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Any porte-cochère in a storm

Our Own JJ did a double header yesterday (you’ll read about in the Post starting Monday) and so La Cieca hardly has the energy left to say, “Discuss, discuss!”

  • zinka

    Pick the mother you would prefer!!!!!!

    ..and stop calling me a mother—-- Love CH

    • WindyCityOperaman

      This “mom”?

      or this one getting hers?

      • WindyCityOperaman

        . . . or Earth Mother?

        • WindyCityOperaman

  • WindyCityOperaman

    Born on this day in 1901 tenor Max Lorenz

    Born on this day in 1914 tenor Richard Lewis

    Born on this day in 1919 conductor Peter Maag

    Born on this day in 1920 stage designer Josef Svoboda

    Happy 78th birthday soprano Judith Beckmann

  • spiderman

    So … now that Harteros cancelled the performance on the 11th as well … that makes about 20 cancellations of 25 performances at Covent Garden in the last 2 seasons!

    • manou

      …or 80%.

    • oedipe

      Says a French blogger: she probably can’t stand being away from her shrink for long stretches of time.

      • ljushuvud


        • oedipe

          Nah. Reminded me of Woody Allen.
          Not that anything unkind would EVER be said on Parterre…

          • Bianca Castafiore

            Can’t she have her shrink just travel to her? The rich do it all the time.

  • zinka

    I just read that Delia Rigal has passed away, and her passing reminds me of something that I have always felt (as opposed to what some people think). Rigal was one of the most incredibly flawed singers i ever heard. As a person,she was fun and most lovable. HOWEVER, no one ever heard me say she was a great singer…because i could distinguish personality from what went on on stage.
    Some (misguided??) individuals assert that i love singers “because i know them,” which is the biggest mistatement since someone declared that Wagner was really Jewish. For example, they tell me i love Giordani “because I know him,” and the facts are that i loved his singing long long before I met him.(ask him). Therefore, as a non-hypocrite, I declare that my “love’ begins on stage, and that is it.if I get to know them..fine..but the stage appearance comes first.
    Zinka is my favorite singer, but as a person, she was aloof and often really nasty, like the time I presented her with a gorgeous and nostalgic photo of the Tucker and Zinka singing the Chenier duet at the closing of the old mety. She said, “I vill not sign this.Eet is messsed up!” Little did i know she only accepted ‘posed photos,” and yet this is such a gorgeous photo..I have three of them..but that was Zinka, and i still loved her SINGING.
    I refuse to “love a singer because i know them” because people would never respect me if i turned out to be someone who only went to the opera “so the singers can see me” backstage.(No name mentioned.)
    I recall one night i would not go back to see Tebaldi because I did not want to be a fake and offer my usual praise, because she was BAD..besides, she would know in a second i was lying.
    How many “Nazis” do we love VOCALLY and how many “nice people” like Delia (Rest in Peace) are admittedly very flawed, and we would be fools online to praise them “because we know them.”
    I hope the above diatribe puts this all to rest…and like all of us, weshould be free to express our honest opinions without being accused of some kind of “bobbysoxer mentality.” (Look it up!)
    As ever, Charlie, always fearful he might have known Kurt Baum.

    • WindyCityOperaman

  • zinka

    Sneaky!!You get some nasty dumb mail..and it says “No reply.” heart bleeds….

  • zinka

    May 11, 1902 the BELOVED Bidu Sayao birthday..She defined the word “beloved.” She once spent an entire Met intermission with us talking to us..answering questions,etc…LOVE was what she exuded..and the voice did not have to be a she used CHEST!!!!!

  • WindyCityOperaman

    Born on this day in 1895 composer William Grant Still

    Born on this day in 1902 soprano Bidú Sayao

    Happy 81st birthday bass Arnold Voketaitis

    Happy 59th birthday composer Judith Weir

    Happy 56th birhday tenor Giuseppe Sabbatini

  • zinka

    Galvany has a nasty way of celebrating Mothers’ Day…..

  • havfruen

    The Rossini Opera Festival is soliciting tweet synopses of the three operas they are presenting this summer.
    It might be fun to give it a try!


  • zinka

    Look….Compared to this, NEVER trash your mommy..

    Happy Mothers’ day to your own mommy..and even to some people who call me a “mother.” Io ti perdono.

    Love Charlie

  • Batty Masetto

    Take Mom to brunch at Genevieve’s!

    Get Mother’s Day off to a healthy start! Tomato and wheat germ margaritas, $6.95
    Add healthy “wheat germ” to any well drink, just 50¢

    Come get it while it lasts: Fresh boiled goat liver! $10.95

    Butt-flavored tacos, all you can eat, $11.95

    Special ends today! French fried armadillo, whole or half, with all the fixings, from $8.95
    Add ranch dressing, $1.50

    Special attraction, Mother’s Day only! Mud Wrestling!! Placido Domingo vs. Wayne Newton!
    Coming next week: Chesty Bazookas and the Droolers, Fri. & Sat.

    Genevieve’s Rumpus Room
    (Hiway 13 south, just past the Mini-Mart. Free meatballs and lap dances every Thursday.)

    • Camille

      Grosser Gott, Batty!!!! What in tarnation have you been quaffing as of late?

      “Butt-flavored” sic, tacos???????? Mud wrestling with Plamingo and lil ol’ Wayne???

      My, but your imagination is as creative and colourful as many a regie regisseur’s.
      When may we expect your next presentation at Playhouse Petaluma?

  • Camille

    A very, very happy and love-filled Mother’s Day to our own Madame manou.

    • marshiemarkII

      Seconded carissssima Madame Manou!

      • manou

        Many thanks to both of you -- very thoughtful and appreciated.

      • bluecabochon

        Thirded! I hope that you are being celebrated in grand style!

      • Batty Masetto

        Manou my dear, best wishes from here too. (I would gladly get you free tickets to tonight’s festivities at Genevieve’s, but I sincerely doubt you’d enjoy the show.)

        (If you do decide to go, do not order the armadillo. A word to the wise.)

        • manou

          You are all very kind. Batty -- will there be a mud slinging day?

          • Batty Masetto

            Well, let’s just say that it’s always advisable to wear rain gear when you go to Genevieve’s.

  • Camille

    For all other mothers and for those glorious souls who acted as such, to the unwanted, scorned, overlooked and unloved children of the world, for motherhood is the toughest job there is, so, thank you to all you mothers and mothering souls in this wild world of ours. You know who you are.

    • MontyNostry

      Did the splendid Leonard ever sing “My yiddishe Mama”?

  • zinka

    The problem Galvany has is that she cannot hold the D more than 3 hours…Sam is the King and poor little Charlie is Rochefort…1970 Paterson,NJ..GREAT STUFF!!!!!

  • zinka

    Too exciting for the Met…….My LOVE!!!!!!!

  • zinka

    As you well know, I do not have the slightest fear of putting you to sleep with my rants and raves about “singers not enough people know” but in my experience, there are opera buddies of mine who have discovered some artists whom the general public just cannot know, because they are not compulsive collectors of everything since Giuditta Pasta.
    I constantly receive e-mail or comments on various sites about the singers whose “flame will never die,” and I am so happy to get excellent feed back about them, but i also see, especially on Facebook and parterre Box, that many others have awakened me and many others to the artists who deserve more recognition. After all, how many of the general opera public ever heard of Rosette Anday, Giuseppe Anselmi, Stella Roman
    or what’s her face…Diana Soviero?
    To my chagrin, when I told one singer I “keep the flame alive,” she said, “HEY! I am not dead yet!!!!” I know all of us will continue to spread the word and awaken others (as we were awakened many years ago) to what is out there. I recall,as a perfect example, someone visiting me with a 78 (remember?) of Eva Turner’s “In questa reggia,” and i totally flipped out. The reverse occurs when i send material of “my divas” (and a couple of guys) to the various forums, and am happy to find that they react very much the same when I was told of some of the greats when I was just starting out..and then we did not even have “pirates.”
    Basta….I hope you keep up the spirit and keep the flames alive..and if anyone tells you,”I am not dead yet”) just ignore it and keep on boring the rest of the Internet public as I do.
    As ever Carlitos

  • zinka

    Tonight a friend told me there was an article in “Out’ magazine about my was called the “Trannies of Jackson Hts.” Since I am so clever, througtful, and totally insane, I was thinking that if Scotto or Caballe were in their prime, someone might compose for them an opera called “I Impuritranni.” Isn’t that a good idea? No..well,then ferget it….