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Pink is the navy blue of chat

Mesdames et mesdames, there is something for every taste in every style to make you a fashion standout in La Casa della Cieca this afternoon.

Something by Wolfgang Speedo Mozart perhaps? Not very F.K.-ish perhaps although Lisette Nike Oropeso as Kostanza might make an interesting target (1:00-5:00 WQED.) Or the tried and true ZAUBERFLOTE in either Salzburg (1:00-4:30 BBC) or Swedish (1:00-3:30 Sveriges P2.) The NOZZE DI T-SHIRT from San Francisco (1:00-4:30 WFMT) is a classic with Prey and Popp, and there’s an awfully lot of buzz about Rolando Flip-flop Villazon as Don Ottavio (1:00-5:00 CBC Two).

Speaking of buzz, check out the Maria Gucci Agreste Festival. As Elena (1:00-4:00 DR P2) or Giovanna (1:00-4:00 Dwojka Polskie). She’s the knife-whetter of the future.

Just between you and me, Giuseppe Adidas Verdi is so last year. We’ve marked down his TROVATORE (1:00-4:00 NPR) with Denyce Graves and Lisa Deltirus, and FALSTAFF (1:00-5:00 WRR.)

A lot of people are enjoying Martin Y Speedo’s IL BURBERRY DI BUON CUORE (1:30-3:30 Radio Oesterreich) and THE GRAND DUCHESS OF GERALDO RIVERA (1:30-4:30 Cesky Rozhlas Vltava) but if you want something that lasts and lasts, try Nike Wagner’s TRISTAN UND ISOLDE (2:00-5:30 Radio Stephansdom); I have one and I just can’t wear it out. So I wear it IN ! ! ! (Oh Babs, you slay me!)

Something French, perhaps? How about HIPPOLYTE ET ARICIE with Sarah Sans-culottes (1:00-5:00 France Musique), or Charpentier’s ACTEON paired with Bach’s GREAT BIG PUSSY (12:15-2:00 Cesky Rozhlas D-Dur), or a double bill of THERESE and THE JUGGLER OF NOTRE DAME VS. TULANE (1:00-4:00 NRK P2).

If your tastes run to the understated elegance of George Ferragamo Handel, there’s XERXES (1:00-5:00 WQXR) and SEMELE (2:00-6:00 Espace 2). For playfulness, try Air Jordan Rossini’s IL SIGNOR BRUSCHINO (2:00-6:00 Klara) and PETITE LARGE XL MESSA SOLENNELLE (3:30-5:00 HR2 Kultur).

We have just received a shipment from Richard Jantzen Strauss. How about his CAPEZIO from Paris (12:00-3:00 Espace Musique) or something that falls outside our time limits but which is very promising, ELEKTRA, opening the LOC season with Christina Goerke (7:00-9:30 WFMT.)

Here’s an interesting mashup. Olga Florsheim Neuwirth picks up where Berg left off to produce THE AMERICAN LULU. It’s paired with Weinberg’s WIR GRATULIEREN (1:00-4:00 Deutschlandradio Kultur) if you feel adventurous.

Not quite as far off the beaten track: Antonin Scalia’s THE JACOBIN (1:00-5:00 RTP Antena 2), Or Piotr Tank-top Tchaikovsky’s THE SORCERESS (1:00-5:00 Radio Clasica de Espana), and Statkowski’s MARIA (2:00-7:00 Lyric FM).

Several people were rather impressed with Marina Reeboka’s Met debut. She is featured in a recital today (2:00-4:30 Latvia Radio Klasika).

The only bel canto listing is Buffalo Boots Bellini’s I CAPULETI E I MONTECCHI from Goteborg (1:00-5:00 Radio 4 Netherlands.) Then there is also Simon Penny Loafers Rattle’s rendition of THE WAR REQUIEM (1:30-3:15 Bartok Radio) and a remnants bin on WCNY (1:00-6:00).

For me, the must-have piece of the day is the ELEKTRA.

  • Avantialouie

    None of these really appeal. I think it’s likely time for Bach and Rebach.

  • Vergin Vezzosa

    BAB -- almost lost my (late) dessert I laughed so hard at this thread. Truly dementedly inspired. I needed another glass of vitamin V ( to borrow from Herb Caen) to calm down and retire to my sleeping chamber. In my eyes, while I genuiinely love many here, you are a goddess.

  • hagenschmagen

    I’d be curious to hear Lisa Daltirus (not Deltirus) as Leonora..and more curious to hear the condition of Denyce’s voice

  • phoenix

    Never has so much been made out of so little.

  • LittleMasterMiles

    WARNING: The following post is no fun at all.

    Is it, theoretically mind you, possible that Babs’s barbs might at times become excessively esoteric? I usually find her listings hilarious but, umm, who exactly is in the Rameau? And what exactly is the Bach paired with Charpentier? And do I really have to go to Google because I can’t remember who wrote The Jacobin?

    Also, I wonder how many of these fashion shows are being broadcast LIVE? If I’m going to listen to Internet-quality audio it’s somehow comforting to know which broadcasts aren’t just playing CDs at me.

    With sincere apologies,

    • phoenix

      ah, so -- sometimes it takes some sleuthing to figure out
      1) which ones are actually live-on-the-spot
      2) were live bdcsts from somewhere but are now airing posthumously
      3) were also originally live broadcasts but are now being aired from commercial CD/DVD or other media on which they have been preserved
      4) are commercial studio recordings.
      -- Mesdames Bobolinque & Cieza infer that it is our responsibility to figure out these sometimes obtruse sources -- which I understand fully since it can be quite time-consuming to dig around looking for dates & venues. Some stations make it easy by listing ‘en direct’ at the top of their scheduled listings for on-the-spot recordings and still others will list the original date(s) of the performances from which the recording is taken in their listing -- but sometimes there is no info, so you have search, search, search.

    • dallasuapace

      Phèdre is Sarah Connolly in the Rameau.
      Complete cast at

      The performance was recorded in June at the Palais Garnier.

    • Camille

      Antonin Dvorak wrote The Jacobin.

      • papopera

        we know, but why call him “Scalia” ?

    • Well, BABs does these Saturday broadcast lists for fun, so it’s not her obligation to provide a full listing of the cast details. Were it not for her efforts, we wouldn’t have any clue what’s on deck each week without having to look up the list ourselves. At least, this way we get a clue about what’s on and can (as you suggested) Google the rest ourselves.

      • phoenix

        You just got 2 more brownie points!

  • pavel

    I think that whatever information there is to be had can be found at

    • phoenix

      Most often operacast is reliable Pavel -- I think operacast gets most of it’s info from the broadecasting station’s website listings -- but if you are dealing with a live en direct bdcst it can be a little tricky. I have found the operahouse website listings to be more up-to-date & accurate than the radio station listings -- the radio stations get their data anywhere from one to six weeks ahead of time in order to compile their weekly/monthly document listings; some will followup with last minute changes directly from the operahouse -- but some do not.

  • I strongly recommend the Agresta Giovanna D’Arco. She’s thrilling in it, as she was a Gemma di Vergy.

  • phoenix

    Is there anybody in for a chat during Elektra heute abend (7 pm EST)? I abhor an empty chatroom, so I’ll send Amneris’ daughter over there first to check it out.

    • la vociaccia

      i’m listening now. i’ll enter the chat

    • Rory Williams

      I’m in, phoenix

    • Argh can’t get the chat to work on my ipad.

      • peter

        Is it possible to get into the chat on the iPad? As that is my main computer now, I have been chatless for months now.

        • Batty Masetto

          Peter, the chat needs Java, which the iPad won’t support. Stupid Apple. No problems on my Apple desktop, though.

          Here’s a suggestion from the Apple support community -- no guarantees that it works:

          If nothing else works, consider subscribing to a third-party remote desktop service like AlwaysOnPC ( ), it runs the applets at just fine.

          • Lame ;( the performance was great though! I was supposed to be there this week to see it but baby had other plans.

          • peter

            Thanks Batty. I will try that. I miss you and all the chatters.

          • louannd

            …which is why I am NEVER buying an I-pad. I’ll take the newest and lightest MacBook Pro. A full keyboard is always handy.

  • phoenix

    I missed you

  • Buster

    Anja Harteros seems to be in the mood for Strauss songs of late. She will sing Allerseelen, Die heiligen drei Könige aus Morgenland, Waldseligkeit, Wiegenlied, Morgen and Zueignung with the Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra later this week in Amsterdam first, then in Dortmund. Surprisingly enough, both Allerseelen and Zueignung have never before been played by the orchestra -- which Strauss himself conducted quite a few times.

    • Clita del Toro

      I listened to Harteros’ VLL today. Very beautiful. I was a just little surprised at how indistinct her German was at times: most of the text was not as clear as I would like it to be, but the voice was gorgeous, especially the upper part of her range.

  • Nerva Nelli

    Top THIS, Little Miss Jackie Evancho!

    [Upside: maybe she’ll stay there.]