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  • benrenki: Ich habe deine Mutter vergiftet. 1:21 PM
  • NPW-Paris: I see Puccini was in contact with d’Annunzio about a libretto but the latter’s fees were exorbitant. 12:57 PM
  • Lohengrin: Try it via internet and or via www.schoener-ferns 12:47 PM
  • semoyer: Is this available in the US? 12:17 PM
  • PCally: And Westbroek’s DVD/Blue-Ray from Amsterdam. Much finer Minnie and much better production and a solid enough supporting... 11:00 AM
  • Krunoslav: “Ist das noch der Diwan auf dem sich dein Vater verblutet hat?” 10:48 AM
  • Lohengrin: Let´s see when she will wear it again…… ; 9:54 AM
  • Lohengrin: Next Sunday Die Meistersinger von Nürnberg, stream from Bayerische Staatsoper, 5pm CEST. 9:45 AM

Between the conception and the creation between the emotion and the response

So finally we can see what the Robert Lepage Ring would have looked like if only the Machine hadn’t been totally fucked.


  • 1
    Opera Teen says:

    Well… That was terrifying…

  • 2
    antikitschychick says:

    HORRORE!!….I still liked it though :-P

  • 3
    Batty Masetto says:

    I have always felt that what Wagner really needs is some perukes, somersaults and modern dance.

    OK, now that that self-indulgent bit of snark is out of the way, I do think the omission of dance is a shortcoming of the Gesamtkunstwerk concept. There certainly was no shortage of dance in Greek tragedy, which is the supposed antecedent.

    And for a tale concerned with forces of nature, the Ring tends to scant the air. The other three classic elements – fire, water, earth – make their presence felt almost constantly. But except for the Flying Wallenda Walküren – and at a stretch, maybe the sky show at the end of Rheingold, if the production goes that way – the cycle is short on impressively airborne moments.

    • 3.1
      oedipe says:

      the cycle is short on impressively airborne moments

      Not the Fura dels Baus version of it, though.

      • 3.1.1
        Batty Masetto says:

        Very true, though I’m not sure acrobatics are an adequate substitute for character and coherence.

        And by the bye, how could anything be more earthbound than toting a large, metal-corseted woman around the stage in a piece of heavy industrial equipment?

          Baltsamic Vinaigrette says:

          Exactly, Batty. The sight of the stage hands pulling and pushing assorted framework and heavy machinery around the stage was a constant irritation of this production. [I saw Götterdämmerung only].

  • 4
    grimoaldo says:

    Am I missing something? What does that clip have to do with Wagner? I watched it three times and if it did not say “Wagner” on the title I would not have thought of it.
    Looks like an impressive spectacle, absolutely horrible music.

  • 5
    manou says:

    In just over an hour, you can listen to the Munich Trovatore here

    and/or watch the webcast on July 5th.

    • 5.1
      Hippolyte says:

      Actually it started a half an hour ago, they’re banging anvils right now.

      • 5.1.1
        Baltsamic Vinaigrette says:

        I was glad I checked the BR Klassik web-site in advance, Hippolyte -- I was expecting it to be on “manou time” too but it began an hour ahead, being 6.30 Munich time.

          Hippolyte says:

          I just looked on the usually trustworthy Operacast. Harteros is doing everything super-slow, dropping words in the cabaletta and shrill on top, Kaufmann is rather can belto, and hard to tell Manistina’s trills because the vibrato is so wide, as was Youn’s.

          • grimoaldo says:

            I would say “super-slow” describes the whole thing so far (from Manrico/Azucena duet is what I heard).
            Very very slooooooooooooow tempi. Kaufmann sounds grandly heroic.

  • 6
    la vociaccia says:

    Hahaha, bullshit! Where’s the screaming?

  • 7
    aulus agerius says:

    Well, that was some Pirra! Can’t remember when I’ve heard both verses. The ritornello sounded strange but maybe that’s cause it’s just so seldom heard!

    • 7.1
      eisle says:

      Leonora is supposed to sing during the it (8 bars), but she she was already offstage….. it’s the production.

  • 8
    aulus agerius says:

    She’s swooping and scooping a la leontyne

  • 9
    aulus agerius says:

    That girl can trilllllll!

  • 10
    Ilka Saro says:

    Using a flame-thrower to put a nice crust on a creme brulee is familiar. But doing this on top of a drum set? Exactly the sort of thing that separates the Wagner men from the Wagner boys.

  • 11
    rysanekfreak says:

    Three stills from this would have made a great Guess-the-Regie quiz, and I would, of course, have guessed Don Giovanni.

  • 12
    Camille says:

    Germans Gone Wild“.

    Far f*cking out, man. Was für ein Konzept.

  • 13
    -Ed. says:

    Trippy. Cirque du Thunderdome. But who cares?