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  • Camille: oh, good. Monsieur croche! I just was about to put the word out to you but had no idea if you were around the house. At the... 1:09 PM
  • m. croche: Friends of Azeri opera will no doubt be gratified to learn that September 18, 2015 has been proclaimed “Uzeir Hajibeyov... 1:01 PM
  • Ilka Saro: While I admire Hart, Kahn, Reilly and Kuralt (not a law firm!) I have to say I couldn’t get past the first question! I... 12:55 PM
  • Camille: Oui. Elle avait toutes les qualités et toutes les notes 12:55 PM
  • Camille: ooo–la-la!! Mon pauvre petit choux gustave!!!! Je suis désolée!!!!! Actually, I was going to suggest you go to your local... 12:54 PM
  • antikitschychick: we could, and it makes more sense that she would be covering the entire run rather than just that October 3rd... 12:50 PM
  • Camille: Wasn’t part of the scuttlebutt about Oropesa the pertinent fact she wished to sing leading roles — like what she is... 12:46 PM
  • Camille: “Glacial website”. Well put, overstimmelated. Where does one go to find out about last minute cast substitutions,... 12:42 PM

Black tie optional

Congratulations to the winners of the eighth annual F. Paul Driscoll Awards for Outstanding Achievement in the Field of Excellence, who were lauded at an impromptu “come as you are” get-together Sunday night at the Plaza. (Brad Barket/Getty Images North America)


  • operaassport says:

    Sorry, I meant Freni!

    And poor Dawn Upshaw, Joan Jett is calling and wants her faux leather coat back.

  • manou says:

    Un tal baccano in Cieca! Bel rispetto!

  • willym says:

    I’m seriously trying to figure out why all the snark -- 6 people are recognized for their talents and their contributions -- whither we all agree on the value of them or not -- to opera and they’re being raked over the coals for their fashion sense or lack there of. What’s with that?

    • Camille says:

      Willym, yours is the pausa that refreshes.

      I have reflected upon this whole matter and I wish to retract all commentary other than to say I have grown quite a bit fonder of Mr. Keenlyside through the vantage point of this lens.

      What matters is their respective voices and the joy they may have given to many, many countless others. Let them dress in burlap bags if that pleases them. What is important is the voice and the soul they express with it.

      Mea culpa, mea culpa, mea maxima culpa.

    • CruzSF says:

      Jealousy and anonymity

      • DonCarloFanatic says:

        Earlier, I was thinking of posting a general WTF? Why is everyone so bitchy today?

        Could it possibly be end-of-Met-Season ennui? If so, we all should study our summer festival calendars and plan some fun.

        • Vergin Vezzosa says:

          DCF, Hear, hear!! I’m done except maybe a Carmelites so I am focusing on the delicious prospect of Vepres Siciliennes en francais at Caramoor in July.

  • oedipe says:

    Let me see:
    Is the soul searching about dress code snark restricted to: Singers who get awards? Singers of a certain age who may have health problems? Singers who have excess weight? Singers who dress according to a code that’s comprehensible to, say, Americans?
    So that it’s perfectly OK with everybody here to make snark comments about the dress style of others who don’t fit in these categories?

    Note: I confess I often disagree with the tastes of some of the commenters here, though I rarely make remarks on people’s dress styles.

    • operaassport says:

      How about just singers who should have more gay friends to help them dress?

  • Quanto Painy Fakor says:

    Bickett appointed music director of Santa Fe Opera -- what an odd appointment.!/blogs/operavore/2013/apr/24/santa-fe-opera-taps-early-music-specialist-harry-bicket/

    • operaassport says:

      I assume you mean Harry Bicket, a great conductor in a certain narrow repertoire.

    • LittleMasterMiles says:

      Odd, odd indeed. In his first season he’s conducting Fidelio and farming out Donizetti and Stravinsky. I also see that it’s a three-year appointment, raising the question: does Santa Fe have a history of rotating people through in 3-year shifts, or is this assumed to be an initial appointment likely to be renewed? Beacause in the long run Bicket would need to work very hard to expand not only his repertoire but his stylistic range quite broadly.

      • davidzalden says:

        There is already quite a long list of musicians (very often British) who started off as Baroque specialists, built strong international careers in this rep, and then started to branch out into other styles and periods. Some Baroque specialists never really develop a technique strong enough to work with larger orchestras in later musical styles, and remain in the Handelian ghetto. But John Eliot Gardner, Harnoncourt, Minkowski, Ivor Bolton and other gifted men have certainly succeeded brilliantly. I have a feeling that Harry Bicket (with whom I have had the great pleasure of doing a lot of Handel, Monteverdi, Cavalli, etc. over many years) is going to thrive and expand as he moves into new areas. Being the great musician and wonderful colleague and collaborator that he is, the signs are very positive.

    • Baltsamic Vinaigrette says:

      QPF: odd appointment, lovely shirt. He’s nicked the Freni frock by the looks of things.

      [I presume that's why you put up the link on this particular thread].

    • Camille says:

      Could it possibly be that the Santa Fe Opera, traditionally a R. Strauss specialty house, is refocussing in a different direction, e.g., Händel?

      That was just the first thought which came to mind. I know not whether there is any substance at all to this notion.

      MisterMyster has vanished from our midst, so we’ll hear naught from him.

  • kashania says:

    It is a delightful commentary on the Cher Public (yes, we love Cher, too) that a post about clothing choice has garnered 228 responses (and counting).

    • Flora Amiche says:

      I think it’s a very sad commentary on the Cher Public. I used to think that Parterre Box was about singing and singers and productions…not about wardrobe. Of course that was before it became an in cutesy site for a few people.