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  • operacat: I guess I am confused about how the way the product is being presented is antiquated. I have been... 6:56 PM
  • operaassport: Because Gelb is smart. He knows that to change the business model and the way opera is... 6:56 PM
  • jackoh: I would cite two initiatives that Gelb has taken to advance the presentation of opera. One is the HD... 6:51 PM
  • Clita del Toro: We don’t want to keep it like the good old days, Oedipe. We are riled up because we are... 6:46 PM
  • oedipe: If opera were an obsolete product, why the hell do we all get so riled up about it on Parterre? Well,... 6:27 PM
  • Jamie01: If Mr. Gelb feels the way the product is currently being produced and presented is obsolete,... 6:25 PM
  • La Valkyrietta: From the voting results one can conclude people are optimistic. Maybe they want to see... 6:21 PM
  • olliedawg: If opera were an obsolete product, why the hell do we all get so riled up about it on Parterre? La... 6:13 PM
  • armerjacquino: I was very popular in high school so no unfulfilled angsty anything to compensate for, I... 6:13 PM
  • Uncle Kvetch: There is a difference between saying that the “product” is inherently obsolete and saying that... 6:12 PM

“Say that La Cieca leaves her loge in disgust at the travesty they call Art in this opera house!”

Actually, Lohengrin at La Scala wasn’t all that bad, so the reports go. though at the moment there’s no video proof this side of the Atlantic. Your doyenne will continue to work on that little lacuna whilst you, the Cher public, enjoy your weekly discussion of off-topic and general interest subjects as you view the video after the jump.


  • zinka says:

    Since I just learned that ANOTHER STAR (Mr.Alden) is here…and that makes me worry..because I am now so afraid that some of the divas and divos i may yell at are reading me (It once happened..whre a diva said to someone,”Why does he hate me??? But I want to meet him…”)
    Seriously, I am still conflicted about modern concepts..but as La Cieca said to me, “Did you enjoy it?” and i LOVED it..but I think maybe there should be a special insert in programs that say something like,”Well,the reason that they are doing….is because………OR should I follow my mentor’s advice (La Cieca) and say..”No…it is healthy to be made to use your imagination!!”
    I did think last night of my ma in the chorus line in the 20′s when the act two scene one ended….
    Would Gigli approve?????
    I hope Mr.Alden understands I go back to the days when Nelly Melba and I dated…..