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  • Lohenfal: I hesitate to jump into this fray, but the text of Schiller’s play would tend to justify La C.’s interpretation.... 8:54 PM
  • davidzalden: I would love to return to Santa Fe — one of the most beautiful spots on earth and a wonderful, magical place for opera!... 8:51 PM
  • laddie: When are you coming back to Santa Fe? We truly need you DZA. 8:09 PM
  • laddie: “Nudity is not in the libretto…But that was the extent of any apologies.” Yes, armerj, an astute observation. 8:06 PM
  • phoenix: I’m sure your site would go on quite well without any of us, but Mme. manou entertains like no one else does – Do I... 7:49 PM
  • Cicciabella: vilbastarda took the words right out of my mouth. 7:48 PM
  • antikitschychick: Batty writes: “I suppose it would be possible for Camille to hand her suitors a used tampon instead of a red... 7:46 PM
  • vilbastarda: I truly appreciate Manousplainings, they are informative and funny, and always kind. I love her play on words. Very much... 7:13 PM

The revolution will be televised

Ah, finally a light begins to break: “60 Minutes is filming a long-planned segment on the Met, with the new production of Rigoletto providing a through line…. When [Michael] Mayer sprints down the aisles onto the stage to tweak a bit of business, he is trailed not just by a couple of staff directors with notebooks but often by a cameraman or two. A Japanese film crew has also been tailing him for its own documentary.” [New York Times]


  • Quanto Painy Fakor says:

    Student of Adam Sandler:

    And this student, albeit very young, as no clue. Wish she had a real teacher.

  • La Valkyrietta says:

    Will they take away the costumes of Tibbett and Warren and others from the display windows? Will they take away the Grand Tier restaurant and put slot machines all over the place so patrons can gamble during intermission? Will they have cocktail waitresses in scant costumes but looking like Moffo and Peters? Very peculiar. Is Cat On a Hot Tin Roof on Broadway taking place in Macau? Dear me.