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The case of the missing vehicle

La Cieca’s sources tell her that a planned revival of Faust at the Met in the fall of 2014 has been canceled, because who wants to see that ugly thing again, or else the leading lady didn’t feel like singing it, whichever. Anyway, the situation goes something like this: the company has under contract Anna Netrebko, Joseph Calleja, Artur Rucinski and René Pape for eight performances or so during that time.  Your assignment, cher public, is to come up with an opera with plausible roles for at least three, or ideally all four, of these artists. (Photo: Ken Howard / Metropolitan Opera)


  • operalover9001 says:

    As much as I’d love to hear Netrebko take on Elena/Helene or Devereux or Elsa, she probably has planned her role debuts quite carefully and probably won’t take on a huge new role. If they don’t end up doing another revival of Elisir or Boheme, I feel like the most likely opera is Rondine: two relatively short roles that shouldn’t be challenging for either of them, plus the Met has a nice production of that.

  • joggerboy says:

    The Met’s never tried out early Mozart (eg. La Finta Giardiniera) before as far as I know…

  • pobrediablo says:

    On a slightly different note, someone mentioned that Yoncheva is making her Met debut next season. Any details?

  • Hoffmann says:

    Tosca, Butterfly, Rusalka, Katya Kabanova, Jen?fa, Pikovaya Dama, Medee (Cherubini) or Don Carlo would all be superb!!

    If the Royal Opera’s Faust could be borrowed that would be ideal, but as Anna is singing in it in London next year, I doubt they would want to lend it…

    But what about La Vie Parsienne, La Belle Helene or Orphee aux Enfers? These would be fun…

    But I still think the best options are Rusalka or Tosca…