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You can call Robert Lepage many things (and the critics have!), but one thing you cannot call him is “inflexible.” Having already tweaked a number of details in his Ring production that did not create the desired effect in their first viewing, the Canadian Cagliostro is now in the process of restaging whole segments of the cycle for the Met’s 2012-13 presentation. A glimpse at the new look for the final scene of Die Walküre after the jump.

  • ianw2

    And yet its still more compelling theatre…

  • A. Poggia Turra

    Is that supposed to be Kaufmann’s restudied costume?

    I thought he already made it clear he does NOT want to be shirtless in Wagner on the Met stage…..

  • Maria Malcontent

    I just love interpretive dance.

  • Will

    A bit more seriously, if true is this not the same sort of approach to staging serious work that has applied to Bayreuth whereby a director is engaged, in effect, for the run of the production over a five year period with the expectation of constant evolution? In Wieland and Wolfgang’s time, that development could and did extend to entire new sets, as in the new third act of the Chereau Walkure the second season of the production.

    Is it possible to “fix” the MET’s Ring or is its underlying lack of any identifiable directorial vision beyond improvement by this particular director?

  • pasavant

    It could work!

  • Nerva Nelli

    Following the suggestion of one reviewer I read somewhere in re The Machine (*so* beloved by the backstage crew, as per Mr. Glib):

    • SacredMonster

      And the award for best sense of Humor goes to…… NervaNellie, I literally just spit out my coffee……Good on you!!

  • It has worked before.

  • Sempre liberal

    Oh my god — I love it.

    I actually have spent countless hours playing the final scene of Walkure in a piano solo version. I love immersing myself in the music via transcriptions.

    Playing Wagner on the piano, one can see his temendous harmonic and melodic debt to Chopin.

    Playing Bellini on the piano, one can see Chopin’s tremendous harmonic and melodic debt to Bellini.

    • m. croche

      “Ulrich and Clarisse went for a walk in the garden. They could hear Walter continue to play the piano inside the house. Wagner. Ulrich knew that Clarisse hated Wagner and that every time Walter played Wagner, she would deny herself to him for weeks afterward. But Walter continued to play Wagner, with a guilty smile, as if indulging in a schoolboy vice.”

      Musil, “The Man Without Qualities” (quoted, badly, from memory -- but I can’t find my copy at the moment.)

    • Angelo Saccosta

      Everyone came to love those incredible melodies and the deceptively simple harmonies that hid a great deal, and everyone tried to write such melodies with only limited success. cf. Verdi, “Anch’io Dischiuso un Giorno,” for one.
      Brava Sempre Liberal

  • tannengrin

    wheels or not

  • DonCarloFanatic

    The skaters lost me when they imitated the moves acrobats did while holding on with their TEETH.

  • Quanto Painy Fakor

    SO BEAUTIFUL!!! Is that the Liszt transcription of the Magic Fire music? How difficult that pas de deux must be to do on a circle with a 4 foot radius. Must find more of that Wotan.

    • Quanto Painy Fakor

      oops: 4′ diameter

      • Quanto Painy Fakor

        Victor & Jenny Arata
        The Skating Aratas act is performed by wife and husband duo Victor and Jenny Arata, the acrobatic skating routine is on a custom made 2x2 meter round platform. The Aratas routine involves incredibly difficult and dangerous stunts as they spin at neck breaking pace. Developed through over 18 years of intense training and rehearsal they display courage, skill and precision at an extremely high level. Being a Married couple adds even more adrenalin rush as Victor says “it’s my wife in my hands and you never forget the danger involved” Jenny adds “I trust my husband with my life, there is no other way you could perform such a dangerous act”


        • Quanto Painy Fakor

          Leave it to Ellen to find the beautiful people. Her interview with the Aratas starts at 2:49. Wotan is really a counter tenor!

          • Quanto Painy Fakor

        • m. croche

          “Being a Married couple adds even more adrenalin rush as Victor says “it’s my wife in my hands and you never forget the danger involved” Jenny adds “I trust my husband with my life, there is no other way you could perform such a dangerous act”

          Jenny perhaps doesn’t watch too many detective shows. Well, I guess we have the next plot for Law and Order.

          • Seems to me she needs to watch more opera.

            La commedia è finita!

    • eric

      QPF: This is a repeat of my comment on an earlier comment. Don’t mean to take up more than my allotted blogspace, but this answers your question and is relevant here too.

      The guy (?) who created the original YouTube video/music mashup describes this as BRASSIN- ARRANGED FOR PIANO SOLO. Don’t know if BRASSIN is the pianist or the arranger, or both.

      Sempre liberal: do you know?

      Click on “Show more” under the video.

  • derschatzgabber

    No matter how many times I studied this video, I couldn’t figure out the dramatic motivation for Victor to remove his shirt. Then it dawned on me that this must really be Le Page’s new Act III finale to Walkure, since it features a spectacular image that isn’t motivated by the drama.

    • Quanto Painy Fakor

      The motivation is to arouse his audience.

  • erica

    It’s kind of like Dyson, the hot werewolf on Lost Girl. My husband and I take bets each week on what flimsy excuse they’re going to come up with to get him to take off his shirt THIS episode.

    (This week was a bonus — wet, translucent shirt first, THEN he pulled it off. Almost more than my middle-aged heart can take.)

  • derschatzgabber

    For us old timers, there is also William Holden in Picnic. My did his shirt fly off at the slightest provocation. I saw it at the Castro many years ago. In one scene, William is trying to explain something to a baffled elderly lady. Someone in the audience yelled, “see if it helps if you take your shirt off.”

    • Clita del Toro

      I hate the fact that they shaved William Holden’s body/chest hair for Picnic. He would have been twice as sexy with it. That’s Hollywood for you.

      • derschatzgabber

        I agree Clita, more body hair would have been nice. Still it was more naked, male torso than most movies of its time would give us. And it’s got enough screen time to have earned a supporting Oscar nod IMHO.