Cher Public

March adness

As the balmy breezes of March caress the budding trees, so let your ardent clicks, cher public, express your affection for our advertisers. Our thanks to the Brooklyn Academy of MusicCarnegie Hall, Gotham Chamber Opera and the Bayerische Staatsoper for their support of!  

Organizations wishing to reach the astute readership of are invited to peruse our advertising information.

  • Camille

    Deeply grateful to see the Prætorian Guard has at last freed us of Eliogabolo!

  • eric

    Thank you for relocating that Gotham Chamber Opera ad with that hideous Eligobalo picture to a less prominent position. But I still can’t bring myself to click on it.

    I’ll make up for it by clicking twice on everything else, OK?

  • louannd

    I wish the flash technology were not so elusive for the plethora of tablet and phone devices being used to read Parterre. Forward!

  • Congratulations to Patricia Racette in her role debut as the Contessa di Coigny!

    • WeillFan

      How dare they force Patricia Racette back into the closet!

    • Camille

      Mystified as to what the final high note was — I hurried over to the piano, only to find it was the rarely heard High Q#!!!!

  • Bianca Castafiore

    The Carnegie ad still advertises the Roschmann concert in January!

  • Camille

    I saw this film and must say this: I’d vote for George Clooney for President any old Tuesday in November, that’s how much I love him.