color tv photo is the shape of the picture tube. The early color sets had round tubes; the squared-off tubes came around 1967/68.