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Comet over Broadway

Which 2010 addition to the Met has just had a return engagement for 2016-17 canceled—meaning that this spring’s performances may be the last we see of an eagerly-anticipated newcomer turned unreliable tool?


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    Camille says:

    Could this blind item also be applied to one of either ARMIDA -- first performance February 23, 2010, or ATTILA -- first performance April 12, 2010?

    I seem to recall the ARMIDA scheduled to make a comeback about the time mentioned (2016-17) with Diana Damrau as the Evil Sorceress. I have no idea whether the ATTILA is ever rescheduled to make a comeback, as it was generally panned, and its star, Mr. Ildar, did not make the impact in that opera which he is now seeming to make. Who could compete with that grassy bank? Maybe appropriate for Tristan und Isolde’s idyll?

    Just hazarding another guess. These blind items drive me blind.

    • 21.1
      Camille says:

      Uh-oh, I forgot part of the equation; whatever/whomever it is that is to be cancelled in 2016/17 is to show up as a part of the rest of this season. Okay. that eliminates my Armida and/or Attila plan.

      Back to Fabiano and The Ring. I just cannot feature them throwing out the Ring unless an underwriter comes along to pay for the disposal of it and an entire new one and how many BILLIONS would that take? Not even Crœsus has that much in his bank account.

      And no, Angela Meade made her debut in March 2008, I happened by chance to be listening in on that broadcast of Ernani, and she was very good, indeed.

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    zinka says:

    Mara Zampieri..They refused to let her sing Annina.

    • 22.1
      Nerva Nelli says:

      Um--Mara Zampieri deservedly had a far more important career on the world’s stages and on recordings than did some of the “great” singers you tout as having known back “when in” the Paterson Gas Works Basement Opera Workshop.

      • 22.1.1
        zinka says:


        We had Plishka,Ramey,Lambrinos,Theyard,Galvany,Handelmani

        and we all had vibrato…and there was no gas..except maybe a few farts when Galvany hit a high E flat.

          Nerva Nelli says:

          Yes, exactly!

          I repeat: Mara Zampieri deservedly had a far more important career on the world’s stages and on recordings than did--whatever their virtues, and all three certainly had them--Lambrinos, Theyard or Galvany and (needless to add) Handelman

          • zinka says:

            Hi..Remember that I cannot BEAR any singer with no vibrato…this is “my thing’ this is why Stitch-Randall, Vishevskaya,some of DFD, me nuts….but I can handle Moedl and Leyla…CH

          • Nerva Nelli says:

            Vishnevskaya (sic)- no vibrato? News to me. I grant that about Stich-Randall (sic).

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    arepo says:

    The Nose is an “unreliable tool”. One never knew where it would show up.
    It was introduced in 2010 and is back for the coming season.
    But the question is, was it supposed to be part of the 2016-17 schedule?

  • 24
    spiderman says:

    man, so depressing that most of the blinds are so subtle you can hardly guess them when you are not a native speaker

  • 25
    Signor Bruschino says:

    LePage’s machine is like George W. Bush- no one will be nostalgic for it

  • 26
    Don_Dano says:

    My vote is for The Ring as well. I think the term “unreliable tool” is perhaps a Wagner clue; a play on Parsifal, the “innocent fool”. (Apologies of someone already said this.)

    (My 2013 Ring is Seattle and not NYC.)

  • 27
    manou says:

    Just a short post (in the wrong thread) to say that Written On Skin is astonishing, impressive and not to be missed by those on the right side of the pond.

  • 28
    Bianca Castafiore says:

    Well, have we figured out the previous blind item yet (about the headachey singer)?

  • 29
    bluecabochon says:

    Older productions must be maintained. The Met knows what is entalled by hiring Zeffirelli and how much $ to budget for refurbishment. If what once looked gorgeous and sparkly no looks tattered, it’s not the designer or director’s fault. Blame management!

  • 30
    danpatter says:

    Couple of comments. The Zeff productions were always fun to look at, even if the singing was sub-par. Giving the paying customers a nice spectacle isn’t a shameful deed, after all.

    I used to live in Philly and got to the Met quite often. Since moving to the antechamber of Hell, I miss it quite a bit, so I am extremely grateful to Peter Gelb for initiating the HD telecasts. They are an economical way for many of us remote fans to still attend the opera.

    As far as mounting a RING goes, they could bring back either of the two prior productions, AFAIC. I enjoyed them both. But then I much preferred the two prior versions of PARSIFAL to the new staging. So I’m obviously a fuddy-duddy. (And happy to be so.)

    • 30.1
      Camille says:

      They should have taken the wrecking crew to the Turandot instead of the Tosca, which was a joy to look at. Zeffirelli’s background in architecture showed to good effect. Ah well.