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The world of tomorrow

“Sony Classical is proud to announce the signing of an exclusive recording contract with Plácido Domingo. This new agreement brings the legendary singer back to the company where his unparalleled recording career started in the late 1960s. Sony Classical’s catalog boasts many of his milestone recordings, and the renewed collaboration between Mr. Domingo and the label promises to explore new repertoire areas and showcase fascinating new aspects of this great artist.” [via Slipped Disc]


  • manou says:

    We await his Angel of the Agony in “The Dream of Geriatrics”.

  • phoenix says:

    Trema, o vil schiavi! Do as you have been told by SONY, DG & Gelb — buy those Domingo, Levine and yes, even those overrated abysmal old Behrens & Scotto things! Do not offend the Costa Nostra of the classical music business!

  • perfidia says:

    I wish they’d lose a mint and a half. That is the only thing that will stop the flogging of that gelding. But in a world that made Mrs. Lloyd Weber a superstar, I rather doubt it.

  • zinka says:

    As part of his new contract, Placido will undergo a failed vasectomy and star in a remake of the great Assterpiece, “Glen or Glenda.” It will be directed by the grandson of Kurt Baum and will star La Cieca as ANGORA.

    It will be coming soon to a theatre in Iran.

  • fistfull says:

    is there no shame with this man…… he has more money he could ever want or need…the ego has put so many fine tenors out of the public eye because he spent most of the last 30 years blocking others from entering the sand box….then conducting (lord knows how many could have had a chance to be found out instead of watching someone conducting behind the orchest.)as of late he is threatening other great baritones from finding the light.. now this crazy recording trip … who the hell cares… go and promote the young ( o yes the ” young sopranos” will not touch him any more… the only cheap thrill is this power hungry cd dvd and the constant reinventing of the CAreer called DOMINGO…. barf

    • brooklynpunk says:

      “… he has more money he could ever want or need…”

      ,,..are YOU his personal Banker…or financial advisor..?.”

      …Just asking, NOT TO CAUSE A FIGHT WITH YOU.. ( and I have no fierce connection/fawning fan-hood/ with Senor D.)..BUT… it always puzzles me when someone makes this off-handed remark, as if it is AN UNDENIABLE FACT.(.unless they are accompaning it with a copy of the bank-book of the person in question….)

      • fistfull says:

        …so you really wanna ruff the math ??

        on this sight there are not even all concerts but a ruff number of 239 performances …..not including positions of director of companies, plus his dvd an cd , HD broadcasts %,plus the unknown businesses he owns….. his expen. are covered by every venue, living / travel….but ok let us go with just the nights

        239 x $10,000( which is the highest fee the met pays, which I am sure is not the case anymore) that comes to $2,390,000 I promise you he is singing for much more then this probably on average 15,000 -- 20,000 EURO and in many cases 30 if not 50,000

        Do we really need bank books which are probably Swiss with a minimum of 10% taxation

  • grimoaldo says:

    As brooklynpunk says re money:

    “it always puzzles me when someone makes this off-handed remark, as if it is AN UNDENIABLE FACT.”

    I would also like some evidence other than mere assertion that PD blocked first other fine tenors, then conductors and now baritones. I just don’t believe that is the case.

    • fistfull says:

      it is not he himself(even though their is some nobility in not signing contracts when you know you could be promoting someone younger talent who sings in german without getting the words wrong with a poor spanish accent)

      it is the brand name Domingo, example why is it has taken this long for us not to see some 60 year old man singing Siegmund or (With a 30? Pape as Gurnemanz) as Parsifal at the Met, finally the young talents are getting their shot but there is some 2 generations which never got the chance, only one example.

  • zinka says:

    YO…Placido…You is sure branching out……………………….

  • perfidia says:

    In the absence of new repertoire, what keeps opera exciting is new performers that can bring new insights into the same old standards. I used to adore Domingo. That recital with Milnes at the Met is one of my favorite recordings of all time, but he hasn’t had anything interesting to say in a long time, and his excursions into the baritone repertoire have not been distinguished. I don’t know for a fact that he stopped anybody from getting a star making break, but his omnipresence at the Met couldn’t have been good for that institution, and it probably allowed them to be complacent. I would have preferred the live from the Met telecast of Pique Dame to have the singers who did it at the premiere. Instead we waited a year and got Domingo sleepwalking thorugh Gherman (and we missed Rysanek’s last Met role). They probably thought Domingo would generate more interest, but in the end the powers that be compromised the integrity of the product they were offering. I know, most of the audience doesn’t really care. That doesn’t make it right.

    • Camille says:

      omg, you’re right! They coulda had LEONIE as the old Countess and didn’t. For shame!!!!!!

      I didn’t mind Domingo as Ghermann but I sure did wonder what the hell language he was singing in!

    • phoenix says:

      Didn’t Domingo do the old Countess?