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JJ au naturel

Our Own JJ has been spending a lot of time outdoors lately, which is such a novelty for him that he felt he really must write about it. Fortunately, on at least two occasions when he found himself in the midst of nature, there happened to be music playing somewhere nearby, so that at least gave him a topic. Caramoor’s Ciro in Babilonia is the subject of a piece in Musical America, and the New York Post sent our scribe into the wilds of Brooklyn to cover the New York Philharmonic.

  • brooklynpunk

    I NEVER like, or wish to disagree with JJ--


    After attending this concert-- even allowing for the facts that it was outdoors--and amplified-- ALL I kept thinking was--When the hell is Gilbert’s contract up-and praying that the powers that be at the NY Phil. will come to their senses, and let the door slam behind him.

    It’s rather scary that Gilbert’s tenure at Avery Fischer Hall always makes me pine for…LOREN MAAZEL….!!

    BUT-- it IS always nice to be in Prospect Park--and I DO love fireworks…!


    • Henry Holland

      It’s rather scary that Gilbert’s tenure at Avery Fischer Hall always makes me pine for…LOREN MAAZEL….!!

      Hahahaha. What don’t you like about Gilbert’s conducting, BP? I’ve heard him twice and he seemed un-fussy, not mannered, he let the musicians play.

      • brooklynpunk


        Gilbert was presented to us New Yorkers as a breath of fresh air, following the stale, musty, boring programming and conductting we were subject to under Maazel’s run.

        SO FAR--the programming has been, PERHAPS, a tiny bit more interesting ( but not by all that much) under Gilbert—BUT- the Orchestra usually sounds under-rehearsed and just plain mediocre these days…not close to the same wonderful playing we are used to, by former music directors, thru the Kurt Mazur run

  • phoenix

    Good reading -- and a lovely foto of la grande Podles (in the Musical America blog, not the foto at the head of this parterre thread -- although the resemblance is uncanny).
    -- Re: unwanted fireworks noises at Caramoor -- they weren’t so prolific years ago. When I was young (a long, long time ago) in early July around my birthday we often went up from NYC to spend a few days at a boating-swimming-fishing resort on one of the inlets of the Cross-River Reservoir (when I was able to ‘persuade’ one of my boyfriends to take me there). In those days it was not crowded but still it was always a very popular summer family vacation area. I also attended il Teatro di Venezia across the lake at Caramoor, but not at the same time that I vacationed there. We used to make a separate trip and go to Caramoor and then up to Bard for a long weekend.
    -- There was not much noise years ago around Caramoor but now the area is getting more and more built up -- after all, it is summer -- and of course kids like to make noise & mischief. The heat & humidity while sitting in that Venetian sweat lodge can be tortuously stifling -- I still don’t understand why they don’t put up some kind of a building around it -- like the Alice Busch Opera Theater at Glimmerglass -- it doesn’t get nearly as hot up at Glimmerglass as it usually gets down there at Caramoor, particularly at night -- but the open screens during intermissions at Glimmerglass are so pleasant -- you can even feel the breeze off Otsego Lake -- and for the opera, the screens are blocked off, the air-conditioning goes on and it is also very pleasant experience.

    Part of the Cross-River Resrvoir near Caramoor:

  • suzyQ

    Dearest Brooklyn, I missed seeing you at Caramoor but am glad you kind of enjoyed the Prospect Park concert which is a fun place to hang out too. :)

    • brooklynpunk


      I missed seeing you, as well…My friend David was my surrogate, this time, as my dad has been in the Hospital for the past three weeks--so that has been , more or less , my social outings….


      I’m HOPING to make it next week-will you be there?

      • suzyQ

        I will be there next week and hope to see you! I’m not sure if I’ll make it for all of the pre-concert lectures.
        Sorry to hear about your dad & hope he’ll be better soon.
        Take care & hope we can catch up next week!

  • Krunoslav

    How nice for La Cieca’s gentleman friend that--some grueling decades on--he can still resort to the city’s dimly lit parks to ply a trade…

    • “…ply the trade,” I think you mean.

      • Krunoslav

        He could--doubtless-sing Sieglinde *tomorrow*…