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  • "Let’s bet, when she has to get off. Hopefully not, but it is far too much." - Lohengrin
  • "I’d be happy to, but after Bayreuth I head to Salzburg,..." - Jungfer Marianne Leitmetzerin
  • "U: Judge for yourself. Here is Kampe’s schedule: 25. Juli..." - Jungfer Marianne Leitmetzerin
  • "JML, please report back from Bayreuth, about the Tristan especially. I was..." - PCally
  • "First, drop the ad hominems. This is not a playground. Second, you are perfectly..." - m. croche
  • "Do you think that the T&I on August, 13th will be already too late? U" - umangialaio
  • "Do you thhing that the T&I on August, 13th will be alreadt too late? U" - umangialaio
  • "An hour after the police were there." - redbear

Wunderkinder in mirror are larger than they appear

Composer Nico Muhly took a break between operatic world premieres to order a daiquiri and talk to our own JJ about height, haters and flight path. [Capital New York] (Photo: Peter Ross)