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  • Lady Abbado: I’ve just noticed several other “for-the-fir st-time-in-a-live- performance” in Gheorghiu’s (very... 9:23 AM
  • Lohengrin: London-Ticket-Pric es (sold out!) £125 £95 £85 £50 £40 £30 6:49 AM
  • NPW-Paris: Five to 175 euros here. 6:36 AM
  • manou: Yes – he is coming to London in October. I have just given my tickets away because we shall be abroad on the day. Not that... 3:42 AM
  • schweigundtanze: The “O soave fanciulla” with Opolais is fantastic! It reminds me of Simoneau and Alarie’s recording. 3:34 AM
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Out with the auld

“There comes a time in every woman’s life when the only thing that helps is a glass of champagne,” says La Cieca (pictured, left).  As she prepares to bid 2011 adieu, your doyenne invites the cher public (artist’s conception, right) to join her in making a few resolutions for 2012.

La Cieca’s resolutions:

  • Getting past the technical issues of the past week. (This should be accomplished quite shortly.)
  • Devising an “anchor” post each morning so early bird parterriani will have someplace to start the daily chatter.
  • Attending more and varied opera performances, not just the obvious A-list opening nights. (There’s more to New York than the Met.)
  • Reviving (at least on an occasional basis) Unnatural Acts of Opera.
  • And finally, getting some kind of surgical intervention on that unsightly wattle.


  • kashania says:

    Great resolutions, all, La Cieca (especially the occasional Unnatural Act) though I’m sure the last resolution is an overstatement!

    • Rory Williams says:

      Oh, I love the idea of a Parterrian NYR fest. I can imagine a few for some of my especial faves and what they might resolve, but I (as an almost 100% lurker) would love to hear what people actually resolve, opera-wise. And, yes, Manou, OpNeo, Maury, Ivy, and of course LaC her/him/itself, plus so many more, … I’m a-waiting!

  • zinka says:

    To all you wonderful people…who make my life so happy ALL year…

    Love from Charlie

  • zinka says:

    My New Year’s Revolution:

    To stop calling Bing Crosby, Frankie Vallie, Perry Como, Fabian Forte, Vic Damone, and Patti Page DFD clones.

    and if you believe that, then La Cieca sounds like Emma Calve.

  • prunier says:

    Bravo to your resolution to attend more varied operatic offerings around the city. In the past year, some of my most memorable (and afforcable) operagoing experiences have been at the DiCapo Opera Theatre, Gotham Chamber Opera, Regina Opera, Dell’Arte Opera Ensemble, Chelsea Opera, and Martina Arroyo’s Prelude to Performance Series. You might discover a star in the making. With NYCO’s offerings so drastically diminished, it will be interesting to see if any of these intrepid smaller groups can step up to fill some of that gap, and whether they will start to attract bigger audiences.

  • Dawson says:

    Another resolution should be getting the inestimable Ercole Farnese back on board. Where is he?

  • Camille says:

    WATTLE? Better a wattle than a wobble I always say.

    I want to express my gratitude to La Divina Doyenne for two things: first, the New York Opera Calendar, much improved, which has become my indispensable guide to goings-on of opera. No more rattling around looking for the goddam Met ticket service calendar! Secondly, the new Intermission Feature, an efficacious solution to those pesky off-topic highway robber barons, moi-meme included, and a solution for slow days.

    The Podcast would be welcomed by me. I’ve wondered what had become of them.

    Anyway, many thanks to many a fine soul out there in cyberspace who has patiently explained to me or provided information of a rare kind. It is truly such a lovely thing to have the opportunity to share my great love of music with so many persons that otherwise I would never have known!! Thank you for that, Cieca Mamma!!And I promise, as my personal resolution, to learn how to write even LONGER reviews--I’m thinking Henry James here.

    Anyway, the Mayan calendar tells us the End is Neigh, so I guess we should gather our rosebuds while we may.

    • manou says:

      Wattles are wont to wobble.

      • Camille says:

        And Wobblers often are Gobblers! And sobbing wobbling gobblers are sodden sotted silly bobblers.

        Oh jesus! Where is Betsy-Ann-Bobolincka??!
        BETSY! Yoo-hoo there gal--it’s Time for THE LIST!!! We are waiting for thy manna to descend upon our unworthy heads, to gobble up the wobbly polliwogs of Treasure, no Fantasy, no Gilligan’s-what the hell is it—ISLAND!!!

        We is goin’ for BA-ROKE tomorrow!!!

  • manou says:

    Pappano has just been knighted in the New Year’s Honours List -- he is now Sir Antonio.

  • Hans Lick says:

    Who’s your buddy, Cieca? Hot! Looks like Miriam Hopkins. (SO good in The Ordeal of Temple Drake!)

    My resolutions are:

    1) Not to go to EVERYTHING just because I’m adding another opera to my (bulging) list. Pick and choose. Even Don Giovanni slowed down eventually. (Peter Gelb’s statue knocks on my door: “I have a pair of tickets to an utterly routine Tosca in that production you love so much!”)

    2) To be somewhat rational with my finances. And housecleaning.

    3) To lock my heart and throw away the key.

    4) To put together some sort of exercise routine in this aging carcass so that it does not FEEL quite so aging. Yoga maybe. Bike riding of a cert.

    5) To get my play staged, my novel submitted, my poetry scattered hither and yon, and a few resumes out because one must eat.

    6) To learn to cook as long as I’m eating. (And may have to renounce gluten again.)

    • Camille says:


      Do get that poetry published, please.

      I hope very much things are going better would that you will get a raft of reviews to written this year, as I always look forward to them and learn something new and of interest.

      Very best wishes for a Happy New Year. Don’t throw away the key--you never know when you may need it….

  • Hans Lick says:

    …or do I mean The Trial of Temple Drake?

  • Camille says:

    Also this, as I’ve just now been reflecting on this:

    “Che non v’e al mondo peccatore,
    Cui non s’apra una via di redenzione,
    Sappia ognuno di voi chiudere in se--
    Una suprema verita d’amore!”

    It’s Minnie’s own take on her reading to the ‘boys’ of one of David’s psalms. I hope that for you all, as for myself it always has been so, the pursuit of the lyric art is a ‘via di redenzione’--a way to redemption and that it leads to that same ‘suprema verita d’amore’--whatever that may be for each one of you.

    Joyous and prosperous (!) New Year to one and all. I’m off to locate one of my finest old friends, la Grande Dame, Veuve Clicquot.

    PAX et BONUM--