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You didn’t notice the wallpaper?

In the interest of absolute accuracy (for surely the cher public deserves no less!) La Cieca offers the following correction. The location pictured in the still photo of Naked Opera is not, in fact, the Berlin Komische Oper, but rather the Hotel Imperial in Vienna. And how does La Cieca know that, you ask?

She has it from the most reliable possible source: Marc Rollinger, the subject of the documentary, who only a few moments ago contacted your doyenne with this correction as well as some other perhaps less immediately publishable information. What can be shared at this point is one new aspect of Marc’s “life without compromise: intense and profound, full of love and passion” and all that. The protagonist confesses, “Thanks to your blog I was recognized the first time as a movie star,” by what La Cieca assumes were members of the cher public dining at Bel Canto in London.

  • manou

    The Hotel Imperial in Vienna -- which can boast of having been the first headquarters of the Nazi Party.

    • MontyNostry

      … Having known that for a while, manou, I’m ashamed to say that the first association with the Imperial that pops into my mind is the quite delicious Tafelspitz I ate in the hotel’s cafe more than 20 years ago. Fortunately it was with a bunch of the most civilised (and judenfreundlich) people -- Austrian musicians -- you could ever want to meet.

      • DonCarloFanatic

        Yes, but how’s their strudel?

        • MontyNostry

          I’m not sure I had room for any, but the fresh Buchteln at the Cafe Hawelka were unforgettable!

          • ianw2

            Rich opera sugar daddies don’t make moneyed passes at boys who eat Buchteln.

        • ianw2

          The strudel? Oh, about eight inches.

          • mit Sahne oder ohne Sahne?

          • MontyNostry

            In Wien, we call it Schlag(obers), mein lieber.

  • Quanto Painy Fakor

    The Imperial is a lovely hotel with great beds and fine service. It’s just a short walk to the Staatsoper and the Musikverein. Many artists who don’t take apartments during their stays in Vienna chose the Imperial, but Puccini chose the Sacher.

    • tannengrin

      Maybe he prefer their tarts?

      • tannengrin

        preferred! Fingers frozen in the arctic tundra that is New York…

  • Totally out of Topyc, bt I do have a question for y’all:

    Does anyone know if the following titles will be released by the Met on dvd?

    1. The night the Met elevated Renee Fleming to sainthood. You know, the 3 act gala that felt more like a worship than a cultural event.

    2. Satyagraha

    I am hoping they both will be released, but I am afraid they will not. I am not sure why Flemings Gala was never released, it was not a bad night, if you do not count her singing on the Manon act. The Capriccio is worth reliving.

    I guess Satyagraha will not have much of an audience, so it might languish on the vaults, and that will be a shame.

    • Cocky Kurwenal

      Why condemn the whole Manon act? Some of her singing in that is astonishing.

    • justanothertenor

      I am making a pure guess, but I do not think the Fleming gala will be published on DVD.
      First of all, the opening night of the Gelb administration, although simulcasted, have never been published. They all had subsequent HD broadcast dates planned in the season.
      Second of all, there are now 2 DVD/Blu Rays of Fleming singing Capriccio (1 from Paris in the Carsen production, 1 from the Met), 2 DVDs of Fleming singing Traviata (L.A And R.O.H) and 1 DVD of Fleming singing Manon (Paris), so the necessity for that rep to be released is not exactly… urgent!

      • Signor Bruschino

        also, I don’t think Gelb wants to do anything to further Renee… no love lost there

    • Talk of the Town

      The Fleming gala is available for rental (streaming video) from the Met’s “Met on Demand” web site at a cost of $4.99 for the HD. (Note: once you start watching a rental, you have only six hours before it expires.)

      Satyagraha is not available, but I would be surprised if it didn’t turn up on Met on Demand sooner or later.

    • Gelb was not fond of those gala evenings featuring single acts from different operas. And he hasn’t shown interest in releasing DVDs of productions filmed during the Volpe era. That’s why we didn’t get a DVD of Matilla’s first Salome (with Terfel and Gergiev) and instead got the inferior (though still good) revival with a lesser conductor and Jochanan (and Matilla herself not as amazing as the first time).

      • Gualtier M

        I will mention Kashania that the Levine anniversary did occasion the release of several Volpe-era (and some earlier) tv filmings. The “Wozzeck” with Dalayman and Falk Struckmann and the “Ariadne auf Naxos” with Voigt and Dessay (caught just in time for both of them) and the “Elektra” with Behrens and Voigt. I think Mme. Mattila had something to do with the inferior later filming being used (something about her not liking the staging but fundamentally possibly feeling uneasy about the full frontal nudity). The other reason is that the later filming was done in HD -- I am not sure about the earlier one.

        • Gaultie: I think the HD broadcast was the biggest factor (though I’m sure Matilla played a role as well). Gelb wants to release to as many HD broadcasts on DVD as possible. So, why release the earlier version when it would make a DVD of the HD broadcast redundant? I can see his reasoning. But for me the bottom line is always quality and there’s no doubt that the first one was a better quality performance. Matilla was astonishing and Gergiev worked magic with the score, making it sound almost impressionistic.

          • Gualtier M

            No disagreement about that at all -- the earlier one was magic and Gergiev, Terfel and Hanna Schwarz were all contributing factors. I must also mention that older unreleased videos such as “Cav/Pag” with Domingo, Stratas and Troyanos, “Otello” ’78 with Vickers and Scotto, “Rosenkavalier” ’82 with Te Kanawa, Moll and Troyanos and “Bartered Bride” with Stratas, Vickers, Talvela and Gedda also came out. Decca/London also put out some Pavarotti performances that have been languishing in the vaults -- the “Tosca” with Verrett and the “Andrea Chenier” with Guleghina. Dozens are available on MetPlayer but never came out on DVD like the 1979 “Otello” with Domingo, Milnes and Cruz-Romo.

            The only one that is still in the vault is the ’78 “Don Giovanni” with Sutherland, Tourangeau, Varady, Morris, Bacquier and Brecknock under Bonynge. Other than the “Salome” with Terfel et al. under Gergiev I can’t think of another Volpe era filming that isn’t on DVD or MetPlayer.

          • Dick Johnson

            Gualtier M, thanks for the list of videos but has the Billy Budd circa 1997 with Croft and Morris ever surfaced on MetPlayer or DVD? I do remember it got a PBS telecast. It’d be a worthy addition, and is the classic Dexter production.

            Also, as memorable as Hannah Schwarz was in Herodias and similar roles, it was Larissa Diadkova opposite Mattila that first time around. But it really was Karita’s show. What vivid memories, nearly a decade later!

          • The Vicar of John Wakefield

            “The only one that is still in the vault is the ’78 “Don Giovanni” with Sutherland, Tourangeau, Varady, Morris, Bacquier and Brecknock under Bonynge.”

            The finest Ottavio since Heddle Nash!

    • danpatter

      I was surprised at my reaction to SATYAGRAHA. You might say I “came to scoff and stayed to pray.” By the end of it I was completely mesmerized. One of the most satisfying HD broadcasts I’ve seen. I’d love to see it again, that’s for sure. I hope the recent BALLO is released -- I thought it was a grand show and well sung.

      • I saw the opera units first Met run, as a matter of fact, I was in the audience during the Saturday matinee broadcast. I have been a fan ever since I first heard recording excerpts during class at IU.

        I literally had tears during the HD. Dan, send me an email, I think I found my copy for download on the web.

    • sycorax
  • phoenix
    • DonCarloFanatic

      Can’t get to the diagram of available seats for tonight’s Il Trovatore. Does this mean it’s sold out? Or that my pop-up blocker is too strong?

      • manou

        I can see it fine. Try another browser?

  • Rowna

    off topic -- but anyone listening to the met tonight -- another trovatore but with racette