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  • PCally: She sounds very promising. I missed her met Aida but her empress from Frankfurt is really terrific. If the sounds isn’t as... 1:54 PM
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  • Marcello: Where can one listen to the Götterdämmerung? 1:32 PM
  • amg: On the bright side, the Meistersinger postponement will free us up to listen to the Janowski Gotterdammerung. 1:22 PM
  • Marcello: Kaufmann is scheduled for the 3 performances in September/October. Emma Bell will be Eva. 1:20 PM
  • Chanterelle: Ja but ohne Jonas. Happy to be listening to a vibrant Rheingold with terrific singing. 1:18 PM
  • Marcello: There was supposed to be a Livestream and an “Opera for all” showing on a big screen in front of the Nationaltheat... 1:13 PM


Our Own JJ (not pictured) just came running into the parterre offices wild-eyed with excitement. And no wonder, because the news, once we got him to spit it out, is that he has been credentialed to cover the Bayreuth Festival this summer, reporting for the New York Post on the new Ring, Lohengrin and Der Fliegende Holländer.


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    Satisfied says:

    Now that I have my writhing jealousy out of the way, I now feel nothing but happiness for JJ! I simply can’t wait to read all about JJ’s adventures over the summer…even if it means reading the NY POST :-p

    Question for the many on this board who have been to the the Bayreuth Festival: I’ve applied for tickets for the past four years without any luck. When do you think it likely that one of my orders will,eventually, be processed???

    • 41.1
      kashania says:

      I have no personal experience but I’ve heard that the average wait is seven years.

      • 41.1.1
        MontyNostry says:

        Ask the Flying Dutchman.

      • 41.1.2
        Fidelia says:

        I’ve been on the list for 6 and am anxiously awaiting 2014 to see if the 7-year rumor is based on fact or not. Would hate to find out it’s like Jacob’s labours! In the meantime, warm congratulations to JJ who, I am sure, will provide those of us who are less fortunate with his usual perceptive and thought-provoking comments. So thrilled for you, JJ !!

          peter says:

          My wait was exactly 7 years but I ended up declining but that’s a whole other story.

          DonCarloFanatic says:

          So how do you know you are on the list? Did they tell you? Or do you write every year and ask again? I thought they now had the list computerized and accessible in some manner online. Intermezzo did a detailed post on this last year (I think) when it was in its initial stages but I haven’t heard much about it since.

          • Buster says:

            You still need to fill out the form every year, choosing the performance(s), and the seat(s) you want. Once you are on the list, they keep sending you the form every year. The last two years, you could fill it out online as well (with your customer id). The important thing is to not miss a year, or you’ll have to start all over again.

            Like Peter, and the Flying Dutchman, my wait was seven years, but I have heard of shorter, and longer waits.

          • DonCarloFanatic says:

            Did an online order for the Ring this year. Will not hold my breath.

          • DonCarloFanatic says:

            Instant update. The Bayreuth ticket office has replied very courteously in two languages, one of which I can read:

            “In processing your order we will of course take into account your booking history and the amount of time you have already waited during the booking process in previous years.”

            I guess my waiting time begins officially now. I hope they’re doing the Ring in 2020.

    • 41.2
      Sonofamoll says:

      Everyone I know gets tickets through the Richard Wagner Society. Each affiliate gets a block of seats, and their members get first dibs. It’s kinda fun hanging out with them. They are sort of like Trekkies.

      • 41.2.1
        Dominatrix says:

        Sonofamoll: It was great while it lasted, but the Bayreuth Festival has now sent out letters to all the Wagner Societies that they will no longer get a special allotment of tickets; tour operators also will not get tickets. The government officials felt not enough tickets were left over for the public, so this is their solution — punish all the loyal Wagnerites who have supported the festival all these years. Perhaps the public will now be able to get tickets without waiting years, but we’ll have to wait & see if this new system works better.

          Sonofamoll says:

          Dominatrix: thanks for that newsy item.
          DCF: Oh, as I recall, you’d fit right in!

      • 41.2.2
        DonCarloFanatic says:

        Not a recommendation. I already know too many Trekkies.

    • 41.3
      Trappedinoperahell says:

      It was six years for me. I got in last year, but I’m pretty sure I got in because somebody else declined their tickets. I didn’t get my letter until early March, which is late. It being a non-Ring year also probably helped, as did the ban on giving blocks of tickets to Wagner societies.

      Several people I met at the Festival had been waiting 5-7 years. I also found out that once you get tickets, you go back to the bottom of the list the following year (if you keep applying).

      By the way, one way to get tickets is to check the lobby of the Arvena Kongress Hotel in Bayreuth during the Festival. Every day we were there, a few tickets were posted for sale on a board in the lobby.

      • 41.3.1
        Fifi Figaro says:

        I’m curious if anyone knows: what happens if your order is accepted, but you decline it? (For example, if you get accepted during a non-Ring year, but you really are just interested in the Ring.) Do you go back to the back of the line again?

    • 41.4
      Sonofamoll says:

      So I just asked my buddies at the Wagner Society and they said foreigners will get an advantage for tickets if they are members of the Friends of Bayreuth. It takes some moolah to join but it’s less than a health club would cost.

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    Bitch is in heaven, I am sure

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    Henry Holland says:

    Meh, no Tristan or Parsifal, why even bother going?


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    zinka says:

    I’ll “suck up” to him again.(Remember not to forget the word “UP”)..
    NO ONE deserves this honor more than a person who is capable of changing another’s life..(I retired from full-time teaching….and the podcasts have made me so happy to spread my “teaching’ (opera..not Spanish) to so many people on the globe..From Angola to Zanzibar (literally.)..not to mention a kid person with infinite patience and warmth….but i hope they do not make him strip to see if the tattoo is like Nikitin’s

    Love to my buddy!!!

    • 44.1
      Ruxxy says:

      Congrats to JJ -- fantastic news! So look forward to reviews and goss etc. I hope la Cieca gets a dirty weekend or more out of it too :)

  • 45
    prettygirl says:

    Congratulations!!!! Looking forward to your reports. What a beautiful assignment.

  • 46
    Amnerees says:

    One hopes that LaCieca will revive at the Festival the outfits that used to be worn to performances by the wives of Ruhr barons: dirndls and diamonds. The Frauen there have become far too conventional of late.

    • 46.1
      Often admonished says:

      time to rock those pink lederhosen lurking in the closet

      • 46.1.1
        Buster says:

        This will do:

          Ruxxy says:

          Nothing so uplifts the soul as seeing a whole lotta simple country folk in crisped frocks cheerfully wasting their time doing something a harvester could do in thirty seconds.

          • Ruxxy says:

            …to say nothing of the wardrobe catastrophe sported by the leading man who proves beyond all doubt and for all time, that shorts and long socks will never be cool and will never go together no matter what!

    • 46.2
      DonCarloFanatic says:

      Remember, no knee-highs.

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    steverino says:

    Can someone answer a question-- when I visited Bayreuth I walked across the street from Wahnfried (sic?) and noticed a building that said something like “African Student Friendship house.” Over the door frame of this very old building were hebrew letters carved into the stone that spelled out “Tsadikim” which is hebrew for wise or righteous ones!!!! Needless to say I was stunned to see this across the street from Hitler’s favorite sitting room. Does anyone know anything about this????