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There will be blood

The Teatro dell’Opera di Roma is “considering actions to be taken to protect the image of the Foundation of its workers and their audiences” following Fabio Luisi‘s cancellation of his participation in Elektra at that theater in order to make time to help clean up the Levineshchina in New York. [Teatro dell’Opera di Roma]

  • Quanto Painy Fakor

    Stigmata indeed! As well the Rome Opera should react.
    (“La rinuncia, annunciata solamente stamani, da parte del maestro Luisi – senza alcun preavviso con le prove ufficialmente iniziate martedì scorso – ha messo in difficoltà il Teatro dell’Opera. E non solamente. Infatti, il maestro Luisi ha annullato anche gli impegni con il Carlo Felice di Genova, il Musikverein di Vienna e la San Francisco Symphony Orchestra.”)
    Apart from the adage that contracts are not worth the paper they are written on, Wagner’s Fasolt said it best: “… sinnst du Verrat? Verrat am Vertrag? … Was du bist, bist du nur durch Verträge.” Notwithstanding, I’m sure Luisi and his people will will avoid a Fabiodämmerung.

    • operaassport

      Lol. The folks at Rome Opera sound like they’re in a Mack Sennett flick. Who will be the first out of the little car? They sound like a bunch of buffoons.

      • Often admonished

        Not as buffoonish as the MET in this case. Just that the MET has a bigger car…for Billingshurt.

        • operaassport

          I don’t see the MET making silly, unsupported statements about the situation so your response makes no sense. It’s the Romanistas acting like 2 year olds. Care to try again?

          • Often admonished

            The METs buffonierie was expecting Levine to show as scheduled. Terribly sorry that didn’t seem clear. To you.

    • fistfull

      Again, only showing the incompetence of most companies…….. if Roma has not understood that there are others who could conduct Elektra not only cheaper and with better understanding musically of the peace……..this only goes to show us once again, the people who are running the houses are absolute idiots, Luisi ?… so what, hardly a Levin on a good day or Levin’s worst, sorry folks still do not understand the hype over CAMI politics and power mongering… same as it ever was—--

  • manou

    “Sangue, sangue, vendetta, vendetta!”

  • Arianna a Nasso

    As expected. Responses like this are part of the Italian culture. The justice system is so convoluted there that nothing will come of this, but the public statements must be made.

    • Camille

      Well said, Arianna , it is just a cultural defense mechanism. There was no sovrintendente at the Teatro for at least three years when I lived in Rome. Somehow the Ente went on. This is just to make publicity as nobody really much pays attention to the Rome Opera.

      I do love the new word coined here “LEVINESHCHINA”. Ha!

    • DeReszke

      I think you’re right. Remember all the alpha male chest thumping about litigation after Alagna’s AIDA walk-out? Lissner was supposedly suing Alagna & Alagna was supposedly countersuing. Since all that public posturing, nothing but crickets…

  • messa di voce

    “protect the image of the Foundation”

    I wouldn’t go there, Teatro dell’Opera.

  • Gualtier M

    Talking about bloodshed…Annette Dasch seems to be out of the second cast of the new Met production of “Don Giovanni”. Donna Elvira in those performances is now the ubiquitous TBA. Any word on whether she canceled for a better gig or something else?

    • fistfull

      probably because she can’t sing the role with out a mic.

    • Nerva Nelli

      Maye someone with taste heard Dasch trying to sing??

      Her Met Countess Almaviva was subpar in all ways save visually.

    • Regina delle fate

      Think yourself lucky -- her Elsa was threadbare at Bayreuth this summer and she was a squally Elettra in a Munich Idomeneo two seasons ago.

  • I spoke with someone who works at the Teatro dell’Opera and this time they seem to be serious. Who knows? Perhaps Luisi will return to conduct something else lowering his fee, if asked by the President of the Republic. But then, it was the same opera company who brought a very famous (and ultimately unsuccessful) lawsuit against Callas.

  • Quanto Painy Fakor

    Subluxed? Feeling out of wack? All verklempt?
    Wagner makes house calls in NYC!

  • parpignol

    facilmente risolto: Domingo conducts Elektra in Rome, and sings Orest from the pit!