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Marguerite Piazza 1926-2012

Soprano, television personality and fundraiser Marguerite Piazza died yesterday. The diva, whom Variety called “an opera star who knows how to please both the longhairs and the crew cuts,” was 86. [The Commercial Appeal]


  • Will says:

    The obit doesn’t mention her singing at the MET and I understand that she didn’t last there very long (Rosalinda in Fledermaus, 1951). She had a somewhat longer careet at City Opera. Some how she became CBS’s go to commenter whenever some great singer died. When Callas and Sills passed, we were given the memorial comment of “opera star Marguerite Piazza.”

  • zinka says:

    Insignificant…Paid her way to the Met…..Nice on “Your Show of Shows”but Sid Caesar sang better. Sony stupidly issued her Rosalinmda..well,they know nothing…

    • Nerva Nelli says:

      Given how maudlin this saurean queen allows itself to be blessing Milanov in heaven and WEEKLY introducing us to memories of 1970 CATERINA CRNARO performances in Paterson with Myra/Marisa Galvany and writing about her as if she had never, ever been mentioned by him or anyone else on PB before, might it have considered that Ms. Piazza’s children might encounter its comments (“Paid her way to the Met”, etc) in doing a web search for tributes to their late mother, who seems to have done some good in the world while some people were littering the innocent cosmos with stale Kurt Baum jokes?

      I think everyone knew even then that Jeritza’s husband paid her her Met return as Rosalinde. If Zinka has any other such allegations to make-- and sources would be welcome-- might it make them all here to spare other heirs’ feelngs?

      • armerjacquino says:

        Brava. I hadn’t even considered the idea of the google searches- horrid thought- but even before that it struck me as a rather nasty thing to post about someone before she was even cold.

        He’s not a lone offender though- I can’t remember a single RIP thread on here where someone or other hasn’t popped up to trash the deceased. It’s usually followed by an angry defence of the poster’s right to do so, which has always struck me as galaxy-class point-missing.

      • grimoaldo says:

        Hear hear Nerva, well said.

  • zinka says:

    On rare occasion,I do err and i do apologize,at the death of an artist, to be slightly nasty in regard to Piazza’s death…I guess I get annoyed when someone gets on a Sony release who really was not a special artist…but anyway, I am at fault….and i humbly ask your PERDONO..
    By the way, who is Caterina Cornaro?

    • Nerva Nelli says:

      Well, I may have made rudish noises after some swastika-tinged demises, but not quite *this* harshly. Anyway, it’s something to ponder.

      Caterina Cornaro? Oh, she’s on some old Cetra releases with Saturno Meletti and Amalia Pini.


      Actually, she was a Gencer specialty:


  • veal seduttore says:

    So Catarina Cornaro is Giacamo Aragall’s girlfriend? What does that have to do with a Margarita Pizza? So complicated…