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Happy birthday, Giacomo Puccini

“Il Leone di Lucca” (as La Cieca has never heard the composer called) was born December 22, 1858. On the anniversary of his birth, you are invited to discuss favorite performances of his work, with or without the aid of YouTube.

  • Quanto Painy Fakor

    Giovacchino Forzano recalls Puccini

  • semira mide

    I find it curious that Puccini mostly wrote for sopranos and tenors. Of course there are a few exceptions. Does anyone have a suggestion as to why? I don’t believe there are any great mezzo roles. Did those voice types fall out of fashion, or were there just too few of them?

    • MontyNostry

      Not Tigrana in Edgar?

      • MontyNostry

        Seriously, though, the Principessa in Angelica is about the best he managed for mezzo.

  • Still one of my favourite Puccini clips.

  • LittleMasterMiles

    In the spirit of NOT lamenting opera as an exquisite corpse, a fine young Turandot (her Isolde in Oslo was even better, but Wagner’s birthday isn’t until next year):

  • Happy birthday, too, to Giovanni Bottesini, patron saint of double-bassists and composer of largely unremembered operas. From a recent production of Ero e Leandro, libretto by Arrigo Boito:

    • papopera

      There is another Ero & Leandro by Mancinelli (1897) produced at the Met at the beginning of the XIXth Century.

      • … et in Arcadia, Ero …

        • manou


          • I knew my little comedy of Ero would draw you out, Manou.

          • manou


  • Buster

    It does not get much better than this: