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Thank you for your patience!

Cher public, the issues that have been plaguing over the past week escalated tonight until the site crashed. It’s back up with limited features now, and we hope to be restored 100% by early Friday. Bless you all!


  • La Valkyrietta says:

    Ernani mania, love it!

  • La Valkyrietta says:

    And here is what Wagner’s future father-in-law on Ernani.

  • Bluessweet says:

    Not to beat dead horses but….

    A week or so ago, we had some carping about Meade’s voice and her accumulation of awards.

    Since then, we have had a new (and very generous) award and a triumph in Ernani at the MET. I hope to see her for the first time at the Ernani encore HD, so I still do not have an opinion (or dog, if you prefer to be folksy) in the vocal prowess fight, but “just sayin.”

    As for the other fight, that about monetary awards, let me repeat what I have said earlier and add an insight that I just received:

    It’s the awarders’ money and they can give it to the person(s) they feel deserving. While anyone might wish to offer their own “better” candidate and, certainly, there is always situational politics e.g. “We needed to award a tenor this time,” (although all the mezzos were much better singers,) the decision is really the awarders’ to make. Meade, having won many such awards, seems to have beaten the odds against those “political” decisions.

    Here’s the fresh insight, taken from an AVA grad who is a few years behind Meade but up and coming:

    “It’s amazing how sacred voice lessons become when they are no longer free.”

    To which statement the reply was (and not from me):

    “welcome to the “glamorous” life of being out of school.”

    This artist did say to me, “I really do appreciate the four years of free lessons at AVA,” so the comment is really about how much it costs young artists to keep up the struggle to make an entrée into an operatic career.

    You try flying to Europe travel all over the continent and feed an house yourself for a coupe of weeks just to audition for roles and positions with companies you probably have only a slim chance of winning on an immediate post school income.

    • bluecabochon says:

      What do you mean by free voice lessons? Don’t AVA students pay tuition?

      • MontyNostry says:

        As I understand it, all AVA tuition is free to the students. Fantastic, really -- and the place does turn out some fine young artists.

  • Bluessweet says:

    And this from February 6, and this time I’m giving you the name, since he IS an established star:

    Larry Brownlee

    “ Some might think it strange that Yesterday I made my Carnegie Hall debut. Today, on my way to Bloomington, IN to see my voice teacher for lessons, (gulp). Guess what…we never stop being students.”

    I’ve had the pleasure to meet many of the artists who do their best to entertain us and I have the utmost respect for what they do and how they do it. True, not all of them are always the best singers in the world but they all deserve our respect.

    • louannd says:

      I would love to hear that Carnegie Hall recital. I finally got to hear him live in Houston in the Barber. A glorious voice to be sure. The look on his face said it all: IT”S WORKING!

    • Quanto Painy Fakor says:

      I hope this will lead to the long awaited MET debut of Giada de Laurentiis and Lucinda Scala Quinn singing “Mira Enorma”

  • Camille says:

    i can’t stand to listen to GD again, after Ernani. I am AWOL der verfluechter Reif.