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Couldn’t you just eat him up?

Just when you thought it was impossible to adore Yannick Nézet-Séguin any more than you already did (such a shayne punim!), Le Maestro Mignon comes up with this! [Twitter]

  • Quanto Painy Fakor

    What a world -- singers come home after a performance and start skyping around the world to be close to their loved ones; recordings are uploaded to the internet before they are even out of costume and makeup; conductors return to their dressing rooms and tweet in the intermissions. We’ve come so far from the days when it was necessary to be in the center orchestra seats of the NYCity Opera to press the remote control button on a butt plug installed in one of their famous conductors. Now I can do it right from home on my IPhone TurntheBeatAround App

  • manou

    More tweeting : ? @Forumopera

    Premiere de Don Carlo ovationnée @DeNedOpera , @nezetseguin l’emporte à l’applaudimètre.

  • More from @chrismaltman as Posa:
    Finished! I’m dead.First Posa done.My reward in picture.God I hope there’s more…beer&Verdi!!! And… BRAVI TUTTI!!!!!!/chrismaltman/status/199603748933341185/photo/1

  • rysanekfreak

    As the oldest person in the parterre group, I must confess that I have no idea what any of this is about.

    And I thought technology had gone as far as possible when 33 1/3s replaced 78s.

    • manou

      Do you mean to say one no longer needs to wind the gramophone up? Or change the needle each time you play a record?

      • mirywi

        Everything is on 8 track tapes now chickens. Time to catch up!

    • mrmyster

      dear rysanefreak: Well, I am not so sure you are the oldest!! Herbert Hoover was still president when I was born! Can you beat that?
      Meanwhile, I am with you on all these twitter and tweets and such. I’ll bet you would agree: “I’m an analog man living in a digital age.” And these poor souls don’t even know what good recorded sound is like! As Elis. Schwarzkopf said about CDs, “This isn’t right!” Well, it’s gotten better, but it’s still not right — something about realtime corruption I believe.
      Have you noticed the archival Met broadcasts on Sirius, they are adding just a tiny bit of resonance (“echo”) to the original and it is so askew!

  • armerjacquino

    Ok, I’m confused about what’s adorable and what’s hateful. I think if Fleming or De Niese or Voigt had tweeted that exact same thing during a performance people here would be queuing up to pour scorn on it. Don’t get me wrong- I think YNS’ tweet is ace. And yet…

    • Ah but Amerjacquino none of those laddies are as cute as a button and have a great ass! Oh yeah he’s a pretty good conductor too!

      • Freudian slip or what… of course I meant ladies…

      • CarlottaBorromeo

        Actually Dani has a pretty cute ass herself ;-)

    • But what if it had happened on the moon? And what if Voigt and De Niese weren’t human, but angels in human form? And what if the witticism hadn’t been tweeted but published in pamphlet form? And what if the parterrians gave La Cieca a break from the fucking hypothetical gotcha questions?

      • operaassport

        Rotflmao. La Cieca’s post made my day.

        As for YNS, I’d do a rim job on him anyday.

      • armerjacquino

        There’s nothing hypothetical here, it was a genuine question. And a general one- I was talking about the cher public, not trying to ‘gotcha’ anyone, especially la Cieca; I hope I have better manners than that.

        It’s just that honestly don’t see how YNS’ tweet (which I say again, I think is ace) is any different from some of the social media comments from other artists that members of the cher public have poured scorn on in the past. If I’ve caused any offence I apologise.

        • Bosah

          I agree with you, AJ. No disrespect to anyone, but I do think Voigt and De Niese would be called childish by some (perhaps not our host) for that same tweet. Fleming wouldn’t make such a tweet because, well, she doesn’t tweet, mostly.

          • Now tell us what Wagner would think of the Machine, o mystical one.

        • Sigh. It’s funny because it’s an unintentional pun. He wasn’t trying to be funny, but it came out that way. I don’t have any recollection of De Niese or the others making this kind of remark, and so I hardly can say what my reaction was.

          I have to say I do not like the tenor of this conversation at all; I don’t come here to feel like I need to be walking on eggs all the time for fear of some perceived minor theoretical slight to some artist or another. If you have a specific example of my supposed hypocrisy, feel free to put it forward. Otherwise, find something less boring to talk about.

          • armerjacquino

            La C, I think this is genuinely a misunderstanding. I didn’t spot the unintentional pun- is it ‘on fire’ and auto da fe? If it’s not I feel massively stupid- so my take on this thread was that it was saying how infectious YNS’ enthusiasm is, which is a sentiment with which I thoroughly agree.

            The comparison I made with some singers was based in the fact that similar, pollyannaish tweets from the singers I mentioned have been held up to ridicule in the past- not by you, but by commenters (hence ‘people here’ in my original post, and ‘not la Cieca’ and ‘members of the cher public’ in my clarification). I genuinely wanted to know what was adorable in the YNS tweet and deserving of scorn in the other tweets- I was asking a question I hoped would spark a discussion.

            I have no specific examples of your ‘supposed hypocrisy’ because I don’t think and was not trying to suggest that you’re a hypocrite. This seems a long, involved conversation based on a crossed line- I thought this was an ‘isn’t he sweet’ thread, a sentiment with which I completely agree. I missed (and, dumbly, still do) the pun. Again, apologies.

          • Bosah

            I honestly don’t understand. I wasn’t saying you had made any slight, theoretical or otherwise. There was a discussion earlier here on Parterre of Voigt’s and De Niese’s tweets, and they were both mocked. “Why do they say these ridiculous things”, etc. Your comments weren’t part of that. I thought I had made it clear that I was speaking more generally about the site.

            If I wasn’t clear, and I suppose I can see how it wouldn’t be, I apologize.

            I have no idea what Wagner would have thought of the machine, just as I have no idea why I’m being asked the question. But…. I often have no idea about things. So…I try not to get myself stressed about it. ;)

        • OpinionatedNeophyte

          Hypocrisy is the act of intellectual or ideological consistency. Playing favorites with classical artists (or any other celebrity class) isn’t actually important a past time as to warrant the label “hypocritical.” We know that you, on principle, find any mean thing said by anyone about *any* public figure to be akin to beating a baby seal across the face with the ivory tusk of an endangered African elephant. But must you force *everyone* to endure your obsession with perfect niceness on every. single. thread. Your constant surveillance is as tedious as it is thorough.

          • armerjacquino

            Your last sentence is a zinger- well done. I am duly chastised.

            Your first two, unfortunately, make no sense at all. The first is particularly incomprehensible. Did you type them in a hurry?

            The bit in the middle seems to be a little overheated, with all its talk of seals and elephants and such. You’re right that I don’t like ‘mean things’- who does? Are you really placing yourself firmly on Team Mean?

            Because, you know, I’m perfectly happy to say when I think things are bad. Read back. I think Nadja Michael is a dreadful singer, for example. I think Natalie Dessay’s HD of La Traviata was badly sung. I think Renee Fleming can be horribly, horribly vulgar. I think Sondra Radvanovsky has pitch issues she needs to deal with. I think Deborah Voigt is nowhere near the singer she was.

            So no, I don’t think I force everyone to endure any kind of obsession of mine with ‘perfect niceness’. In this particular thread, I made a fool of myself by not clicking on the link and therefore misunderstanding la cieca’s intention in posting the thread; I’ve said as much.

            So I suppose the only remaining question is why you felt it so incumbent on you to chime in from out of the blue and analyse my contribution. You’re best placed to answer that, I suppose.

          • bluecabochon

            For God’s sake, stop stirring the pot.

          • bluecabochon

            My comment was meant for OpNeo.

        • luvtennis


          You are great and I have enjoyed many of your posts, but you can be snippy without just cause as much as anyone. And biased. As anyone (and all of us).

          So why don’t those inclined to polite discourse post politely and ignore those who don’t. That is after all the polite thing to do. So said one of greatest moralists and humorists, Ms. Manners.

      • Melot’s Younger Brother

        Wait a minute… Debbie and Dani are human?

      • mrmyster

        Cieca dear, all respects, but don’t you mean “fallen angels?”

  • Quanto Painy Fakor

    La Cieca’s tweet to the conductor was BRILLIANT -- period. The maestro raved about the ensemble being on fire and La Cieca tweeted “Ah, so I see you included the Auto-da-fé scene.” It doesn’t get better than that and hopefully the maestro got a chuckle from it too.

    • armerjacquino

      QPF- Thanks for the clarification. I didn’t realise la Cieca had replied to Nezet-Seguin’s tweet; I didn’t click on the ‘twitter’ link in the original post because I assumed that all it led to was YNS’ original tweet.

      I think this probably explains a lot…

    • Nerva Nelli

      Plus-- to get all *meta*-- who gets led away in chains from the Auto-da-fe scene?


  • Clita del Toro

    A tempest in a teapot?

  • Buster

    That is good one -- very funny!

    Seriously, though, a lot is at stake(!) for him here. Ricardo Chailly conducted the Concertgebouworchestra when this production opened, and now it is him, with the Rotterdam Philharmonic. Looking forward seeing it a lot. Too bad Andrew Richards had to give up Don Carlo during rehearsals (throat infection). He has been replaced by Massimo Giordano.
    Curious what Camilla Nylund is going to do with her part -- I would have preferred Barbara Haveman, but she seems to be asked only when someone else cancels. That is a shame, really.

    • operaguy

      Massimo Giordano as Don Carlo? WHY?

      I should seek out a grant for a world-wide tour to explain, personally, to every lyric tenor that they SHOUD NOT SING DON CARLO. It’s a dramatic role. When Verdi cast it in Italy, he used TAMAGNO! Lyrics who REALLY REALLY know what they are doing (such as Bjoerling) can manage it (as well as Rhadames), but Giordano is a neophyte who I understand wasn’t quite up to Boheme at the Met.

      • mrmyster

        Ramon Vargas sings a splendid Don Carlo. Would you rate him lyric? Spinto?
        He can mesmerize us with those poised and perfect Don Ottavios last season, and still, even now, sing a good Carlo. Rare.

  • Will

    Andrew Richards withdrew from a fairy big engagement as Gabriele Adorno a while ago and seems to be having some health problems. I do hope he’ll ultimately be OK. He has a MET debut in Carmen coming up in the not too distant future.

    • manou

      Those fairy engagements never last.

    • This does not bode well for SFE Opera’s Tosca, which looks like it is almost sold out.

  • Buster

    The orchestra was indeed on fire last Sunday, and easily dominated the entire performance.

    Ekaterina Gubanova was hot too -- she has grown immensely since I last heard her. Loved the Phillip of Mikhail Petrenko as well. Decker did not work on this production himself, which showed. Camilla Nylund, in particular, is a very bad actress, comical almost, but the entire performance looked a little stiff and uncertain.