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Cher Public

  • rompicolleone: OMG! I was playing in the orchestra for these performances. Thanks for reminding me of them! 9:08 PM
  • armerjacquino: Thanks! Should have mentioned that Kaufmann came badly to grief trying to be too clever at the... 8:10 PM
  • armerjacquino: Oh dear. I’ve not seen the man for twenty years but that is enough to make me remake... 8:08 PM
  • steveac10: “Valente was better than Cotrubas?” Yes. Valente had a spotty Met career, but when she... 8:06 PM
  • manou: Oh all right then – (yes it is that Philip Collins), and seeing as he is a Cambridge friend of... 7:39 PM
  • armerjacquino: Thanks! Although ‘review̵ 7; is pushing it. 7:31 PM
  • armerjacquino: Good God- I don’t have a Times subscription so can’t read the piece, but if... 7:30 PM
  • armerjacquino: Valente was better than Cotrubas? 7:28 PM
  • bluecabochon: Check the HD schedule for showings in the US, Evenhanded – if you live stateside –... 7:23 PM
  • Baltsamic Vinaigrette: ‘bone’ , natch… 7:18 PM

Fools rush in

A member of the cher public writes La Cieca suggesting that parterre readers attending the first night of the Met’s Parsifal might want to meet and/or greet. Who among you will be there? And what be shall the meeting place, or Bühnenweihfestspole?  

Meanwhile, here’s a hint of the onstage action.


  • Jamie01 says:

    Is there a meeting place during the first intermission or do I just wander around until I overhear an exceptionally erudite and perceptive discussion of the performance, and then I’ll know I’ve found the group?

    • Jack Jikes says:

      Very top of grand staircase by the current art work?
      I will try to be apparent but not grand.

    • bluecabochon says:

      Maybe this could be a meeting place for every performance to Parterriat can meet during the run? I’ll be going on Feb. 21 and would love to meet anyone else there that evening.

  • Sneakeater says:

    I’m just a lurker, but I have to admit that I got really pissed off last night when, every time I tried to fill up time during the looooonnnnnnnggggg intermissions by looking at that painting, there was a group of men standing in front of it. Why do have to stand right in front of the painting, I kept asking myself.

    I should have eavesdropped. When I overheard the in-depth discussion of Jonas Kaufmann’s chest, I’d have understood.

    PS — Daniele Gatti!!!!!!!!!! Peter Mattei!!!!!!!!! And Rene Pape (who makes the almost miraculous seem so effortless)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!