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  • NPW-Paris: Where, by the way, did they get that bed? Off the set of (Disney’s) Beauty and the Beast? 7:41 AM
  • Don_Dano: Wow! Michael Fabiano sang Nemorino in Fort Worth back in 2010. I never made that connection. That was a nice night at the opera.... 7:38 AM
  • Chanterelle: Didn’t refresh the page to see NPW-Paris’s description of the passage I had in mind. 7:36 AM
  • Chanterelle: Hah! Warlikowski’ t Don Giovanni comes to mind… 7:35 AM
  • phoenix: You’re very welcome, Porgy – this was quite a detailed project and one of the best reads I’ve ever had on... 6:39 AM
  • phoenix: A lot of relevant comments here – I’m glad I waited & read them (and listened to the end). In spite of this... 6:34 AM
  • armerjacquino: Hey, don’t knock it. When I’d been with my other half for just three weeks, he came to see me in a show on... 5:31 AM
  • NPW-Paris: E.g. “I suppose Krzysztof Warlikowski was bound to come a cropper at some stage, and that was exactly how French daily Le... 5:05 AM

Sicura, presta è la mia difesa

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  • Clita del Toro says:

    That’s it for me and Trovatore for a while. I usually like Meade, but did not so much today. As fro Blythe, I am renaming her Kojack II.

    • armerjacquino says:

      I’ve never heard Zajick come anywhere close to giving a performance as bad as Blythe’s was today.

      • Clita del Toro says:

        Right, jacquino

        • Gualtier M says:

          Blythe sounded seriously ill and Meade slightly unsettled and nervous. I would pass on making any final judgments on one afternoon’s performance.

          • oedipe says:

            I would pass on making any final judgments on one afternoon’s performance.

            But you actually don’t pass! Most of us don’t! It’s just that you -like all of us- are willing to give more slack to the singers you like than to the ones you dislike.

      • FigaroFigaro says:

        Up until today, I thought SB could do no wrong. I was wrong.

    • Camille says:

      Great name, Clita!! Lol

  • perfidia says:

    I listen to the broadcasts on WHRB (on the web). I love the post performance playing of selections from the broadcast we’ve just heard. Many times the selections function as a rebuke to the broadcasts, sometimes they are sad reminders of what once was (listening to Voigt’s previous broadcast Cassandre last week. Even when the role was never a good fit, what a difference!). This week it was medicine for the assault perpetrated upon my ears. And to hear Frieda Lieder sing “D’amor” with such poise, sense of line and beautiful trills (and she was one of the great Wagnerians!) was just what I needed. I think the Maria Stuarda will make up for this sad afternoon.

  • Camille says:

    I wish to thank Patrick Mack for the most funny comments in this thread on this Trovatore malcreato.

    After that yelp from Blythe in the racconto I snapped it all off, thinking it must have been my hangover. I see it wasn’t.

    Perhaps the Met has the intention of presenting Trovatore as did the Marx Brothers?
    “An Afternoon at the Opera”???? Where is Kitty Carlisle when you need her? ( yes, I know she is in cielo….)

  • m. p. arazza says:

    Does anyone else feel that the hosts’ hyping of the singers has become ever more excessive and unseemly? Juntwait: “Our tenor, Marco Berti, has that full-throttle Italian sound people want from a hero like Manrico?” (I will give her points for that final question mark.)

    • decotodd says:

      Yes! Not only was the vocalism dreadful today (maybe the claque is alive and well in the house; they couldn’t have been cheering the rotten singing) but the intermission feature was four (!) banal interviews with singers. While some singers are quite erudite (kaufmann comes to mind) most are not famous for their eloquence.

      When I first started listening to the broadcasts at age 13, I learned so much from the likes of Goldovsky and Owen Lee. Ira Siff’s synopses hint at what could be ( how about some musical illustrations of how Verdi conveys a characters emotion via melody and orchestration, for example). Educate the listeners rather than offer puff pieces a la Access Hollywood. Surveys have shown that viewers are hungry for more hard news stories rather than the junk the cable and networks offer up. Similarly, I bet the listeners would prefer to have more educational intermissions. About 10 years ago Will Crutchfield had a great series illustrating vocal types and categories. The producers would be smart to revisit the old broadcasts for guidance.

      • decotodd says:

        I would also eat my hat if anyone had really come up to Juntwait and asked where MARIA STUARDA had been all their life. It’s not as if it was THAT rare. As we know Sills and Sutherland did it in the US in the 1970s and recorded the roles too.

        • Angelo Saccosta says:

          AS did Caballe in Chicago, maybe 1973 or so with Viorica Cortez as well as the CH concert with Verrett in December 1967, the performance that made a Donizetti freak of me.

  • Clita del Toro says:

    One last point: I don’t know whether it was my radio or what, but Meade’s voice sounded thinner and less dramatic today than it did in Bolena. The way she sounded today does not bode well for her upcoming Norma. I hope I am wrong.

    • Camille says:

      Butcha aren’t ever wrong, Blanche!

      Compare this sounds to the one she made in that Audition film. I remember her debut Ernani, as I happened to listen to it, by chance. It was a firm, fully packed sound unlike the current one.

      Nous verrons, mon cher.

  • Nerva Nelli says:

    zinka says:

    “Blythe sounds great”


    The *bon mot du jour*? What a jokester!

  • zinka says:

    Something totally LOST these days…


  • Buster says:


    Richard Strauss : Elektra, Adelaide, 1991 (Video), Director: Richard Armstrong

    •Yvonne Minton (Klytemnestra)
    •Marilyn Zschau (Elektra)
    •Claire Primrose (Chrysothemis)
    •Florian Cerny (Orest)
    •Robert Gard (Aegisth)