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  • Jungfer Marianne Leitmetzerin: Wasn’t she just extraordinary? Not just hitting the notes, but the security and power took my breath... 9:43 PM
  • Camille: I just cannot get over how WELL; how inTUNE, and how Pankratova sings ALL the notes the Kundrys usually dodge out on! I have... 9:38 PM
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  • 101
    Feldmarschallin says:

    Is this still the intermission feature? Anyway yesterday I saw the second Ariadne after having seen the first on Sunday. Pieczonka and Sindram both stunning with an adequate Bacchus by Fritz. Way below average was the Zerbinetta by Jane Archibald. Never have I heard so little applause after her big aria than on Sunday. Barely 15 seconds. Flat on top and with a tiny voice and without any charm. Zerbinetta here is a bit of a vamp and Damrau had it down and knew how to work those red stilletos. Now Archibald wore a lower version on the shoe and that alone caused them to look like a shoe a housewife from Niederbayern would wear. Ariadne has to be one of Pieczonkas best roles along with Lisa and Senta. Beautiful phrasing. Likewise Sindram whose voice is getting larger and more drammatic. For the person who asked the opera shop has the new season book for 2.50€ and it is alone worth the price for the pictures which show the theater at the reopening and while it was still destroyed.

    • 101.1
      Buster says:

      Thanks for your report FM! Glad Pieczonka did well, the role fits her voice and her personality like a glove, noble, and very moving. A shame about Archibald though, who was a great Cunegonde (with Spyres) a few seasons ago.
      I did see that booklet online, gorgeous Martha Mödl portrait! The Keilberth Munich Frau is my favorite recording of the work, even though it has cuts. I compared it to the Böhm studio recording not so long ago, and listening to that was sort of a trial. The orchestra is fabulous, of course, but not once I felt I was listening to a great opera. The Munich performance is so much more exciting. Bjoner is lovely, and Inge Borkh is the best Dyer’s wife I know. And Mödl is hors concours. She herself mentions this recording as a recommendation to listeners who want to find out what Mödl was all about.

      • 101.1.1
        Feldmarschallin says:

        Buster the first performance of that FroSch was closed and I spoke with several people who were at the second one and said it was magnificent. The first Meistersinger was the first public performance for the general public. The third performance was to be Rosenkavalier but was cancelled due to the Kennedy assasination.

  • 102

    Takking the gladius to Eliogabalo at The Box. Review on Superconductor.

  • 103
    • 103.1
      tornado12 says:

      It looks somehow boring, this program… Even if they do the Zimmermann with Bieito! I think I’ll go to Berlin for this when it will be at the Komische Oper.

      • 103.1.1
        Feldmarschallin says:

        Die Soldaten is really the only interesting thing. And at least they have Stemme as Salome instead of Nadja Michel.

          Buster says:

          Tonight, Mireille Delunsch sings her first Salome. Hope she survives.

          tornado12 says:

          And Hanna Schwarz as Herodias and Nikitin as Jochanaan. Btw: Her name is Michael, not Michel…
          But could someone tell me who Sunnyboy Dladla is?

  • 104
    zinka says:

    Through my tears, I am trying to find words to describe was Rise Stevens meant to me in my life. The first singer I ever met at 15 was Rise, and we went to her home every year in the club we had for her. She was as kind and gracious as any human being could be, and at this moment I think back to all those years, onstage and off, and the pleasure she gave to us.
    I see that Octavian as she came down the stairs with the rose for Hilde Gueden, the elegance, the beauty, the rich voice as she began the Presentation Scene; I see the gorgeous Delilah with Mario Del Monaco; I recall how we used to wonder how many times they had to sew up the curtain at the end of Carmen, where she fell and died in that production.
    But most of all, I think of the lady who was the first “star” I ever met, and i actually never forgot the “greasepaint feeling” on my palm as she shook my hand as if she always knew me
    That is all I want to say at this moment about Rise, as I try to remember more and more of the beauty of this woman, who brought many others to opera, and who will remain in my heart forever.
    Dearest Rise, rest in peace….you will never be forgotten.

    Lovingly, sadly, but happy she was a part of my life,………and that of so many. Charlie

    • 104.1
      Camille says:

      am so sorry to hear this news. Hoped against hope the gallant lady would soon be celebrating her 100th birthday, but instead….

      There is a fun and interesting bio of Risë Stevens which I read umpteen years ago, entitled Subway to the Met, and which may be at NYPAL or on Amazon, for those interested and/or wanting to know more of this brave and gifted singer

      Requiescat in pacem, belle Mignon.

  • 105
    zinka says:

    Rise once sat at her desk with a kind of ” religious glow” in her eyes, as she spoke of seeing Lotte Lehmann as Eva in her young student days…so they did get to sing together and now they are joined forever. Rest in Peace,Rise.

  • 106

    “Your life is empty because you try to stop the bomb from becoming!” Dennis Hopper could have been talking about the Met’s low-energy revival of Faust, reviewed on Superconductor.

  • 107
    zinka says:

    March.22, 1912. I say it again..Moedl could read a crossword book and be captivating….One of the greatest ever!!!!!!!