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  • Lohengrin: There is a DVD/Blueray with the original cast Stemme + Kaufmann. 2:08 AM
  • Sanford: httpv://www.youtub eL5wDvU 11:52 PM
  • LT: I would think very carefully before I put on that button. Enjoy this movie. It won’t be available for much longer so make sure... 11:03 PM
  • mirywi: Susan Dunn is fab here. I was waiting for the cadenza that goes down to the F below middle C (I think it’s F) but better... 10:27 PM
  • Krunoslav: “I have always wondered about Minnie and Ramerrez/Johnson and how they made out in the end. ” Camille– and... 10:11 PM
  • Camille: Oops. Too absorbed to notice my own BOLDNESS.! Sigh. I always make boo-boos. Sorry. 8:58 PM
  • Camille: Another thing, about the categorisations of the singers, from the Personaggi page in the front of the Ricordi vocal score, the... 8:56 PM
  • Camille: Well if Mo. Slatkin restored it for the ’92 performances, I wonder if it is included in that broadcast from–when was... 7:56 PM

I am missing the winter now

“One quick way to warm up: Watching tenor heartthrob Roberto Alagna, who’ll swing into town Sunday for a concert performance of Giordano’s Andrea Chénier with Opera Orchestra of New York. In this French Revolution epic, Alagna plays an idealistic poet who belts out a few hit arias before joining his beloved Maddalena (soprano Kristin Lewis) on the guillotine.” Our own JJ chooses hot tickets for cold months. [New York Post]


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    Quanto Painy Fakor says:

    Bodily fluids -- “a lake of blood spanning the vast Met stage” ? Now that’s worth the price of admission. I hope the cast and crew will be wearing rubber gloves. A link on the Post’s JJ article leads to this tragic story about Michael Douglas’ handsome son, now in prison

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    Quanto Painy Fakor says:

    Non son più quella! See Bartoli and Rattle here:

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    Feldmarschallin says:

    Well the Rigoletto and Parsifal seem the most interesting from casting and production. Both Jonas and Damrau said in recent interviews that they dont want to be travelling as much anymore because of the children. She just bought a home in Avignon with her husband. Lewis sang Aida here already and was nothing special but perhaps she will be fine since Aida is a bit more difficult to sing than Chenier.

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    Hariclea says:

    I assume JJ means the Met when he says it’s JK’s first take on Parsifal, as he has already sung it in Zurich back in 2006. But I too am very much looking forward to this particular HD broadcast. The production has won the critics’ prize in France and what I have seen of it I liked a lot and the Met cast is great. It helps a lot for this 6h opera to have somebody like Pape sing Gurnemanz (he may actually keep me awake during those eternal monologues, which to me otherwise have nothing of for example the spark of the ones Wotan has in the Ring :-) Girard’s take on the story sounded more appealing to me, a broader view of the world than a predominantly religious one. This, the Stuarda and the Tempest were my picks of the broadcasts but I’m hesitating about the Stuarda having read people’s comments. Still it might be more interesting to watch it too, rather than just listen on the radio :-)

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      oedipe says:

      Girard’s take on the story sounded more appealing to me, a broader view of the world than a predominantly religious one.

      Actually, Girard’s take on the story is deeply religious, just not quite Christian religious.
      But it IS a great production, one of the best things the Met has ever done, IMO. I am amazed there are still so many unsold tickets for all the performances except the HD!

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    Gualtier M says:

    BTW: the “Andrea Chenier” is being offered on TDF and also has a 50% off discount code. You can use the code online, ordering by phone or at the box office. Just type in or mention the discount code OONYAND2 -- all remaining tickets are 50% off.

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    MontyNostry says:

    Rula had great hair, but not so sure about her singing …

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    MontyNostry says:

    Not even La Vecchia Madelon.

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    Clita del Toro says:

    Il Pirata is on at the same time as the Wagner opera from Paris: Which do I go for????

    Il Cartellone: In diretta Euroradio da Barcellona

    Melodramma serio in 2 atti di Felice Romani
    Musica di Vincenzo Bellini

    Ernesto, Vladimir Stoyanov
    Imogene, Mariella Devia
    Gualtiero, Gregory Kunde
    Itulbo, Vicenç Esteve
    Goffredo, Fernando Radó
    Adele, Elena Copons
    Orchestra e Coro del Gran Teatre del Liceu
    direttore, Antonino Fogliani (Duration unclear)

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    98rsd says:

    Kristin Lewis was a terrible Mimi at La Fenice last year. Hope she does better in heavier roles.

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    stignanispawn says:

    My only experience with Chenier live was with Aprile Millo in her last scheduled Met appearance. The voice was what it was but, like Magda Olivero, it was a performance for the ages. The following year (I think) Millo and Marcello Giordani did the final scene from Chenier at a Tucker Gala — again, thrilling. I hadn’t thought about going this weekend…but now that I know about the discounted tickets. Thanks for the info.

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    kennedet says:

    Alagna has of late been using the “technique” of taking his high notes in a combination of mixed voice or falsetto. I’ve heard it in his performance of Carmen and Aida. Am I delusional or has anyone else heard this kind of “cheating” for lack of a better word?