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Boom and bust

Just for you girls, Betsy turns her headlights on a nice handful of operas that will no doubt prove to be bags of fun.

Her breast heaving, Carmen angrily spat out, “No man will ever possess me.” Rachvelishvili and Arancam from San Francisco, 3 F/K.. 2:00-4:30 WFMT American Opera Network.

Her breast heaving, Donna Anna angrily spat out, “No man will ever possess me.” Meachem, Dehn et al, from San Francisco, 3 F.K., 1:00-5:00 KBYU.

Her breast heaving, Ellen Orford angrily spat out, “Well, maybe sometimes, a little, or not, it depends.” Stuart Skelton, Amanda Roocroft, from The Proms, no data to rate, 1:00-5:00 NRK KLASSIK, RTP ANTENA 2.

Her breast heaving, Mathilde angrily spat out, “I play the title character; I do the encores.” Florez and Peretyatko from Pesaro. 2 F.K., 1:00-5:00 RADIO 4 NETHERLANDS.

Her breast heaving, Adina angrily spat out, “Trills! I don’t have to show you no stinkin’ trills. And that’s not a tear; I sweat a lot, okay?” 4 F.K. Persson and Villazon from Baden Baden. 1:00-4:00 NPR World of Opera.

Her breast heaving, Tiny Lingonberry angrily spat out, “My agent told me this gig was for Cunning Little Vixen.” No data to rate. World premiere of a children’s opera by John Tamulionio, LRT KLASIKA, 10:00-1:00 or maybe 11:00-2:00.

Her breast heaving, Angelica angrily spat out, “If one more person tells me ‘Smile, Baby June,’ I’ll kill ’em.” 2 F.K., Martin Y Soler’s IL BURBERO DI BUION CUORE . NPR World of Opera 1:00-4:30.

Her breast heaving, Rosalinda angrily spat out, “A lover who’s a tenor; a husband who’s a high baritone at best; a host who’s a mezzo ! Whaddaya have to sing to get laid around here?” Schock, Lipp, Schenk, Holm in FLEDERMAUS, 2 F.K., 1:00-3:30 or 2:00-4:30 CESKY ROZHLAS VLTAVA

Their breasts heaving, Beverly Sills and Renata Scotto angrily spat out, “I’ve got my stopwatch out; thirty minutes for her, thirty minutes for me.” 3 F.K. 1:00-2:00 FRANCE MUSIQUE

Her breast heaving, Lida angrily spat out, “Alzira, I Masnadieri, and now THIS!” The Philips LA BATTAGLIA DI LEGNANO, 1:00-5:00 RADIO CLASICA DE ESPANA.

Her breast heaving, Bess angrily spat out, “I’ll take two boxes of those strawberries, please..” 2 F.K., the Simon Rattle recording of PORGY AND BESS, 1:30-5:00 BARTOK RADIO

Her breast heaving, Helene angrily spat out, “I learned it in French, we’ll damn well sing it in French.” 2 F.K. Donizetti’s LE DUC D’ALBE, 1:30-4:30 RADIO OESTERREICH

Her breast heaving, Amira angrily spat out, “Living legend or not, she’s wearing pants so that makes me the Prima Donna.” 3 F.K. CIRO IN BABILONIA from Pesaro, Podles, Spyres, Pratt. 2:00-6:00 KLARA.

Her breast heaving, Alceste angrily spat out, “Go to Hell, go to Hell, go to Hell. Why do I always get stuck with the dirty work?” Rene Jacobs’ recording of Handel’s ADMETO, 2 F.K. 2:00-6:00 RADIO STEPHANSDOM

  • Camille

    More breasts than a Hindu mother deity.

    Betsy, how do you get KLARA? I want CIRO domani pomeriggio.


    • The_Kid

      Actually, while Hindu Mother Deities are very often remarkable in their superfluousness of heads and limbs, the said appendages originate from the same torso. So, erm,… :P

    • All this talk of breasts makes me think of Der Butt.

  • Quanto Painy Fakor
    • aulus agerius

      Have you downloaded any of these and survived, QPF? Malware, viruses etc. -- Russia is a little worrisome, but the YT clips were interesting!

      • manou

        QPF is your canary in the mine, aulus.

      • Quanto Painy Fakor

        Amasti Wurm?

        • aulus agerius

          I don’t understand a simple answer to the question. Is it yes or no? Are these files proven to be safe to download? If you offer the links do you vouch for them? I don’t think that is too much to ask now!

          • Quanto Painy Fakor

            Sorry, of course I will answer. I did not upload those files to the Russian site, but they work just fine and the videos are excellent quality for viewing on computers, mobile devices and TVs.

  • armerjacquino

    On the subject of the Proms GRIMES, everyone I know who saw it is kind of wide-eyed and gibbering about it: sounds as if it was a pretty special evening.

    • Santa di Patria

      It was very special. Except for Amanda Roocroft who was spreading everywhere and not in a good way…

  • Camille

    Just went looking for Tina Louise in Gilligan’s Island and lo and behold I came upon this treasure, which is dedicated to Nerva Nelli, and which may be yet another solution for Saturday afternoon:

    I cannot believe what stumbles onto while perusing Youtube.

    • Clita del Toro

      OMG Cammiest—thanks. A good movie for my nightly “going to bed” hour. I am running our of Netflix streaming movies (tacky ones) that I want to see. Last night I saw part of Topper Returns before I fell asleep. That’s the one with Joan Blondell and Carole Landis. It’s nothing like the earlier movies with Cary Grant and Constance Bennett.
      I have always liked Joan Blondell.


  • WindyCityOperaman

    Off topic (partly) and early warning . . . Met’s Traviata retelecast on WTTW @ 2:00 CST Sunday afternoon.

    BTW, Tina Louise HATES IT if you call her “Ginger”.

  • WindyCityOperaman

    (Assuming this is the Intermission Feature place)

    Born on this day in 1892 composer Darius Milhaud

    Born on this day in 1915 tenor Rudolf Schock

    Happy 61st birthday mezzo-soprano Delores Ziegler

    Happy 48th birthday bass Rene Pape

  • WindyCityOperaman

    Born on this day in 1791 composer Giacomo Meyerbeer

    Happy 52nd birthday soprano Karita Mattila

  • WindyCityOperaman

    Born on this day in 1891 baritone John Charles Thomas

    Happy 56th birthday baritone Omar Ebrahim

    Happy 54th birthday soprano Cynthia Haymon

  • WindyCityOperaman

    Born on this day in 1900 soprano Joan Cross

    Happy 72nd birthday tenor Giuseppe Giacomini

    Happy 52nd birthday tenor Uwe Heilmann

    Happy 47th bithday soprano Angela Gheorghiu

  • Nell TuoCuor

    Beginning the annual search for my sheet music for “Jerusalem”.

    • WindyCityOperaman