Cher Public

Steam heat?

Tenor Vittorio Grigolo, easy on the eyes despite the fright wig, is one of the “Hottest Opera Stars Of 2013” according to Huffington Post. But does he meet the criteria of the highest authority on hotness of them all, namely the parterre consensus?

So you tell me, cher public, which of the ardent artistes on this list do you agree belong in the top echelon of calidity, and which other singers you would promote to populate the Torrid Ten?

  • Salome Where She Danced

    Nikolai Schukoff makes my uvula vibrate!

  • La Valkyrietta

    Jonas definitely.

    I am surprised nobody has mentioned Dmitri. As I remember, he used to be considered very hot. What year, exactly, did he cease to be?

    I think I would have included Elina in the list.

    • bassoprofundo

      I suppose that it’s difficult to consider singers hot when the sounds coming out of their mouths are unbearable.

    • Camille

      When he hit the Big 5-0.

      • La Valkyrietta

        Yes, that loud heavy breathing sound does destroy animal magnetism, should there be any. It first appeared, I think, many years ago, four or so maybe, but he hit the big 5-0 only October of last year.

  • Jamie01

    Huffpo’s list is wack.

    Barbara Frittoli is way sexier than any of those chicks.

    And although she doesn’t really do it for me, I’m surprised Annette Dasch hasn’t been mentioned.

  • bang_bang_bang

    How about Kwiecien? He is super hot. Keenlyside is obviously hot, too. As for women, I admire Barbara Hannigan and Waltraud Meier (iconic face).

  • arepo


  • arepo

    As to women?

  • HiCsAPlenty

    Since LindoroAlmaviva so eloquently commented on men he thought should make the list, I’ll chime in with 10 women, most unmentioned but a few who were, whom I feel at least warrant consideration… (Please forgive any misspelling of names)

    In no particular order:

    Isabel Leonard
    Audrey Luna
    Nino Machaidze
    Ava Pine
    Nathalie Manfrino
    Sarah Coburn
    Anna Canterina Antonacci
    Kate Aldrich
    Elena Garanca
    Nora Amsellem

    Just my initial thoughts… general public please feel free to comment as you see fit!



  • A. Poggia Turra

    Lots of hottish singers out there (I have a special admiration for cute blondes like Topi L. and Bernard R.) But there are also a lot of HOT/cute conductors appearing on the operatic scene, such as Michele Mariotti (soulful eyes), Diego Matheuz (great smile) and Jérémie Rhorer (OMG that hair -- I could spend days running my hands through Mr. Rhorer’s gorgeous locks :D

    • bang_bang_bang

      I on the other hand have a special admiration for some top directors.

  • zinka

    Oh..If more singers would use CHESt…It would be a Bruna Rasa world.

    Loved chat today..A pleasure to meet the only people who know anything…

  • Quanto Painy Fakor

    Then there’s always Monserrat’s recentish favorite squeeze Nicolay Baskov, who always makes be think of the line “ou dort le double sexe” from Ravel’s Shéhérazade

  • oedipe

    How come NOBODY has mentioned Elina yet?

  • Ilka Saro

    A nod to Willard White. When he did Golaud (about a decade ago??) I thought he was very very sexy. This was with Dawn Upshaw as Melisande, so delicate and confused, and Dwayne Croft as Pelleas, all amorous. It was fascinating. Pelleas was sexy in how he wooed Melisande, with sensuality and poetry. But Willard White was sexy through his physical presence, his authority, and the sense he gave of us his hidden wounds. For Upshaw’s Melisande, there was nothing to do but submit to Golaud, and to coyly find herself in Pelleas’ path as often as possible.

    And although it probably contributed to his momentary vocal decline, Dwayne Croft singing in the tenor range was very very sexy.

    How about voices that are just plain sexy:
    Pablo Elvira, Jose Van Dam, Jose Carreras

  • La Valkyrietta

    To be Ogden Nashy
    Of former hotties
    No one hotter
    Than Hans Hotter.

  • arepo

    Plain sexy voices?

    In a class by himself: Mario Lanza (the best of the best)

  • Tenorfach

    Vittorio Grigolo (or “The Greasy Gigolo” -- as he is known as in one European opera group! LOL) …… yieeekeeesss!

    …. give me South African baritone William Berger any time of the day!!

  • almavivante

    May we have a little reality spasm here? These are opera singers we’re discussing--they’re not movie stars. Some nice-looking gents, but not a Clark Gable among them. (My goodness--all this heavy breathing over Jonas, who photographs awfully well but who in person looks, well, nice enough.) That is to say, the value of their stock as Sexiest Man on the Lyric Stage is simply not that high. Maybe, just maybe, for my own craven personal tastes, I would whisper the name James Valenti (and I whisper it because looks aside he’s not such a hot singer), and yes, I have been known to be, shall we say, distracted by Simon Keenlyside’s chest and Zachary Stains in the altogether, but that’s a far as it goes. However, if George Clooney were an opera singer? Well, as Jerry Lee Lewis would have said, “Now ya got somethin’ there.”

    • Nerva Nelli

      The great thing about the name “Zachary Stains” is that it’s not only a declarative sentence but a warning (“Bring a wet washcloth”!)

      • manou

        Zachary only Stains in the altogether.

        • almavivante

          You naughty boys.

          • manou

            Sono una vecchia Nonna!

          • Batty Masetto

            Around here, you’re just one of the boys, manou!