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Ring cycle

According to Tim Page‘s Facebook page (and who is La Cieca to doubt Tim Page’s Facebook page, I ask you?), Anthony Tommasini and his long-time partner Ben McCommon were married on Friday. Congratulations to the happy couple!

  • phoenix

    Forgive my ignorance. Which image is identified with which name? I never met either of them (that I can recall).
    -- Best wishes to them on this wonderful occasion -- may they share many happy years & memories.

    • damekenneth

      Ben, a very sweet psychiatrist and psychoanalyst, is on the left. Mr. T is on the right.

      • phoenix

        thanks very much ken -- I would have thought the other way around (as usual)

  • Quanto Painy Fakor

    Tim Page is a real Mensch! How nice of him to do that. Good luck to the newley weds. Better late than never.

  • Always nice to see wedding pictures, but I can’t help but ask:

    Were the bridesmaids strapping?

  • papopera

    May they be blessed with numerous children and grand-children.

    • Camille

      All of them strapping and husky.

      Hoping they will be happy, as happiness is hard to come by and marriage is the biggest crapshoot of all.

      And speaking of crap, for all THAT which TonyTom has taken from this site, we all owe him a round of “For he’s a jolly good fellow” and a magnum of champagne to wish him and his a happy life. Cheers!

      • Clita del Toro

        Cammiest, darlinggest

        “…and marriage is the biggest crapshoot of all.”
        Yes, Harriet and MWW know that all too well. It’s not easy living with another human being. Sometimes cats or dogs are preferable. My Sophie died three years ago today.


        PS listening to Aida with Anna T-S.

        • Camille

          oh were you? So was I. For a while now I have been contemplating the performance and wondering what the hell those pitches were that Cossotto was singing….makes me glad to be hearing both Borodina and Monastyrska, frankly! It was lovely to hear the Pav again. The way he articulates and uses the language to create his sounds was/is so beautiful and exemplary. It’s funny, as I was never really his fan when he was alive but listening to him in the last few years I’ve arrived at a very different assessment and appreciation of his vast talent.

          Yes, people are hard to live with but at least they come paper trained, unlike pets, AND, their life spans are usually longer as well. However, pets don’t talk back nor do they spend money.

          I’ll have to kick back with a cassis and think this one over…as I always did want to have a diva dog….

          Could you, or would you buy another pet? I have a friend with four dogs — he loves them --and although young and fit and a wonderful person, he has given up on love. That’s sad, as he deserves it, but doesn’t want to try anymore. No matter how hard it is, well, SOME of the time it’s worth it all, no matter how hard.

          And besides, I LOVE YOU, a bushel and a peck!!!! You are one of the great stars of parterre and my guiding one, at that.

          see you in the Ballo chat tomorrow night? I’ll be back in NYC and have my good system to listen on.
          Your devotedly --

          • Clita del Toro

            Cammierestes, I would love another pet. My bf is allergic to cats, so that’s out; and they don’t allow dogs in my condo. If we do eventually move, we will get another “baby.” My friend Karen has the cutest Pug called Cosette, who is a Petite Princesse.

            As far as money is concerned, my cat Sophie cost me more money in vet bills than I ever have had to pay for myself in doctor bills. Vets are grossly expensive.


          • Camille

            Right, Clita dear — MEN are cheaper!

            Course, liquor is quicker, too.
            Ciao until tomorrow even.

          • phoenix

            I’ve got 3 feline hookers shacking up with me -- all 3 are a bargain compared to the men around this town.

  • javier

    marriage is so corrupted now. in society it serves a very specific purpose, but these days people are so silly that they think it’s good that two old guys can get married (in some places). what are they trying to prove?

    • Clita del Toro

      Javier, it’s none of your business if two “old guys” get married. They are not trying to prove anything, especially to you.

      • Batty Masetto

        Thank you so much for that reply, Clita. Spot on.

        • Dear Javier -- is it the fact that its “two guys” or “old guys” that seems to get your youthful (I presume) knickers in a twist? If the later you too will, god in her wisdom willing, get “old” and hopeful have someone to spend your life with.

        • The_Kid

          javier, just how pathetic is your own life that you need to vent your spleen at others’ happiness? keep your antediluvian beliefs to yourself, or develop a time machine and go back to the 1930s, where you belong. marriage equality is a sign of progress, and with the passage of time, more and more countries will accept this as a mark of civilization, despite the rants of pathetic bigots.

  • Bianca Castafiore

    Hopefully among the wedding gifts for AT will be a hearing aide, as well as a book on journalistic ethics (remember how he somehow missed that the West Point Cadets did not sing at the Rienzi concert, yet he wrote that they did perform as the Roman soldiers and “talk about stereotyping!” Not only it sounds as if he skipped the concert at intermission, but his editors struck that line from the online archived version.)

    • manou

      What a good idea, Bianca -- a hearing aide, who could sit beside him and do the listening on his behalf. A bit more cumbersome than the more usual hearing aid, but so much more companionable.

      • Bianca Castafiore

        And maybe serve as his conscience, manou?

        • manou

      • Bluessweet

        Glad I wasn’t drinking coffee on that one. It really messes up my sinuses.

  • La Valkyrietta

  • PushedUpMezzo

    Tanti auguri to the happy couple. Which barihunk performed during the signing of the register?

  • The_Kid


    this is dedicated to the happy couple: