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… and now the worse news

A couple of tweets from Thomas Hampson detailing some grisly-sounding future projects, following the jump. 

  • perfidia

    Just when you think you’ve reached the bottom of the House of Horrors, a door opens, and the descent continues. Domingo already did an album with John Denver. Now he’s recruiting for the kitschy hordes.

    • Quanto Painy Fakor

      No, Domingo is not the perpetrator here. That’s not fair.

      Now that people are starting to record music with great artists of the past I can final achieve my dream of singing Lady Macbeth with Tito Gobbi.

      The Denver CD is already announced for June release so it was planned long ago. I would bet that the June date will be postponed for one reason or another.

      • Volte-Face

        Danielle de Niese singing “Sunshine on my Shoulders.” Peter Gelb would have to change his pants!

  • Oh, God!

  • bassoprofundo

    I don’t get which is worse; the John Denver songs, or Hampson singing more Verdi.

  • Camille

    René Pape and Thomas Hampson in a remake of Perhaps Love????? WHY?

    Who is or where are the hordes clamouring for this?

    Confusa io son….

  • antikitschychick


  • Chanterelle

    Worse news? Does this mean that the worst is yet to come?

    • perfidia

      Yes. They are planning to release a cover of “Let’s Have a Ki-Ki.”

  • Baltsamic Vinaigrette

    Maybe he can recruit Monty Python…

    • Batty Masetto

      I have always wondered what the rest of the words to that song were.

  • Amnerees

    As long as we don’t have to hear him (and WATCH him) perform Amfortas again in New York. (Chicago beware!)

    He’s so fine and effective in the American song repertory. Why must he attempt these big operatic roles? In another era (when we had talented musical comedy composers), he might have been the finest Broadway baritone this country ever had. Listen to his Cole Porter album. It’s just perfect. And why is his recording of On the Town out of print? He personified Gaby!

    • Camille

      What you are saying here is that Tommy Hampsong is actually Alfred Drake-in-excelsis-?

      Hmmmmm…that really is a provocative thought. For myself, I did forgive him many a sin when the occasion to hear him sing Samuel Barber’s Dover Beach was afforded me. He really can be quite fine in the right repertory.

      As it happens, now I recall he sang Amfortas in that Met Gala extravaganza in ’09. Funny, but I can’t recall anything of his singing in that work. Perhaps for the best?

  • tannengrin

    That’s quite a departure for Rene. I once heard him sing Rammstein songs.

    • tannengrin

      on second thought, I may actually enjoy having Herr Pape croon “You fill up my senses, like a night in the forest” at me.

  • rysanekfreak

    If there had been a Parterre contest to come up with the most bizarre idea for a crossover CD, this would have been the winner.

    Except nobody on Parterre would have been crazy enough to come up with this totally demented concept.

    • This just about says it all!

    • la vociaccia

      Wait, you mean you aren’t excited for a Hampson “country road” or a Danielle Deniese “you’ve got a friend?”

      I’d still buy this over that nymphs-on-lithium Anna Prohaska CD

      • Baltsamic Vinaigrette

        “You’ve Got a Friend” is by Carole King, not John Denver. Though he did write Leavin’ on a Jet Plane which was a hit for Peter, Paul and Mary. Perhaps Danielle will join forces with Plácido and Tom for the cover version?

        • la vociaccia

          Thank you for the correction; that was criminal negligence on my part, so enamoured of la Carole am I

          • Camille

            Lest you e’er slip up again, cara vo-cha-cha—


            This is dedicated to the one I love.

          • Baltsamic Vinaigrette

            I agree, la v -- may she never be given the crossover treatment.

          • armerjacquino

            She already has! Von Otter does the odd Carole King song in her recitals.

          • Baltsamic Vinaigrette

            Oh, armerj -- I am reaching for the hemlock myself now.

            [Much as I admire Anne Sofie].

          • mirywi

            Who will sing “Thank God I’m a Country Boy”? It’s not a pretty thought.

  • adina

    I may have to seek medical attention.

    • Bianca Castafiore

      Just like those poor folks at the Tannhäuser in Dusseldorf?????

  • laddie

    I imagine DD will sound something like this:

    • Grane

      Speaking of DDN, we may owe Natalie Dessay an apology. Looks like she just missed the one performance of GC.

      • armerjacquino

        And whoever it was who posted that weird rant when Dessay cancelled the one performance- ‘I told you all this would happen a year ago and you didn’t listen but I was right’ (but nastier and madder) probably should pop up to say something too, but since I can’t remember who it was there was, um, very little point in this post.

        *slinks away*

        • Cocky Kurwenal

          ON, wasn’t it?

  • Gosh maybe we should get together a record club like the Norman Lebrecht book club everyone was going on about earlier this week.

  • I’d pay good money for a Thomas Hampson -- Leon Redbone tribute album. Any chance we could get Hampson liquored up?

    (at 4:40, Leon muses on the age of the castratos)

    • Donna Anna

      That would make one hell of a night club act, if Hampson allowed for a singalong.

    • manou

      Has anybody seen Baryshnikov dancing to Redbone’s Seduced? Unforgettable.

  • papopera

    Oh, I thought the worst news was that La Voigt would be indisposed for Saturday’s broadcast. No suck luck.

  • Donna Anna

    My first thought was who’s going to do Thank God I’m a Country Boy. Let Grigolo loose on that one. A friend of mine wrote a parody that went something along the lines of “…all this money, I can never be a loser. Thank God I’m a millionaire.”

  • mjmacmtenor

    This is like the classic version of opera singers going “pop” -- Lucia Poop and Renata von Trapp (AKA French and Saunders). Gotta love the Caballe wig!!