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  • Lohenfal: I hesitate to jump into this fray, but the text of Schiller’s play would tend to justify La C.’s interpretation.... 8:54 PM
  • davidzalden: I would love to return to Santa Fe — one of the most beautiful spots on earth and a wonderful, magical place for opera!... 8:51 PM
  • laddie: When are you coming back to Santa Fe? We truly need you DZA. 8:09 PM
  • laddie: “Nudity is not in the libretto…But that was the extent of any apologies.” Yes, armerj, an astute observation. 8:06 PM
  • phoenix: I’m sure your site would go on quite well without any of us, but Mme. manou entertains like no one else does – Do I... 7:49 PM
  • Cicciabella: vilbastarda took the words right out of my mouth. 7:48 PM
  • antikitschychick: Batty writes: “I suppose it would be possible for Camille to hand her suitors a used tampon instead of a red... 7:46 PM
  • vilbastarda: I truly appreciate Manousplainings, they are informative and funny, and always kind. I love her play on words. Very much... 7:13 PM

Out there in the dark: intermission feature

La Cieca insists you, the cher public, observe the “no whispering” rule during the performance, but, come intermission time, you are encouraged to chatter on and on about anything and nothing this week of November 27.


  • zinka says:


    Not much left at the end…but so what??This lady,born Dec.2, 1923….made opera what it SHOULD be….Yes,we know of her flaws..but the greatest in the woman was something that will remain forever in our hearts.

  • zinka says:


    In his later years, I became friendly with dear Frank Guarrera, born Dec.3, 1923. He had so many wonderful stories…..including playing cards with Baccaloni and De Paolis, who played cards with Caruso..and keeping the lip imprints of all the Butterfly sopranos with whom he sang as Sharpless (They kiss the letter in act 2 ). He knew the basic voice was not a Merrill or a Warren, but the man was a fabulous artist and a beloved human being.

  • Buster says:

    A great Octavian on another great Octavian:

    I have been listening a lot to the Fritz Reiner Rosenkavalier with Risë Stevens, Eleanor Steber, and Erna Berger from 1949 -- just stunning! Steber incredibly sympathetic too. Who would have guessed this was Steber’s debut as the Marschallin?

    • Nerva Nelli says:

      “Steber incredibly sympathetic too. Who would have guessed this was Steber’s debut as the Marschallin?”


      “Certainly not us boys from the “bird” circuit who saw our great pal have a screaming lovers’ quarrel with Ethel Waters the night before and fall dead drunk on her (too padded) backside down the Blue Parrot’s front stairs. My stars, I don’t know HOW such an undiscplined, boozy mess as she was ever made it through that “Silberne Ros’n”! There’s an internationally known retired Annina here in Santa Fe that swears up and down that Eleanor consumed a whole bottle of Johhnie Walker whilst they made her up for Act Three!”

  • louannd says:

    Here is a link to watch the entire production of Rouslan et Ludmilla from Moscow on Arte Live Web:

    I have no idea what this opera is about, yet, as I did not heed the advice of the Opera Cake to read the synopsis beforehand. However, it is so beautiful to look at and listen to that I cannot take my eyes off of it.