Cher Public

  • La Cieca: Yeah, an Ettinger/Audi “Tosca” ; is sure to be “Le sacre du primtemps” times a thousand. 1:43 PM
  • springspring: And of course I was talking about Angela. 1:37 PM
  • chicagoing: Watched the Richard Tucker Gala broadcast on PBS Friday evening and was pleased that honoree Jamie Barton not only sang well... 1:29 PM
  • springspring: My remark was addressed to Guiltier. 1:24 PM
  • springspring: After being married with an older man for almost 20ys, you shouldn’t say anything about boy toys. My opinion. 1:20 PM
  • redbear: Found this floating on the internet, allegedly the Paris Opera 16-17 season. I do not vouch for the contents or any spelling... 1:20 PM
  • Operanaut: Last year the announcement was made on Feb. 18, so next week would be my guess. As for the turntable it probably overheated... 1:19 PM
  • scooterberwyn: I’ve just ordered the DVD of this from Amazon at a much lower price than VAI is asking for it. I look forward to it,... 12:40 PM

Small scale

In art, less is more — at least most of the time. But Dicapo Opera’s presentation of The Martyrs is a little more less than ideal. [New York Post]