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More innovative casting from

  • Indiana Loiterer III

    Clearly intended for the Big Hollywood market. (Who says Regie is necessarily left-leaning?)

  • LOL, but seriously, once this DVD is actually released y’all have to watch it. It’s a FANTASTIC production. Arguably the funniest thing about this listing is the idea that it is G-rated, though.

    • It’s been high on my wish list for awhile now, and since Christmas is *just* around the corner…

      • Satisfied

        Ever since I read your review, UZ, I’ve been very keen on seeing this production. I went to the Unitelclassica site to try and buy the DVD, but no luck. (Coincidentally, I did notice that the Salonen “Makropulos Case” from the Salzberg festival will be released in the future…good times).

        Anyone have an idea on where/how to buy? I’d rather not use a third-party seller.

    • Often admonished

      It’s another Christoph Loy production. After the “success” of his Salzburg FROSCH (set during the Decca recording with Böhm) he’s got the water and forest folk to inhabit the film set of Assasins.

      Saves him thinking. Of anything.

  • Quanto Painy Fakor

    Marvellous. I wonder if Stallone is the tenor, the bass or Jezibaba.

    • In this production it’s a pretty safe bet he’s Vodnik, the “Josef Fritzl” abusive father to Rusalka.

      • Andrew Powell

        Josef Fritzl shows up not only here but also as Rocco in Munich’s equally perverted “Fidelio.”

        You would think these director-jerks (Kušej and Bieito) would tire of their own clichés!

        At the première, Kušej, faced with boos, stepped forward to the apron, arms wide, and beckoned the crowd to “bring it on!”

        Not shown is the new bride/slaughtered deer scene. Kušej seizes on the minor character of the forester to lecture Bavarians on their hunting habits.

        Actually, the thing is well sung, and superbly conducted (Tomáš Hanus, the other new Munich-discovered podium talent alongside Carydis). Günther Groissböck, the Vodník (above) is especially effective.

        To my knowledge the DVD has been around for three months. Contact Ludwig Beck, the CD store here, and ask them to ship. It might work.

    • Camille

      Wrong all three; he’s the Foreign Princess.

      • Talk of the Town

    • He sounds like a pushed down baritone to me. You know, overdarkening the tone and all that!

  • SF Guy

    And this Rodelinda looks intriguing:

    (Philip Seymour Hoffman could make a great Garibaldo…)

    • Will

      That cast looks very interesting!

  • perfidia

    If Julianne Moore had the voice, she would make a great Rusalka. She can look so otherwordly.

    • SF Guy

      If Miss Moneypenny can do Amneris, why not? Anything is possible in the movies.

      • Gualtier M

        Actually Italy in the forties and fifties had a lot of movie stars in opera movies and opera stars in regular movies. Toti Dal Monte, Mario Petri and Elena Nicolai used to act in comedies and dramas many without a musical or operatic element. Also, Gina Lollobrigida didn’t only do the Nedda in the “Pagliacci” movie with Gobbi. The Rome Opera did a series of opera shorts -- 20 minute highlight recensions. One of these features from the 40’s was a shortened 20 minute “Lucia di Lammermoor”. The actress miming Lucia is billed as “Anna Lollobrigida” but is a dead ringer for the teenaged Gina. One Liliana Rossi does the singing in a period perfect “voce infantile” of the Pagliughi variety. Tito Gobbi plays Enrico in a kilt and knee length plaid socks. This movie short was available as a bonus on the “Glass Mountain” dvd put out by Stefan Zucker’s Bel Canto Society.

        We all know about Sophia Loren in the “Aida” but also the “La Favorita” movies.

  • rysanekfreak

    Have any of our Region 2 parterreans seen Young Toscanini with Elizabeth Taylor as operatic soprano Mme. Bulichoff? (voice by Millo I think) That is one DVD that I would love to see, and now that La Liz is gone, the injunctions against its US release could and should be lifted.

    • armerjacquino

      Haven’t seen it, rf, but LOOK!

      Ought to be viewable on a laptop at the very least.

    • Camille

      Rysanekfreak, if it is any use to you I can tell you this much: I have seen an extended section of this remarkable film (the portion of which when Liz/Aida is on the stage and goes out of character) on the U.S. PBS television program “Classic Arts Showcase”, two times in the last four years or so. As I would love to get that film myself, maybe someone out there knows a bit more.

      • armerjacquino

        Sigh. Invisible again.

    • paddypig

      you don’t have to let PAL or region 2 dvds scare you if you have a flat screen tv and a multi-system dvd player. most phillips dvd players will play pal or ntsc and most can be hacked to me made region-free, i think i have the 5960 phillips and I just had to enter a five digit code into the remote control to get to the screen that controls regions and change from region one to region 0. The codes are available free online for many dvd players. Generally Phillips are easy to recode and many of those cheap $20 dvd players are already code free. Panasonic, Sony and toshiba generally are more difficult and hack codes not always available. either that or be lazy and just order a region free multi system dvd player from B and H photo or J and R music here in New YOrk. It realaly makes it easier when one travels to pick up interesting dvds not available here in the states. I have many european dvds

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  • Cuban_Stallion

    Does this mean that today is a slow news day?

  • operaassport

    Does Stallone sing the Witch?

  • RRnest Thesiger

    IIRC the Lucia was the whole opera: