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Mesdames, messieurs, and others: here it is, your weekly chance to shine in off-topic badinage, chitchat, persiflage, raillery, repartee and small talk.

  • zinka

    I do not know why my Leyla Videos did not come out..but she is all over Youtube…My birthday podcast can be found on:

    Here is the intro:

    A special birthday tribute (Oct.10) to the great soprano Leyla Gencer. Included are scenes from Anna Bolena, Saffo (Pacini), and Roberto Devereux. I have always considered her one of the most interesting and versatile artists. (67 min.) (Photo is from 1972 when I was young.)

  • zinka

    1992…Imagine sounding like THIS at her opera farewell..One of the all-time greats!!!!!

  • zinka

    In the rare event that you have been living in Uranus(Is that a pun??) for years…listen to THE B NATURAL..Held 15 seconds…..