Cher Public

Wait… what?

“La Scala has canceled the inaugural ballet of its season because of a strike by the chorus.” [AP]

  • armerjacquino

    This story has been rumbling on for a while. From what I can gather, they are protesting about being asked to move in time to the music.

    • Darn this astigmatism. I read that as “they are protesting about being naked to move in time to the music.”

  • Gualtier M

    Luckily If the La Scala chorister have a problem with moving to music it is lucky they weren’t asked to perform in this show:

    • Howling in Tune

      Did that actually happen??

      Or is that poster Photoshopped?

      • Gualtier M

        Well Carsten Wittmoser is a real bass who sings the Doktor in “Wozzeck”. I saw him as Jupiter in “Liebe der Danae” at Bard.

  • bassoprofundo

    opera >>>>>>>>>>>>> ballet.

  • Will

    For the best naked photo of Roberto Bolle, Google search him. In about the third or fourth row of pictures is one of him 3/4 rear totally naked — very beautiful. A couple of years ago I did a blog entry on him which still generates more search hits than any other story I’ve ever posted. All the world wants to see Roberto.