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Fire and Ice

“Don’t listen to a Romanian man who says he prefers a ‘natural’ woman,” says Gheorghiu. “He might think he likes a woman without any makeup, but what does he know? With a little mascara and red lipstick, trust me, he will like you even more!” [More Magazine]


    • Camille says:

      Sorry to hear.

      Although probably inevitable given the pressures of their life together, it is always sad to hear of the end of a marriage, particularly one which was blessed by Hizonor Giuliani, Himself, and one which has held together for more than ten years.

      I guess fairy tales really do not come true.

    • oedipe says:

      Here is some more material for Intermezzo to gossip about: Roberto with Aleksandra and Mama Kurzak (the lyric soprano Jolanta Zmurko). A proposal is in the air…?


      But seriously, does gossip HAVE to be ignorant and inaccurate? After that very misleading piece she wrote about the Met bond issue, after having spread false rumors about Gheorghiu’s age because she misunderstood a term concerning the Romanian school system, now Intermezzo strikes again!

      Alagna has “not wasted any time in moving on”? Really sweetheart? After trying for 6 WHOLE YEARS to mend a marriage that has been on the rocks for that long? How many men does she know who are willing to do that? It’s no secret (at least if one is based in France) that there have been other relationships but, maybe because of his catholic upbringing, Alagna has stuck to the hope of saving a marriage which meant so much to him. I think the crisis he went through last summer did him in: what’s a marriage good for if you are alone at such a difficult time (for 2 months, all those scary rumors about his health, the anguish about the future, a performance to be broadcast on prime-time TV with millions of euros at stake and not knowing if you will make it, the blogosphere going ballistic…)?

      And then the smart-ass “Mr. Gheorghiu” remark, implying, I suppose, that Alagna is not “macho” enough for her taste, too sweet and gentle; or maybe criticizing the fact that he likes accomplished women with strong personalities. Frankly, sometimes I feel that SOME WOMEN deserve to be treated like shit by “macho” men! Well, I have news for Intermezzo: the Kurzak “chick” is no birdbrain, she has a Ph.D. in music.

      End of rant. (I occasionally get tired of idiot bloggers using artists as dartboards.)

      • Rusalka says:

        Oedipe, I can understand that every action of Mr. Roberto Alagna is advocated by you and I have no problem with this.

        What bothers me, however, is this:
        ” Frankly, sometimes I feel that SOME WOMEN deserve to be treated like shit by “macho” men!“ Who are THAT SOME WOMEN, Intermezzo, Angela, idiot blogers or someone else? And why? For me is unacceptable to make such comment to any of the woman.

  • MontyNostry says:

    They’ve had a good run together -- twice over.

    • casualoperafan says:

      This is the second hint I have read online (see the comments section on artjournal…) that this is their SECOND divorce…

      Is this their actually first divorce or did they divorce and remarry and this is their second divorce?

      The same comment on the other site mentioned her health problems, another thing I had never heard tell of, although if true it could explain the cancellations.

      Posting those photos on his Facebook site on Dec 30th may have actually sealed the deal.

  • Here’s the Superconductor coverage of the story with some early “love couple” history. At least I can stop using the phrase “Love Couple.” Whoopsy.

  • Lady Abbado says:

    Three days ago somebody posted on youtube, for the first time, The Cherry Duet Angela and Roberto sang at their marriage ceremony at the MET in 1996. Enjoy!