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Splitting hairs

Today on Operavore, Our Own JJ talks about wig-pulling catfights. Also heard (in passing) are Marilyn Horne and Susan Graham.

Later, you have your choice of Don Carlo from the Met (at 11:00 AM) or a video webcast of Jenufa from the Bayerische Staatsoper at 1:00 PM. Or a bit of both, actually.

  • Sempre liberal

    Why does Don Carlo start so early? Maazel’s lugubrious pacing?

    • kallese

      It is 10x better than some other conductors’ pacing…I’m listening to Don Carlo this morning as a chaser to last night’s Parsifal performance. Asher Fisch was a veritable metronome.

  • Don Carlo is five hours long and Francesca da Rimini nearly four. The Met stagehands need time to change over between the two. It probably doesn’t take a full four hours, but better to have an extra few minutes’ buffer so the evening performer doesn’t get pushed past the scheduled starting time.

    I agree that an 11:00 am start time is extremely early and impractical. But when you have two long operas on one day…

    • kennedet

      A million thanks for Operavore!! What a wonderful way for opera lovers to begin their day!! I found the discussion educational and entertaining. Marilyn Horne is very humble for someone who has had an outstanding career. Thanks La Cieca, this was an ingenuous way to make it easy for us to hear the broadcast.

      • k0000

        La Cieca may be many things, but s/he’s never been ingenuous.

        • kennedet

          A thousand pardons to La Cieca and kOOOO!!! Of course I meant ingenious.

        • oedipe

          Never been ingenuous? Are you saying La Cieca is disingenuous?

          • manou

            La Cieca can be igneous at times if people really get on her nerves.

    • papopera

      The Canadian FM radio stations have delayed broadcasts which started at 13:00 as usual.

    • shoegirl

      Die Walküre on April 13th starts at 11am, but Rigoletto doesn’t start until 8.30pm. Will be in town and going to the Wagner but the Rigoletto doesn’t tempt me in the same way.

  • That Guy

    This is terrible. Which pencil-pusher thought it was a good idea to give a public broadcast of Don Carlo beginning at 11am? The singers sound like shit and Maazel is going to kill them all.

  • Maazel’s pace has been truly appalling.

    • Sempre liberal

      Maazel needs a metronome to keep him from dragging.

      On the plus side, I thought Frittoli sounded luminous. She took full advantage of the relaxed pace to create beautiful music.

      • Maazel needs a metronome to keep him from dragging.

        Or some combination of the following:
        a) pacemaker
        b) electroshock therapy
        c) cocaine

        • Camille

          D). ALL of the above and Geritol.

          So sorry.

  • rossifigaro

    has “la cieca” dropped/retired the accent.. if so, i am most appreciative as i found it most annoying. but it seems my views are routinely at odds with the majority of folks here -- i found the first two acts of the “don carlo” very enjoyable. i thought vargas was in quite beautiful voice (his entry aria especially polished). and the orchestra sounded lovely and nicely paced by maazel. i switched over to the munich “jenufa” at the interval (visual streams trump the merely audio ones all the time, don’t you think)……..a very compelling performance albeit plagued with a few bothersome technical gliches.

  • Straussmonster

    Furlanetto is heroic to make it through the aria as well as he does at that tempo. I don’t think I’ve ever heard this opera done this glacially. I feel sorry for all the singers.

  • arepo

    why can I never click that arrow above and get La Cieca?

  • arepo

    (Never mind)

  • Camille

    Mo. Maazel just turned 82 this past week. He needs Geritol.

    The Elektra I heard about three yeRs was so good, that I am sorry it is to this we’ve come.

    • Camille


    • papopera

      second time you try Geritol joke. Dull.

      • Batty Masetto

        53,643rd time you chimed in to cricitize somebody else’s post without contributing a jot of wit or intelligence of your own.

        Infinitely duller.

        • bassoprofundo

          can’t we all just get along…

      • Camille

        Take your Geritol, mon vieux, and you’ll be a lot less dispeptic. 3rd time works a charm.

        Saw Francesca again tonight. It is a shame you are sous la neige and can’t come down to see it.

        Bonne nuit pappy.