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  • oedipe: Take a look at u-tube compilations sung by great tenors of the past. Whenever they include Georges... 11:53 AM
  • Camille: httpv://youtube.co m/watch?v=1_FKmgCs P7g 11:50 AM
  • CerquettiFarrell: Here he’s obviously the same character. Lovely way of showing the guilt complex... 11:31 AM
  • Cocky Kurwenal: Having the same singer for Marchese / Padre is fairly common, isn’t it? 11:29 AM
  • Krunoslav: I think you will find that any one who listens to historical vocal records in America knows who... 11:28 AM
  • CerquettiFarrell: Just got around to see this production. WOW. Finally somebody made believable theatre out... 11:24 AM
  • Bill: ML – I responded to your query about Studer and Fierrabras on the other thread. The 1988 Theater... 11:18 AM
  • Cocky Kurwenal: I’ve only read about half of it so far, but it’s the fact that I think without... 11:00 AM
  • Bill: ML – The first performances of Fierrabras under Abbado were part of the Wiener Festwochen and... 11:00 AM
  • kashania: Fair enough. As I said, I do think highly of her Juliette and this Mimi is lovely. It’s just... 10:53 AM

Faustian, but no bargain

“The spring season at the Met is as changeable as March weather in New York: crisp and brilliant for a day or two, and then suddenly as dismal as Thursday night’s Faust.” [New York Post]


  • stignanispawn says:

    Hippolyte — Good question about Hyung Yun singing in the Verdi Requiem since my understanding (and a check of wikipedia) indicates that it was originally scored for a bass. I didn’t think about that going into the performance.
    All I can say is that Hyung Yun did a great job, which is par for the course with him. I guess if Domingo can move from tenor to baritone in Verdi, Hyung Yun can move from baritone to bass too. BYW — he will be singing additional performances of the Verdi Requiem elsewhere, as well as some performances in the title role of Rigoletto in Seattle and Colorado as mentioned earlier. Hyung Yun is a engaging singer with stage presence and someone to watch — hint hint, Mr. Gelb.

    • kennedet says:

      I’ve obsessed over this enough but I hope that we can at least agree that Domingo probably cannot sing tenor roles anymore or at least most of them. Yes, I’m aware how old he is!!Therefore the comparison is inacccurate regarding Yun. The circumstances should be the same.

      Which brings up another problem…..singers now will be switching (if they can get away with it) and use the excuse that Domingo has sucessfully done it. And for all of the past singers who switched…did they do it with the same notoriety as Domingo? Were they able to freely sing in another fach at major houses? Or was this management using a big name to fill seats?