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What becomes two legends most?

On the final night of her farewell engagement at the Café Carlyle, cabaret legend Elaine Stritch took a few questions from the audience. Naturally, she insisted on introducing each of the celebrities in attendance, including an operatic icon who’s one of her most ardent fans.

  • eric

    I couldn’t hear the audio well enough to know who she was talking about.

  • Will

    She addressed him as James and told the audience he’d been ill for a while but was now coming back. Since I knew Jimmy Levine loved her and her work, I realized he was the James to whom she was referring.

  • “She somehow goes past the formula versions of what she does, and therefore, her results are unique,” said James Levine, the music director of the Metropolitan Opera, who is such a fan of Ms. Stritch’s that he saw “Elaine Stritch at Liberty” a dozen times and cleared his schedule to attend her Carlyle shows last week. “Even though she has characteristics that are shared by other great performers, the whole way that personality is put together seems unique.” [New York Times]

  • Maestro Jimmy takes great inspiration from her iconic hit “I’m still here!”

    • operaassport

      It’s more likely the inspiration comes from “The Ladies who Lunch.”

  • Just thinking it would be nice to see one posting go by without snark or vitriol.

    • operaassport

      I guess you blew that one.

  • messa di voce

    It was also reported that Levine was there opening night.

  • WindyCityOperaman

    Don’t forget that Tony got some special folks to appear on The Odd Couple, namely Richard Fredricks, Jackie Horne and Martina Arroyo.

  • blanchette

    you probably all know this, but Levine cancelled his May 20 Carnegie HAll concert, which worries me. I’m glad at least he is out and about.