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Blind date

Which male half of a famous operatic couple has now become involved with a “chick” with whom he recently co-starred?


  • 1
    ika1 says:

    Ildar? That’s why Olga shed a tear during the judgment scene

    • 1.1
      Gualtier M says:

      BTW: I saw that Olga Borodina is on Facebook. In her “About” page she lists her relationship status as “Separated”.

  • 2
    omghahahalol says:

    Is it Richard Bonynge?

  • 3
    Quanto Painy Fakor says:

    You mean Frittoli and Ildar? That’s old news. So who is the “chick”?

    • 3.1
      Gualtier M says:

      Another tidbit gleaned from Facebook: Barbara Frittoli has a Facebook page. She lists her current city as “New York”. She and her husband Natale de Carolis lived in Italy. She also has among her “likes” Ildar Abdrazakov’s fan page. Only singer fan page she has “liked”.

  • 4
    Harold says:

    I doubt La Cieca is recycling stories already posted on this site.

  • 5
    parpignol says:

    Dolora Za-chick?

    • 5.1
      damekenneth says:

      Wasn’t it Teddy-Bare of Down Under with his South Pacific co-star?

      • 5.1.1
        aulus agerius says:

        In that case, Isabel Leonard and Alek Shrader made a lovely couple -- though he appears to be getting a little broad across the beam. Wacht auf!

          Uninvolved Bystander says:

          Is Alek part of a famous operatic couple? Obviously “chick” is crucial to deciphering this but I’m clueless. (As a lot of people would attest to).

          • Howling in Tune says:

            Aulus’s point would be that, as it were, what’s good for the gander is good for the goose as well.

          • oedipe says:

            what’s good for the gander is good for the goose as well

            Generation-wise, in any case…

      • 5.1.2
          bassoprofundo says:

          Wow. That’s pretty twisted. Forgive me for not keeping tabs on the latest off stage opera tabloid news, but A) aren’t he and Isabel Leonard married?, and B) don’t they have a VERY young child together, like a baby?!

          • manou says:

            …mewling and puking in the nurse’s arms?

          • Nerva Nelli says:

            Wikipedia tells us:

            “Leonard married bass-baritone Teddy Tahu Rhodes in December 2008.[9] Now based in New York City, the couple have a son, Teo, born 17 May 2010.[10]”

          Howling in Tune says:

          This story looks planted.

          It looks less like Teddy and co-star Lisa are having an affair and more like they’re trying to convince the good people of Melbourne that they’re having an affair.

          JoetheThirdPlumber says:

          Why would ANYONE cheat on Isabel Leonard???
          Have they SEEN Isabel Leonard?

          • bassoprofundo says:

            There are many things I would do “on” Isabel Leonard, but cheat is not one of them.

  • 6

    I am surprised that the first name that was brought up was not Alagna

  • 7
    tannengrin says:

    Is it Mozart’s fault? Is too much of that 18th century to-and-fro, “sanctity of marriage, my ass” corrupting the morals of the singers? When will Tony Perkins (of the FRC, NOT the dead actor…) and his bevy of pontificating sourpusses put an end to the dangerous exposure of innocent young singers to the decadent lifestyles of past centuries!

  • 8
    Ilka Saro says:

    I recently met someone who has a resemblance to the actor Tony Perkins. When I told him he resembled Perkins, he took offense, as he thought I meant the a-hole from FRC! Until then, I didn’t know about Perkins the vicious bigot. My last taste of FRC was 15 years ago, when the monster in question was named Gary Bauer…

  • 9
    Anna Notremolo says:

    Reaching, really reaching here, but could “chick” be a reference to Gallardo-Domas, with her recent co-star, Placido? Famous operatic couple…well, yeah, if you consider Marta’s forays into directing a kind of fame. More like infamy, though, my opinion.

  • 10
    Camille says:

    Maybe the “chick” La Doyenne is indicating is a Slavic one, as the “boychik”???

    I sure don’t know but wish Miss Marple would call in soon, as I am getting tired of trying to figure this one out. It was supposed to break before Christmas, if I recall, so maybe the beans will spill sometime in the next fortnight.

  • 11
    m. p. arazza says:

    1) Prospero calls Ariel chick … “my Ariel, chick” …

    2) Rondine?

  • 12
    louannd says:

    From Lisa McCune wiki article:

    “In February 1991 she won a twelve-month contract with Coles Supermarkets[2], for a series of print and TV advertisements in which she played ‘Lisa’ the girl-next-door checkout-chick.”

  • 13
    Bianca Castafiore says:

    Hmmm… I guess we still don’t have a good guess about this item yet…

    Is there something about a bird character in opera here? Is it about a recent Frau ohne Schatten?

    • 13.1
      Krunoslav says:

      Bianca Castafiore says:

      “Hmmm… I guess we still don’t have a good guess about this item yet… Is there something about a bird character in opera here? Is it about a recent Frau ohne Schatten?”

      LULU: Er ist blind, blind, blind!

  • 14
    arepo says:

    Can’t “chick” also be construed as a young girl (kind of like Ailyn Perez?)
    Just askin’

  • 15
    royalpain says:

    The word chicken in polish is Kurzcak

  • 16
    zinka says:

    Fooey.i missed my chance..When I met Alagna last night..i should have asked him….

  • 17
    oedipe says:


    I hope when you met him last night you didn’t miss your chance to tell him he should stick to Nemorino and -possibly- Romeo (though there are much much better Romeos around, of course: Giordani and Beczala come to mind).