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Bloomberg’s Zinta Lundborg, best known for sharing a single eye and a single tooth with Manuela Hoelterhoff, overlooked the opera on Wednesday night and instead reviewed the PR for Dark Sisters. When a man writes like this, we call it “bitchy,” so when a woman does it, can’t we call her “dickish?”  

Well, anyway, the dickish Lundborg certainly does have a good deal of PR to snipe at: for example, this stomach-churning coverage of the opera’s opening night in the Wall Street Journal, all Kanye West, Kiehl’s and Isaac Mizrahi. And, next time, maybe the WSJ’s photographer could remember to recharge her flash? The afterparty looks like it was thrown at Minnie and Roman Castevet’s apartment in the Bramford.

  • m. croche

    I need help here. Following La C’s link, I read:

    “Oh boy. I mean, we weren’t expecting dancing Mormonettes, but the new opera, “Dark Sisters,” by hotshot composer Nico Muhly is so amazingly ghastly you really might want to check it out for yourself.
    Wailing onstage while looking solemnly aggrieved are five women married to the same Mormon creep. Their children have been taken from them in a police raid that is inspired by real events in Texas not so long ago. One wife breaks free, but without moaning anything memorable; her pious daughter stays behind to marry an old guy. You’d think the women might have come to some interesting insights into their lives and friendships. But they just utter platitudes in playwright Stephen Karam’s inert libretto which Muhly has outfitted with yards of anodyne music. The whole production came off like a sketch, though all the singers were good.”

    “Dickish” the review might be (I haven’t seen the opera & have no opinion on the subject), but I’m not sure it’s fair to say that Lundborg “overlooked the opera and instead reviewed the PR.” What am I missing?

    • Maybe a bit of a stretch, true. But I think calling the composer “hotshot” in the first sentence is evidence of a chip on the shoulder.

  • operagirl40

    BITCHY? DICKISH? Why not just call it CRAP?

  • Will

    Perhaps because none of the other professional reviews, including the one by the resident Doyenne, would come near to supporting the use of that word.

  • Quanto Painy Fakor

    And from the photo from the after party looks like Muhly is not going to age very well either.

    • Quanto Painy Fakor

      He could at least put on a suit for his MET premiere. That little black cardigan with the décolleté black T shirt may be dark but it’s more suitable for a cleaning lady at a funeral.

      • armerjacquino

        He wrote the bloody opera, he can wear whatever the hell he likes.

        • Pelleas

          While bitching at his collaborators about what *they* wear, apparently.

          “Girl, what are those jeans?” indeed.

        • ianw2

          When I have my ROH premiere in 2019, I am going to wear shorts, just to send the more delicate Parterriani reaching for the salts.

          • Camille

            You’ll freeze your arse off, ianw.

            What will your opera be about, please, and pretty please, no Mormons.

          • ianw2

            It’s called “Where’s My Bitches At” and is the touching story of a lesbian dog trainer and her alsatian. Mark Ravenhill is doing the libretto, Sher directs.

          • lorenzo.venezia

            now THAT’s worth waiting for, shorts or no shorts.!

          • Camille

            I await with bated breath.

            Come on, now, what is the REAL op’ry you are working on? How about one on the courtship of Kate Middleton?

    • Satisfied

      OMG…I so didn’t want to be the bitch to say it: but really, what happened!?!? He had all us dansy boys in a flutter before. Now…not so much.

      • Batty Masetto

        — Come mai diventaste sì grosso?
        — A chi salta succede così.

        • lorenzo.venezia

          hic Rhodus, his salta!

        • lorenzo.venezia

          hic Rhodus, hic salta!

          • lorenzo.venezia

            hic Rhodus, hic salsa!

          • Batty Masetto

            Hic rosé, hic…cup…

          • Camille

            hic, haec, hoc,
            in the cups, hiccups!

  • Nerva Nelli

    The Joan Didion overhearing-worthy

    “Extreme religious concentration is hot right now”

    yields to the opposite of “No gay friends?”:

    “I think it has a kind of Japanese monk effect,” Mr. Muhly said, as he greeted well-wishers including the puppeteer Basil Twist, the musician Rufus Wainwright, the actor Jonathan Groff and the theater and opera director Bartlett Sher, who will stage Mr. Muhly’s new opera, “Two Boys,” during a coming season of the Metropolitan Opera.


    “But I went to public school, I’m just a boy from Scranton, Pa.,” [‘fresh-faced’ librettist Stephen Karam, 31] went on. “How did we get here? I mean Isaac Mizrahi was here. I’ve watched ‘Unzipped’ so many times my head hurts.”
    Mr. Karam, sporting a gray suit he bought at the Barneys warehouse sale, explained that “in the real world” his clothing consists of “lesbian wear.” But Mr. Muhly, who Mr. Karam described as “very fashion forward,” has been amping up his style quotient.
    “When I first met Nico, he said, ‘Girl, what are those jeans?'” Mr. Karam recalled. “They were $40 from Macy’s. “Nico has raised my game. Then again, tonight, Isaac was wearing a running suit.”

    • ianw2

      Is this a Young People Speak Like Young People shocker?

      • thirdlady

        only if you’re defining “young” rather generously…

        • ianw2

          In opera terms, they’re practically embryonic.

    • Quanto Painy Fakor

      This pianist and this composer could really write music.

    • Quanto Painy Fakor

      That photo of Sher is “stomach churning” that’s for sure.

    • brooklynpunk


      THESE DAYS…WTF is meant by the real dated, and very creepy expression, “lesbian wear…”….??

  • brooklynpunk

    La C:

    ..wasn’t Minnie and Roman’s apartment supposed to be in …THE DAKOTA….?

    ( or was that another Coven…?—lol!)

    • The Dakota was used for exterior shots of the building which in the novel and film was called “The Bramford.”