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Katarina Dalayman will sing the role of Brünnhilde in this evening’s performance of Wagner’s Siegfried, replacing Deborah Voigt, who is ill…. Siegfried, conducted by Derrick Inouye…”

So, cher public, predictions for Saturday morning’s John Keenan-helmed Götterdämmerung?


  • operaassport says:

    I saw Dalayman last week. She was superior to Voigt in every way.

  • parpignol says:

    definitely superior to Voigt, and I love the sound of Dalayman’s middle voice and her Wagnerian phrasing, but she has troubles of her own on top, and much as I like her I found her a little wearing over the course of a complete Ring Cycle, and Siegfried was perhaps her least successful opera; Wolfgang Schmidt I thought was really quite bad in some past Met Ring Cycle, opposite Schnaut perhaps? Jay Hunter Morris has been a huge step up. . .

    • operaassport says:

      I agree about Dalayman’s top but her superb acting compensates for me especially compared to the bad Theda Bara impersonation that Voigt thinks passes for acting.

  • Buster says:

    John Keenan will be out, James Levine in.

  • Cocky Kurwenal says:

    The gentleman who runs Opera Depot expressed displeasure with Dalayman on his facebook page. Anybody else hear her and care to comment?

    • operaassport says:

      See above. I don’t take seriously an opinion from someone who sells bootlegged crap for a living.

    • Sheldon says:

      Cocky--I heard her last night in the house, and as she apparently did earlier, she took the optional lower C at the end (so did Gould). I don’t care for how she pushes to get to her upper register, either.

      If anyone else saw Voigt in Walkure on Monday, you will have noticed how uncharacteristically immobile she was throughout. She has had surgery to address a hip/knee issue, and has been told to stay off of her feet. My fingers are crossed that she will be well enough to appear on Saturday. I know I am in the minority here, but I much prefer her to Dalalyman, and I am sure that Marshie will understand why.

      • marshiemarkII says:

        I do Shelly I do :-) :-) :-)

      • Cocky Kurwenal says:

        I’m pretty sure I do too Sheldon, though it’s a while since I’ve heard Dalayman live.

      • Sheldon says:

        I was wrong, and apologize for any misunderstanding.

        • marshiemarkII says:

          You were wrong about what Shelly? I am genuinely puzzled about what misunderstanding.

      • La Cieca says:

        La Cieca’s understanding is that Voigt’s surgery for a hip injury was some time ago, and she is continuing to receive treatment to help her with mobility. My source says that Voigt was indeed in a good deal of discomfort Monday night, which I assume was the reason she had to cancel the Siegfried later in the week. She is reportedly planning to sing tomorrow’s performance.

        • marshiemarkII says:

          Thanks La C!!!!, I like Sheldon a lot and I was hoping I had no offended in any way, even remotely.

          Please allow Noel Dahling to have my private email, so I can have his mailing address.

          Tonight is the last night this season for me…..
          Durfort if you read this, I’ll be in row M orchestra

          • Sheldon says:

            Marshie--You could never offend me, even if you tried (which you never would, of course). We are, as you aptly noted earlier, sisters of the same feather--I feel that I’m mixing my metaphors, but as Bette said, “I’ll mix what I want!”

          • marshiemarkII says:

            We are Shelly, we are sisters of the same feather, I actually love the metaphor :-) . I remember you once discussing the final pages o the Immolation and I knew then that we were sistahs. Lots of love!

        • Bosah says:

          Thank you, La Cieca.

          She said on twitter a while ago that she had surgery scheduled for her knee in August, so I had wondered if it was moved up. I guess this is something different.

          According to twitter she did sing tonight, but did seem to be physically struggling in places (and the website had listed Dalayman).

  • marshiemarkII says:

    So how was the performance anyway, any reports from the last GD?

    • Sheldon says:

      Marshie--I loved it, of course. While I am still conflicted about some aspects of the production, the direction of the singers this time around was much better than when it was rolled out this past winter. Tenors and sopranos were flung about (and to the floor!) in all the appropriate places, so it wasn’t the same wooden performance I saw earlier. Even the staging for the Gutrune/Brunnhilde exchange before “Starke Scheite Schichtet mir dort” was better (and finally made sense to me). On the other hand, the dumb business with the statues at the end looked unchanged and was just as wrong as it has always been. But I’m starting to like the “bobble-head” Grane (pace, Babs).

      And while I’m certainly no expert when it comes to singing, I truly enjoyed how everyone sang that day. Maybe it had something to do with where I was sitting for the cycle (row S, center orch vs. row K, side orch last winter), because I know there are some “dead” areas in the orchestra, but I had no trouble at all making out every word DV sang in the Immolation Scene. Overall, it was a glorious end to a wonderful eight-day stretch of Wagner.