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  • Camille: I MUST post THIS—as it has finally appeared on youtube—! httpv:// m/watch?v=yxPkweUO 5EI As a two year old, I was... 2:33 AM
  • joggerboy: Can you recommend a good recording of FROSCH? I’ve never been able to get into it. 2:13 AM
  • Camille: Just very recently I was looking up something about Anna Moffo and happened to notice this Sweethearts appearance was marked... 2:03 AM
  • Camille: What’s BOLSHOI for neuterED, then? Russian is just too damn much work! It’s more work than German, even! 1:50 AM
  • Jungfer Marianne Leitmetzerin: Then you can cut her some slack as it was seven years after her last Met performances. Both she and Merrill... 1:38 AM
  • Camille: Jungfer–sorr y, but I have been out all day and I have to tell you— -I have no idea how we got to view it –Monsieur... 1:26 AM
  • Sanford: You know, no one worships Moffo more than I do but that wasn’t her finest hour. 12:40 AM
  • grimoaldo: Yes, utterly wonderful, thank you SO much CC and La C for posting this. As for the Troyanos/Anderson Cesare, never knew of... 12:22 AM

The intermission feature must go on

The cher public is reminded not to touch the ladies of the ensemble as they discuss off-topic and general interest subjects during the week of March 4.


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    Liz.S says:

    Did you guys hear about this fist fight during Muti & CSO concert?

    First marimba @ NYP, now this… Seems anything can happen at concert halls in the US. What an exciting place to be as a concertgoer… (satire intended)

    • 81.1
      bobsnsane says:

      Hi Liz!

      I was at the Hill Auditorium performance
      in Ann Arbor, MI
      and as a roving Parterrian,
      seated 8 rows back @ $120…
      I can report
      absolutely nothing -- by way of any audience participation…
      gee, they must have been some ‘high frequency hits’
      because they escaped my ears.

      I confess I got swept away by Muti and
      the amazing Brahms.
      ‘Pinkie’ Zuckerman was ON for the violin concerto,
      (far better than I expected) -- the orchestra simply shined.
      Then, a remarkably fine,detailed
      and for me
      “uneventful” -- 2nd Symphony…
      I don’t think it could have been any better…
      yes, I would say
      they knocked the stuffing out of that music.

      But I was dismayed
      by all of the electronic devices
      in the audience --
      though nobody ‘chirped up’ or ‘acted out’…
      that I could see so, I guess
      never mind.

      • 81.1.1
        Nerva Nelli says:

        What did the orchestra shine?

      • 81.1.2
        bobsnsane says:

        -- the fisticuffs occurred THURSDAY night
        in Chicago
        not at last night’s concert in Ann Arbor…
        and it’s got to be over Orchestra Hall’s
        unassigned seating,
        in their premium priced box seats @
        a whopping $240 --
        with the apparent ‘expectation’
        that those in the front row will offer
        to exchange seats with those in the back row…for the second work on the program…
        it’s always awkward --
        further, it’s foolish
        for the box office and the fund raisers not to raise the already hefty price on the front row of the box --
        what with ‘dynamic’ ticketing and all.
        Right now in Chicago -- it can get you a shiner.

      • 81.1.3
        Liz.S says:

        Hi, Bob!
        Wonderful to hear about Ann Arbor concert. I was at Frühbeck de Burgos & Dresdner in Joyzee last night. Gautier Capuçon was marvelous. It was so out-of-this-worldly beautiful, but I was not really impressed with Dresdner. It could be that BPO sound a couple of weeks ago was still in my ear… unfortunately or fortunately…

        Loved your poetic description --

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    Feldmarschallin says:

    Das war bei Marina Poplavskaya, die mit dieser Aufführungsserie ihr Hausdebüt feiert, leider nicht der Fall. Überraschender Weise konnte man von der Stimme der Sängerin dem ersten Eindruck nach kaum auf ihr eigentlich noch recht jugendliches Alter schließen. Der Auftrittsarie Amelias, die ganz aus Naturstimmung erblüht, wurde sie kaum gerecht, weil es ihrem Sopran dafür am notwendigen Feingefühl und der „schwebenden Lyrik“ ermangelte. In der höheren Lage kamen die Töne oft wenig klangschön und bei etwas forcierter gesungenen Spitzentönen vibrierte die Stimme bereits ausgesprochen stark. In den dramatischen Passagen verfügte sie über einige Durchschlagskraft, was – je nach Szene – durchaus passend war

    • 82.1
      MontyNostry says:

      But doesn’t this German critic realise that Frau Poplawskaja has become a diva of choice for Verdi and French heroines in London and New York -- despite her increasingly evident lack of vocal and temperamental suitability to either?

      • 82.1.1
        Feldmarschallin says:

        well you can keep her in NY and London. I hope she doesn’t get invited back here since her Violetta was horrible and people walked out after the first act.

  • 83
    WindyCityOperaman says:

    Born on this day in 1749 librettist Lorenzo da Ponte

    born on this day in 1892 composer Arthur Honegger

    born on this day in 1892 soprano Eva Turner

    born on this day in 1908 bass-baritone Owen Brannigan

  • 84
    phoenix says:

    This thread has gotten so unwieldly … I don’t even think the Norns in Act 1 Scene 1 of Götterdämmerung would find it usable anymore.
    -> This comment is in response to a Castafiore gem dropped last night, but I am finding it difficult to figure out where to respond, so I have to come here.
    Thanks again to Castafiore for bringing up fond memories of Novruz, the Persian New Year and Spring Festival holiday. Although it is being celebrated in U.S. mostly at Islamic Centers, the holiday actually predates Islam and was probably some kind of Spring Equinox festival in pre-history times. It was part of the original Zoroastrian religious calendar. In Azerbaijian it is celebrated as a family holiday sort of like our Thanksgiving or Easter. Relatives come over for dinner and singles have get-together parties. I was in Baku in 1989 during Novruz. There were some special shows at the soccer games and a local parade. The kids painted what looked like [Easter] eggs and then went on [Easter] egg hunts for them — a custom they might have picked up from the Russians — I don’t know for sure . When families with young kids got together, gifts were given to the youngsters, who often went out into the neighborhood to show everybody what they got. I remember one little boy coming up to me with a goldfish in water bowl, telling how happy he was to have such a wonderful gift.
    -> Castafiore, you are correct that the Azerbaijians (with the exception of a very few minorityTati tribes) no longer speak a Persian dialect, but in ancient Azerbaijian (known as ‘Caucasian Albania’ by the Latin Romans) Old Azari, a Persian derived language, was spoken up until the invasion of the Oghuz Confederacy of the Seljuk Turks between 11th & 16th century AD, the result of which Azerbaijian became part of Timur’s Eastern Turkish Empire; so now almost everyone in present-day secular Azerbaijian speaksTurkic-based Azeri.
    -> This doesn’t have much to do with opera, please permit me to indulge a shot of my favorite architecture in the world; the Seljuk Turks:

  • 85
    Feldmarschallin says:

    Pictures and video of the new Parsifal from Lyon.
    Looks great.

    • 85.1
      sterlingkay says:

      This is the MET co-production that’s coming next year. I guess they had a lot of technical issues and had to cancel the first performance this week. It does look great.

  • 86
    oedipe says:

    Re Parsifal:
    Well folks, I am happy to report that Mr. Gelb has (finally) gotten himself a WINNER.
    But maybe I will wait for La Cieca to open the next Intermission in order to say more about it.

  • 87
    zinka says:

    Just putting in my due Lire in regard to Mr.Bell’s scathing,poop-filled
    remarks about my dear buddy,James “La Cieca” Jorden. Naturally, we are
    entitled to our individual opinions, but I heartily disagree with Mr.Bell
    for the following reasons:

    Totally separating myself from our friendship, and
    imagining I came upon his reviews as a new onlooker in the NY Post and
    Parterre, I would say that his most intelligent opera reviews and his
    knowledge of opera are enriching to both the experienced opera-goer and to
    the newer generation. One does not have to be a trained musician in order to
    explain and analyze some of the most intricate details of singing and
    staging, as noted in his product.
    I dare say that a multitude of subscribers to Opera-l are
    totally capable, trained musicians or not, to make total sense out of what
    we experince and to write superbly crafted essays on the vocal art.
    Turning to our relationship of more than 25 years, James
    has been a treasurable inspiration to me personally, and as I approach one
    million downloads on the podcast site he set up for me, I am most
    grateful;in addition,he is a fine teacher and has shown this novice in the
    world of computers so much,owing to his skills and infinite patience.
    Many well-known opera singers have expressed their
    respect and admiration for his contribution to our “education,’ and he also
    has the ability to combine humor (almost as tasteful as mine) with serious
    When I retired from regular teaching, there was a huge
    void in my life, a void filled by what James has done as a mentor in my
    life. I have therefore been most fortunate to “spread the word’ to others
    through my audio and video podcasts, thereby helping to educate the next
    generation as to the treasures that are out there.(Even Rene Fleming’s tapes.)
    Well,that’s all folks, and i hope Mr.Bell will become a
    permanent member of Parterre and learn that in some ways he has been the
    REAL “cieca.”

    • 87.1
      phoenix says:

      What a sincere compliment you give. I am sure that James has learned just as much valuable expertise from you as you have from him during that quarter-century. Long may you ‘mentor’!

  • 88
    zinka says:

    I may have posted this…but in case you need a laugh,…..