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  • Jungfer Marianne Leitmetzerin: At one of the two performances of the Castorf “Ring” which I attended, I was seated next to a very kind... 7:17 PM
  • lorenzo.venezia: I found it fitfully fascinating. My big objection was the way he consistently undermined the important moments with... 7:02 PM
  • Jungfer Marianne Leitmetzerin: I know they have made some changes to the Regie – is it still the inflatable swimming pool and... 6:34 PM
  • manou: Wrth gwrs! 6:23 PM
  • Donna Anna: We were in Colorado when Cincinnati Opera offered Fidelio with Thomas as Florestan and Goerke as Leonora. The reports were on... 6:12 PM
  • Quanto Painy Fakor: The realization of “Ihr, da oben!” / “Was willst du dort unten?” Pfui! 6:08 PM
  • Jungfer Marianne Leitmetzerin: Cami, going back to your first question, I have now had some time to listen to some bits of the... 5:53 PM
  • Jungfer Marianne Leitmetzerin: I guess adding the “v” to a URL only works with YouTube, so the link should be: 5:35 PM

Intermission feature

Has the week really gone by so quickly? Yes, it is Sunday, and so La Cieca (not pictured) invites the cher public (left to right) to enjoy an intermission feature brimming with off-topic and general interest conversations.


  • 41
    Quanto Painy Fakor says:

    does anyone know the source of this video? TV? What program?

  • 42
    Porgy Amor says:

    Born on this day in 1917, the great Ella Fitzgerald, here singing Debussy (…sort of).

  • 43
    A. Poggia Turra says:

    Here, courtesy of Signor Grigolo’s own Twitter feed and the NYP’s Page Six, a tale of la Dolce Vita, Manhattan style:

  • 44
    WindyCityOperaman says:

    Born on this day in 1915 bass Italo Tajo

    Born on this day in 1918 dramatic soprano Astrid Varnay

    Happy 63rd birthday mezzo-soprano Cynthia Clarey

  • 45
    Krunoslav says:

    Note the spitting!!!

  • 46
    Buster says:

    Laura Aikin is Marilyn Monroe:


  • 47
  • 48
    littoraldrift says:

    Can anyone identify the Zefiro torna in the second half? Singers sound anglophone, I’m guessing early days of HIP movement/baroque revival?

    • 48.1
      cosmodimontevergine says:

      Sounds like Alfred Deller -there was a Vanguard recording in the early 60s.

  • 49
    luvtennis says:

    Dear La Cieca:

    PLEASE, PLEASE consider the following you tube excerpts for inclusion in the Unnatural Acts of OPera section!!!!!

    I admit that on some level these excerpts are the equivalent of vocal pornography, but GOD IN HEAVEN, it is soooooooooo badass.

    Also, I would be interested in whether in any Parterrians can advise as to whether the singing is due to the presence of Callas in the audience. There has to be some reason for this incredibly divine self-indulgence.

  • 50
    luvtennis says:

    Most of the performance is excerpted on youtube.

    I didn’t know Corelli could be so incredibly sensitive. He is actually a match for Vickers in that regard, at least in these performances.


  • 51
    zinka says:

    Another salute to the great Varnay at my podcast site:

  • 52
    Camille says:

    Just now returned from the repetition of HD Manon.

    What was the question again regarding the dropped earring which someone had?

    There was a promotional advertisement on “Wagner’s Dream” in which I am quite certain I spied none other than Our Very Own GUALTIER M. As one of the talking heads!!!
    Quelle thrille!

    I am in love with Piotr B.

    • 52.1
      Batty Masetto says:

      Camilly, did you see her earring head south in the Hôtel de Transylvanie?

      • 52.1.1
        Camille says:

        Yes! It landed not in the décolletage, however, but just dropped to her side, it seemed to me, and on the floor. Thereafter, of course, she had the good stage sense to remove the other and fling it, s though it had all been planned.
        Case closed. That’s the end of my Miss Marple report.

        I wish so much she would sing Manon Lescaut instead.


          Batty Masetto says:

          Thank you for your assiduous report, Miss Camille Marple. I’m so disappointed it did not wind up on Anna’s balcon after all.

          • Camille says:

            Miss Camille Marple looks forward to solving her next case, as she always gets her man.

          Rusalka says:

          Cammile, if everything goes according to plan, Netrebko will fulfil your wish. She should be Manon Lescaut in the Bavarian State Opera (2013-2014 season).

          • Camille says:

            Oh, thank you for letting me know Rusalky!

            I guess you got your man, too, but they never want you when you want them. Then it’s all over and time for the old Kiss of Death!!!! BEDA!

            What did you think of the recent Rusalka seen here on parterre from Belgium?

            Also a girl unlucky in love

  • 53
    zinka says:

    Two sudden changes for coming Walkure broadcast:

    Herman Dreckameyer and Zelda Senzavoce will appear instead of whats-their-names?

  • 54
    zinka says:

    I wonder if any sopranos today know what Zeani,at her Met debut, is all about……

  • 55
    zinka says:

    Wanna cry??Remember what she was all about….

  • 56
    Buster says:

    A perfect (birth)day to Eva-Maria Westbroek!

  • 57
    WindyCityOperaman says:

    Born on this day in 1812 composer Friedrich von Flotow

    Happy 77th birthday composer Conrad Susa

    Happy 73rd birthday soprano Olivera Miljakovic

    Happy 42nd birthday soprano Eva-Maria Westbroek

  • 58
    Henry Holland says:

    Oper Frankfurt, one of the more adventurous houses, announced their 2012/13 plans.

    Premieres: 2012/2013

    Vanessa (Barber)
    Konigskinder (Humperdink)
    Pelleas et Melisande (Debussy)
    Maria Stuarda (Donizetti)
    Giulio Cesare in Egitto (Handel)
    The Gambler (Prokofiev)
    Idomeneo (Mozart)
    Landschat mit Entfertnten Verwandten (Goebbels)
    La Fanciulla del West (Puccini)
    Rienzi (Wagner)(concert)
    Teseo (Handel)
    Les vêpres siciliennes (Verdi)
    Rappresentazione di anima e di corpo (Cavalieri)

    La Boheme (Puccini)
    Adriana Lecouvreur (Cilea)
    Khovanschina (Mussorgsky)
    L’Etoile (Chabrier)
    Le Nozze di Figaro (Mozart)
    La Traviata (Verdi)
    Ring cycle (Wagner)
    Die Fledermaus (Strauss)
    Otello (Verdi)
    Lohengrin (Wagner)
    Don Carlo (Verdi)
    Un ballo in maschera (Verdi)
    Dido and Aeneas / Duke Bluebeard’s Castle (Purcell/Bartok)

  • 59
    Satisfied says:

    Anyone go to the Julliard DON G last night? I had a ticket but my boozy office lunch turned became a but too boozy. Really curious to hear about the performance.

  • 60
    parpignol says:

    Ghosts of Versailles at Manhattan School of Music is well worth seeing; very talented young performers, and quite an interesting opera which hasn’t been heard in New York in a while. . .

    • 60.1
      brooklynpunk says:

      I waited too long to get tickets…and the two remaining performances are completely sold out…

      : (