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  • redbear: It was an event… they were supposed to alternate the soprano roles but at the last minute didn’t. It was a Sills... 3:30 AM
  • moritz: This exhausted, wild, desperate “SCHWEIIIIII IIIIGEN” is one of my favourite moments in this fabulous recording! And... 3:11 AM
  • guy pacifica: Dear JML, I appreciate your buffet of performances just as you are serving them up. In fact, I really enjoyed the Fibich... 2:18 AM
  • guy pacifica: Thank you, Patrick Mack, for the insights. I too work in high tech but keep a pretty Luddite home, as I am not interested in... 2:03 AM
  • Jungfer Marianne Leitmetzerin: Cami, cara: Leonie lets out a BIG, nasty one when they bring up Jochanaan’s Kopf! Also the... 12:11 AM
  • Jungfer Marianne Leitmetzerin: Grimn, I am very happy that you managed to not only access the upload, but that you enjoyed it so much.... 12:04 AM
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A dandy intermission feature

Once the poor “fell0″ has recovered, perhaps he will join in this week’s discussion of off-topic and general interest subjects.

The dialogue (left to right):

“I must draw the Curtain or his screams will alarm the House. You have no fello feeling, my dear fellos; pray unlace the dear love’s Stays, and lay him on the Couch.”

“I am so frighten’d I can hardly stand!”

“Mind you don’t soil the Dear’s linnen!”

“I dread the consequence! That last air of Signeur _________ has thrown him in such raptures, we must call Doctor ________ immediately!”


  • A. Poggia Turra says:

    Hmmmm -- interesting cover art for an upcoming Don Giovanni DVD:

  • Camille says:


  • bobsnsane says:

    …we must call Doctor Hugh Jorgan immediately!”

    I’ll let u fine fellows finish
    the other part…duh,
    this is all I know,
    Godspeed & Good luck…

  • Marcello says:

    Jonas Kaufmann has cancelled “Les Troyens” in London.

  • Nerva Nelli says:

    “In Paris ist Revolution ausgebrochen!”

  • Marcello says:

    The 2013 Whitsun festival in Salzburg will feature a new production of “Norma” starring Cecilia Bartoli. This will be from a new critical edition and with a period instrument orchestra.

  • Feldmarschallin says:

    sz first I thought this was a joke until I went on the website and saw it myself. She is also singing the Brahms Requiem. LOL

  • rysanekfreak says:

    In addition to our regular features at Parterre (Guess the Regie and Intermission and Criticize the Diva), I propose another one: Wikipedia Opera Error of the Week. Error of the Weak?

    I couldn’t remember the names of the characters in Massenet’s Le Roi de Lahore, so I went to Wikipedia, where I discovered the following sentence:

    “Contemporary performances include a revival by the Vancouver Opera in 1977 starring Joan Sutherland and conducted by Richard Bonynge. The same production was mounted at the San Francisco Opera and subsequently recorded.”

    I don’t think Lahore was ever presented in San Francisco. I think the writer has confused it with Esclarmonde.

    • Cocky Kurwenal says:

      They did it in Seattle after Vancouver and before the recording, so it looks like they’ve got the city wrong rather than the opera.

    • Henry Holland says:

      So you went in and corrected it, right?

      [the following isn't directed at you, rysanekfreak, because I don't know if you did anything or not]

      Pet peeve time: people who complain about errors on Wikipedia but don’t go in and change them. It takes 30 seconds to sign up, it’s easy to go in and edit things, do it, leave a citation or proof, and just do it. I’ve made changes on a bunch of stuff, it’s easy to do.

    • Camille says:

      That is exactly so. I happened to have been in Seattle at the time and remember the advertisements. I considered going but had to leave town before I had a chance to hear it which makes me very sorry now. How ianw2 would have envied me!!

      Years later I knew someone who worked on the production who told me the tenor was pretty bad and how relieved he was when that character died in media res opera. Unfortunately, thanks to reincarnation, the tenor character was revived at some point and started singing again with his love, Sîta, Joan Sutherland.

      Like I said, I really regret not having had the time and space to see that. Unlike that tenor character, I doubt this gros dindon delite will be revived again.

  • Clita del Toro says:

    Dumb, off-topic topic: Singers whose recordings you have never, ever bought.

    Mine are: Domingo, Milnes, Caballe, Sills.

    • armerjacquino says:

      I don’t have any Crespin (just an accident) or any Vickers (who I consciously avoid).

      • armerjacquino says:

        Actually, that’s not true about Vickers- I have the Solti AIDA somewhere.

      • operacat says:

        Just curious. . .whose TROYENS do you own?

      • Cocky Kurwenal says:

        I don’t think I have any Vickers either. Though aren’t you depriving yourself a whole chunk of Janowitz there!?

        • armerjacquino says:

          Just the WALKURE and the FIDELIO film I think. Not a huge problem because I have the Vienna FIDELIO DVD, and I’m not a Wagner fan. The only Wagner opera I have is a TANNHAUSER with Silja, Bumbry and Windgassen that I picked up for a fiver at the Notting Hill Record Exchange.

    • Krunoslav says:

      Bostridge and Petibon.

    • Mine are Danielle DeNise, Netrebko, Marcello Giordani, Marcelo Alvarez, Bocelli.

      • PushedUpMezzo says:

        Brightman, Jenkins, Westenra, Schafer, LadyRattle,Hilde Guden, Erika Koth

        • messa di voce says:

          Hong, Matos, and Meade.

        • I can actually stomach Brightman. Katherine Jenkins on the other hand would never be in my collection.

        • Krunoslav says:

          Gueden is well worth hearing as Strauss’s Sophie, Zdenka and Daphne and in her “Operetta Evergreens” disc…

          • armerjacquino says:

            I am a little bit obsessed with Gueden at the moment- I bought a 2CD collection which includes lots of Strauss and operetta, but also serves as a reminder of how good she was in Italian opera. The fach-obsessives will go on about how she was uninvolved and unsuitable, but I don’t hear that at all. Her recordings of the two Liu arias are among the best I’ve ever heard. She’s a luxury Musetta on various recordings, too, and one of my favourite Gildas, even though Protti and Del Monaco both spend the rest of that set shouting their heads off.

            The other treat on the compilation I mentioned is the way she makes second-rate stuff by Coward and Novello sound truly gorgeous.

          • armerjacquino says:

          • Krunoslav says:

            Thanks, Armer. That is *a lot* better than I had recalled, and also a lot better than what Ms. Damrau or -- God help us- Ms. Schaefer now offers in Italian rep. But it still doesn’t quite convince me that this Gilda has ever been south of the Alps.

            My parents walked out after *one act* of Protti’s absurdly late (1985) Met debut opposite the also beyond”vintage” Gilda of Peters. What a shame Parterre didn’t exist back then to cover such events! When I called NYC from California after Lucine’s one and only Met Santuzza, a pal was answering the phone “I was there!” next time someone mentions the 80s as a Golden Age…

            Metropolitan Opera House
            December 2, 1988

            CAVALLERIA RUSTICANA {590}

            Santuzza…………….Lucine Amara
            Turiddu……………..Ermanno Mauro
            Lola………………..Ariel Bybee
            Alfio……………….Alain Fondary
            Mamma Lucia………….Jean Kraft

            Conductor……………Alessandro Siciliani

          • armerjacquino says:

            Well, Mantua *is* pretty far North…

      • Rory Williams says:

        I haven’t had to buy any DiNiese, Lindoro, Nerva sends me the MP3s day of release! Pays to know a fan!