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Leave it to a cat to transform a Wagner festival into the Jellicle Ball. Yes, that’s right, Our Own operacat (pictured, center)  squeaked to a narrow victory in the Bicentenarian competition, following several ballots and good deal of horse-trading among La Cieca’s blue-ribbon panel.

It was the casting of Nathan Gunn as Beckmesser that put operacat over the top, frankly: exactly the tone of plausible absurdity that tickled the panel’s fancy. Congratulations, o feline one: the Wagner: Complete Operas (Limited Edition) will be winging its way to you shortly.

As anyone who watched the recent Golden Globes can attest, Jodie Foster is barking mad being nominated is in itself an honor. And so, presenting our four runners-up, each of whom will receive the consolation prize of an Amazon Gift Card.

  • Way to go, O-Cat! No Cat at all, but
    “… der Tiger, der gewohnheitsmäßig,
    Was in den Sprung ihm läuft, hinunterschlingt.”
    Please, please follow up with a design for Beckmesser’s costume.

    And many thanks to our ever-gracious doyenne. I think the word you’re looking for is Crauchemar.

  • phoenix

    Congratulations -- they are all winners, that’s for sure.
    -- Of course I have my favorites: Feldmarschallin & m.croche -- but those choices are also based previous pleasurable bias. I am sure that operacat, tornado12(?) and, of course, that perennial contest winner lovely rysanekfreak all gave just as good a showing although I can’t remember what they said offhand.

  • Thanks to the Blue Ribbon panel. That was alot of fun, though clearly I have way too much time on my hands. Are a Verdi and / or Britten festival coming up soon? Croche — Nathan Gunn’s entire Beckmesser costume can be found at's%20Hats/Medieval%20&%20Renaissance%20Hats/slides/11001411%20Hat%20Elizabethan%20Flat%20Cap%20purple%20gold%20H23.5.html

  • tornado12

    Thanks for the Gift Card, but how to get it?

    • Watch your email (assuming the email address you supplied when registering her at parterre is correct. If not, please contact me at ).

      • tornado12

        I got no E-Mail… and it is the right one…

  • bassoprofundo

    Dear all:

    thoughts please—

    • antikitschychick

      nice voice :-) needs a little polishing here and there…a little less scooping in shorter phrases and a bit more musicality but overall it’s a really good, healthy sound she is producing.

      • bassoprofundo

        I just discovered her tonight. Never heard of her. Not that she cares what I think anyway… anyway she apparently has a solid career both in Europe and the States, and she’s making her Met debut next season. I’m not saying she’s the next whomever but I’ve heard MUCH worse singing at the Met and other major houses around the world. Top quality voice IMO.

        • phoenix

          I have seen this clip before and I like it.

    • Very impressive. I especially like the way she sings the climax of the aria in a single breath.

  • Feldmarschallin

    Thanks La Cieca. Just got your email :)
    Off for my Appell for the Festspiele…