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Time to walk around a bit and discuss this week’s off-topic and general interest subjects, cher public.

  • Quanto Painy Fakor

    cruel video about a cold fish

  • WindyCityOperaman

    Born on this day in 1890 baritone Robert Burg

    Born on this day in 1900 bass-baritone Henri-Bertrand Etcheverry
    (Der Vater in a unique recording of Schubert’s Erlkonig!)

    Born on this day in 1902 composer William Walton

    Born on this day in 1931 soprano Gloria Davy

    Born on this day in 1936 composer Richard Rodney Bennett

  • zinka

    and I thought Bonisolli was nuts!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Volpi sort of liked himself.

  • oedipe

    Medici TV is broadcasting RIGHT NOW live from Salle Pleyel the world premiere of a “video opera” called The Fall of Fukuyama, by Grégoire Hetzel, interpreted by the Orchestre Philarmonique de Radio France conducted by Daniel Harding, with Jennifer Larmore (among others). It’s an opera about September 11, Fukuyama, George Bush…You get the picture. As seen by a Frenchman, believe it or not.!/la-chute-de-fukuyama-gregoire-hetzel-camille-de-toledo-orchestre-philharmonique-de-radio-france

  • zinka

    All of us wish you a BUONA Pasqua:

    Gavazzi,Simionato, Cossotto,Troyanos,Verrett,Obratsova, Meier, Urmana

    Love to you all Charlie Bruna Rasa

    • OperaTeen

      Maybe I’m biased since it was my first opera, but I believe that Cavalleria Rusticana is one of the greatest operas ever written. :-( No “Mala Pasquas” here! Happy Easter everyone!

  • A. Poggia Turra

    Two web streaming notes:

    On 01 April (no foolin’) at 18:00 CEST, arte LiveWeb will live-stream the new Robert Carsen production of Die Zauberflote from Baden-Baden, with Sir Simon Rattle and the Berlin Philharmonic in the pit. For those keeping score, Lady R. is the Second Lady and Jose van Dam creaks out of semi-retirement to perform the Speaker (if you subscribe to the Berlin Phil Digital Concert Hall, the performance will be shown there as well).

    On 04 April the same network will begin streaming the Calixto Bieito production pf Boris Godunov from the Bayerische Staatsoper. I believe this is a tape of the performance that was shown live o Mezzo a few weeks ago.

  • Camille

    This is for my beloved Clita del Toro.


    Thank you with all my heart for your great kindness and indulgences toward me for which I am greatly in your debt.


  • Camille


    Try again—for My darling Clita

    • La Valkyrietta

      Per Camille e Clita,

      • Camille

        Grazie, La Valkyrietta.

        Sounds better in Italiano anyway. What a marvel the Italian dubbing industry was/is.

        Ahimè, non più di Clita!!! Che farò senza Clita?

        • La Valkyrietta


          I have an idea that might reconcile you to the Met’s new Parsifal and perhaps that will cheer you a bit and make you forget for seconds being bereft. Remember how things went in the Middle Ages? A knights was not just any peasant, knights were from the higher circles of society, in other words, they were blue bloods. How about then being more authentic in the production and filling the whole second act with a pond of blue looking liquid? Might that work for you? The blue liquid might make the production easier to take to all those that screamed blood. Might that work?

          • Camille

            Yes, if as directed by Alfred Hitchcock, it just might work at that.

            Thank you for the kind thought but I fear that life on parterre without Clita, for whom I have now patiently been waiting some months, is no life at all.
            I am going into Leonora’s grotto to contemplate the future.

            Ciao e grazie—

  • MontyNostry

    Well, all I can say is that I hope Diana Damrau’s Violetta is a little less vocally glaring in the flesh than on the radio. Or is it just characterisation of the brittle Act 1 courtesan?

  • zinka

    La Traviata today was partly excellent, and partly rather routine. Mme.Damrau is a brilliant artist,showing great feeling, semi-glottal attacks that I always love in an artist, use of the lower range, and generally quite effective. In the house,it may not be as effective as her Konstanze or Gilda, but generally she is one of our mosr oovable artists today.
    Pirgu is a generic singer and there are oddles of tenors who could make a better impression;he sounded best in the “Ogni suo ver,” since he is better in the ‘louder’ material. I donot think he made any special impression.
    Despite the announcement (what else is new?) of Placido’s allergies, he sang well, but I would prefer him as Alfredo, since the best part of his still excellent voice lies best in the tenor area. They would have to transpose “Ogni suo ver,” and he might not be comfortable in all of the tessitura, but at least you would hear the “real’ Placido,rather than a man who is singing all the wrong material because he wants to sing before the public. He still has plenty of voice, but as I repeat over and over, he sells tickets, so he is permitted to do what no one else does.
    Comprimarios usually acquit them selves better, but some of the smaller roles really did not make much impression.(Even I did not crack as Dr.Grenvil.). In general,it was a fairly nice afternoon, considering it was not…..should I start naming the names, where people will say,”But Charlie…they’re DEAD! (Not Soviero or Zeani.)
    I’ve heard many more effective Traviatas, but this is 2013,after all.
    Happy A te la buona Pasqua Charlie

    P.S. They were not too mean to Marcello on chat.

    • Today’s broadcast belonged to Damrau and her superb performance, with notable support from Yannick Nezet-Seguin.

  • zinka

    Sort of sad…but sweet to be together again.He has some left..She has nothing at all…and did she eat a lot?????

    Jose and Katia should have been better.

  • tornado12

    Just found this:

    Didn’t know that it exists… as there are more singers, I suppose there is maybe the whole Act 2 on video… Anyone who has it? Is there also maybe anyone who has a Frau ohne Schatten with Madame Leonie on video? That’d be great… (as there are two of them! Either Salzburg 1974 or Vienna 1977)

  • aulus agerius

    Today I especially enjoyed the warmth and fullness of Damrau’s middle voice. Very beautiful….seemed to have lots of harmonics and overtones if I understand those terms correctly. In this she reminded me sometwhat of Gheorgiu and Meade at times. The great ensemble of the party scene she began very effectively; I think this is one of Verdi’s greatest concerti movements and is usually the emotional climax of the opera for me.

  • A. Poggia Turra

    Did anyone catch the the San Diego PBS radio station’s live stream of “Murder in the Cathedral”? I got home late and was only able to hear the last 20 minutes -- I did like that snippet, but am sorry to have missed the ful performance.

    BTW -- at the end, the announcer noted that in three Saturdays, they will live stream Aida with L. Moore (19:00 PDT).

  • WindyCityOperaman

    Happy 72nd birthday soprano Laila Andersson-Palme

  • zinka

    Nice to stand next to that note…although our Bolenas were with piano..and she held the notes about an hour longer.

    Galvany was the greatest!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • operadent


  • zinka

    Fell out of the balcony in 1977 (Boheme) and still say she belongs way way up there with the all-time greatest verismo sopranos…but only people with live recordings know..Peccato!!!!

  • OperaTeen

    Cari Parterriani,

    Would any of you know how long a performance of Beaumarchais’ Barber of Seville lasts? What about his Marriage of Figaro? Any help would be appreciated!

    • bassoprofundo

      Google is your friend.

      • OperaTeen

        I’ve looked everywhere and I can’t find anything.

        • Hippolyte

          A complete Beaumarchais Mariage de Figaro (running time 2:51)

          • OperaTeen

            Thank you! Any idea about Barber?

        • Quanto Painy Fakor

          There were recordings of made by the Comédie française and issued on LP, later cassettes. I have most of the LPs, but they are in storage. You could try French ebay (
          or find them in various libraries.

          • OperaTeen

            Wow! Thank you so much! I don’t speak French so buying the LP’s wouldn’t do too much good, but I was wondering since I’m considering putting in a bid to direct Barber at my school next year and I was curious if I could do a double bill with Figaro. That’s obviously not the case anymore! :-)

          • Quanto Painy Fakor

            Obviously both plays (with the third as sequel) are too long to perform in one evening. As for speaking French, you’re young enough to learn and you might enjoy that very much. Good luck with your project.

      • bluecabochon

        “Google is your friend”.

        I’ll remind you of that “profundism” the next time we’re in chat, basso, when you can’t be bothered to look up who is singing and instead ask everyone who’s the soprano? Who’s the baritone?

        ROTFLMAO!!!!! Best laugh of the night!

      • Jack Jikes

        Is basso anybody’s friend?

        • Feldmarschallin

          Why do you all have to pick on Basso? Basso, hier steht kein napolitanischer General, wo ich steh, steh ich, I will stand by you. It is not nice when all gang up on one. I recall similiar things from school and never found that a nice thing for a group to pick on one.

          • bassoprofundo

            Danke Feldmarschallin, schon dass du mich unterstutzt. :) aber ich vermute, die meinen das nicht in ernst, die machen sich uber mich einfach lustig, zum scherz. und ehrlich gesagt ich habe auch ab und zu die andere belastigt… deshalb haben sie einen guten grund wegen mir auszuflippen!!! ubrigens, ich habe gestern abend meine karte gekauft, in Munchen zu fahren um Trovatore/Lohengrin/Ariadne auf Naxos zu sehen--ich kann’s kaum erwarten!

          • Feldmarschallin

            Schön ich bin auch in allen Trovatore Vorstellungen. Lohengrin mit Dasch laß ich ausfallen. Bin aber 18mal in die Festspiele. Vielleicht können wir uns mal in der Pause treffen.

  • OperaTeen
    • Quanto Painy Fakor

      Not as good as the news that Gelb resigned from the MET last night !
      April fool

    • Nerva Nelli

      Doubtless Karita Mattila, sleeping in a glass box in her Emilia Marty costumes, will curate the first special exhibit, “Kunst oder Konz.lager?”